Critical Info For Subdividers And Developers! (Part 1)

I just got off the phone with my good friend Alex Steffan (the town planner), and boy does he have some interesting news to share!!

If you don’t know Alex, he’s been planning towns for more than 15 years now. He’s innovative (CRITICAL for a town planner!!!). He thinks outside the box.

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And when you need someone to get your Development Approval over the line – he’s your guy.

Alex has formed quality, long term relationships with all the town planners at Brisbane City Council . He’s held in high esteem by his council colleagues which goes a long way to getting favourable results when submitting development applications.

And today he’s sharing with us some critical tips and updates for ANYONE planning to subdivide or develop property over the next few months and the years ahead.

Check out this interview now – it’s TOTALLY worth your time and immediate attention!

Brilliant, isn’t he??

If you’re looking to subdivide or development a property in Brisbane, I highly recommend Alex and his team at Steffan Town Planning.

You can contact Alex and his team directly on [email protected] or give them a call 07 3317 0042 .

Their service is impeccable and you’ll be sure to get same day response no matter how busy they are…. Tell ‘em Matt sent you 🙂

If you’re subdividing in the Gold Coast, Ipswich or Toowoomba regions, I highly recommend Noel Grummitt from Grummitt Town Planning via their website

If you have a project in the Sunshine Coast region, get in contact with the Merv, Jason or Howard via their website

Oh, and here’s the link to that crazy helpful app he mentioned in the interview! Click Here – – a HUGE timesaver!!!

Want more??? Great news!

This interview is only part one of this subdivision & development series… so keep your eyes peeled for some more EPIC content next week!


Part 2 and part 3 of this interview have been published. Click below to watch now!

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One thought on "Critical Info For Subdividers And Developers! (Part 1)"

Alex is a town planning superstar and part time DJ haha, really good info mate, I just checked out your web app which is pretty impressive, the website was for anyone who missed it. Thanks again for the video, Alex and the team at Steffan TP are definitely leading the way here in Brisbane. We recently started our small town planning business in Brisbane East, check us out!

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