Brisbane Investors: Capitalise On This Insider-Info BEFORE It Becomes General Knowledge! (Part 2)

Attention Brisbane investors!!! We’re back with Part II of the interview with Alex Steffan (the legendary town planner) ……and if you’re looking for ideas on where to invest next… you’ll want to PAY ATTENTION to this instalment! If you missed Part I, go ahead and check it out here.If you don’t know Alex, he’s been […]

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Critical Info For Subdividers And Developers! (Part 1)

I just got off the phone with my good friend Alex Steffan (the town planner), and boy does he have some interesting news to share!! If you don’t know Alex, he’s been planning towns for more than 15 years now. He’s innovative (CRITICAL for a town planner!!!). He thinks outside the box. And when you […]

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Developing Property? Make Sure You Know The Answers To These 7 Questions Before You Start!

Property development can be the most effective way to maximise the value of your lot…… but with great power, comes great responsibility.If you know what you’re doing… it can make you rich very, very fast. But if you don’t… you’re setting yourself up for a steep financial fall.That’s why I wrote the Property Development DIY Masterclass – […]

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