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Hi, I’m Matt Jones. I help real estate investors and developers speed up their process — and their profits.

So, here is your ticket to start earning 12%-18% returns on your investments…


  • Even if you’ve never invested in property before

  • Even if you don’t have much time

  • Even if the bank has been saying “no” to all your loan applications

What Kind Of Profits Are We Talking About Here?

Matt Jones, creator of the Property Launchpad

I went from earning minimum wage as a Postie, to becoming independently wealthy.

Paid off all my debts, fired my boss, and took my family on a 2-½ year trip around the world, sleeping well at night knowing my properties will pay all and any bills.

And you can do this too – – no matter how much time or money you have right now.

In fact, anyone can start earning 12% to 18% return on investment through property:

  • Jim Valery made $300k after the last bootcamp!

  • Adam Hubbard made $140k

  • Hoa Nguyen and Peter teamed up and made $136K profit in 5 months

  • Simon Johnson is now earning 18% on his money!

  • Kate Haynes is set to make $100k in under 12 months despite having no property experience!

  • To name a few!

And you too can earn a lot more money through property than you’re currently earning.

It boils down to this:

Information 99 out of 100 people in property have no clue about.
Matt Jones, creator of the Property Launchpad
Information 99 out of 100 people in property have no clue about.
Everyday investors find the missing link to FAST property wealth.

Stop investing the “old way”!


In the old world, you needed to have four things at once to profit from property investing.

In the past, to make money in property, you needed:

  1. Access to deals
  2. Deep pockets
  3. Borrowing ability, and
  4. Property skills in order to succeed

But I have developed a proven way to eliminate the need for all of those things – so you can start making money with property fast!

Which means, instead of the slow, traditional route… you can get into safe, high-profit deals right now.

You might be wondering how this is possible. It’s simple.

Using my system, you can get into those good deals…

  • Without cold-calling a million agents and homeowners

  • Without dropping any letters

  • Without spending all your time on expensive online research tools

By the way, the rich have been doing this since the dawn of time…

Now it’s finally accessible to the everyday investor. Regardless of their cash position, borrowing ability, or level of expertise.

All thanks to this:

Connecting people with deals… to people with money… and people with skills.

The whole premise of the Property Launchpad is simple:

Instead of having to find all the people and resources you need to make a deal work… we put them all together in the same room FOR you.

Which means:

  • If you have a deal that needs financing –– you can go home with it 100% funded

  • If you have cash or ability to borrow but no deal (or no time to find one) –– you’ll have a perfect selection of deals available right there, at the seminar.

And as a result – everyone gets a far better outcome than they ever could on their own!


When Matt said he could get me earning a $100k p.a. passive income in just 24 hours, I thought he was crazy.

“No way I could make $100k p.a. passive income just like that,” I said.

Well guess what? It’s already happening!

Part-time investor, Sydney

Kate Haynes

Despite having no property experience, my sister and I are set to make $100k in under 12 months!

—Kate Haynes
Geologist, Brisbane

Simon Johnson

Money is coming into my account every month without me having to do anything! Wow!

—Simon Johnson
Insurance Consultant, Brisbane

Jason Everest

This event was a pivotal moment in my life.

Thanks Matt!

—Jason Everest
Property Developer, Gold Coast

Henry Ledingham

The Property Launchpad proved to be the genesis of my property developing career –– I’ve already completed two subdivisions!

Your methods work, Matt!!!

—Henry Ledingham
Project Manager

Best Speakers… Best Opportunities…

  • You’ll be surrounded with cracker deals and opportunities.

    I’m talking about rock-solid opportunities you can’t find ANYWHERE else. Deals that can easily earn you 12% to 18% returns on your investment. All day, every day!

  • You’ll be in superb pre-vetted company.

    That’s right!

    You can’t just sign up for attending the Property Launchpad event. Everyone interested has to apply and have a chat with me before they get the “OK!” to attend.

Once you’re approved, you’ll find out why Joint Ventures are, I believe, the fastest, surest, easiest way to wealth.

And if you’ve never done a Joint Venture before, no worries!

That’s why I have hired the top-ranked, most expensive financial and legal experts money can buy. I’ve spent 15 years and over $100k creating a proprietary ironclad Joint Venture system.

A library containing all the contracts… templates… project structures… profit share charts… and all the other documentation you’ll ever need.

And I will give it to you… my entire proprietary Joint Venture System… on a silver platter at this event.

Plus, you get the connections you’ve been so desperately missing.

Here’s what we’ll cover at the event:

Day #1 – Knowledge

  • Why you don’t need to continue working to fund deals anymore

  • How to find, assess and acquire joint venture partners

  • Being the money partner – how to earn 12%-18% return on investment with hardly any work

  • What you need to know about deal setup: rates of return, securities, due diligence… and everything else!

  • Mezzanine financing, private finance, and other creative avenues for funding

  • Personality profiling and my proprietary SCREEN method for finding the right people to invest with!

And after all that…

Networking Time!
Networking Time!

Speakers and attendees meet for food platters at the pool!

Day #2 – Implementation

  • The 9-page checklist for assessing deals and pitching them

  • “Shark Tank” presentations – your chance to offer a property project to the group and get funded on the spot!

  • Tax minimisation secrets even experienced accountants don’t know about!

  • Case studies from JV veterans!

  • Our Private Funding Connoisseur shows you how to get any deal funded by midnight!

  • Asset-protection and investor protection… everything you need to know… custom tailored to YOUR situation!

And of course…

More Networking Time!
More Networking Time!

Dinner with all speakers and attendees at the resort lakeside restaurant!

Day #3 – Outcome

  • Planning your path to freedom –– creating your 30 day, 90 day and 365 day business plans

  • Two more “Shark Tank” presentations – your chance to offer a property project to the group and get funded on the spot!

  • My own solicitor walks you through ALL the legalities of a joint venture arrangement!

  • Types of Joint Ventures, compartmentalising, avoiding disputes, profit splits and rates of return

  • How to turn a joint venture business into a multi-million dollar asset you can sell!

  • The road ahead – where to find more deals and more JV partners once you go home

  • And heaps more!

Our Amazing Success Team

Matt Jones
Matt Jones

“Get my full, robust, comprehensive Joint Venture System… On A Silver Platter!”

Matt Punter
Matt Punter

Secrets of getting any deal financed –– even when the bank says “no!”

Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland

How to get tax breaks on your property previously only available to the super rich!

Russell Sparke
Russell Sparke

Details about property finance law you’d much rather learn sooner than later!

Jill McIntyre
Jill McIntyre

Kill procrastination. Eliminate doubts. Build your property empire.

Leon Weber
Leon Weber

How to make the leap from small deals into BIG deals with MASSIVE paydays!

Brendon Ansell
Brendon Ansell

Inner secrets professional investors don’t want you to know… From a guy who completed over $200M dollars in property projects!

Giulian Gastaldon
Giulian Gastaldon

Outside-of-the-ordinary funding solutions that work… even when no ‘conventional’ funding is possible!

Interested In Attending?

Of Course You Are…!!!

Property Launchpad 11th – 13rd October 2024 – your ticket to the highly-profitable world of Joint Ventures.

More Results!

Property Launchpad graduates are already earning huge wads of cash using my system. And so can you!

“I’m earning 12%-15% p.a. on my lazy money!”

“The weekend is invaluable,” says Jack.

“There was almost an embarrassment of opportunities! Half the battle was working out which is the best for you.

“And there was no stress around it either. No pressure.

“I knew I’ve made the right decision when instead of my money just sitting there in my bank account, I started making returns on it. 12%-15% p.a.

“I thought there’s no way to get to $100k p.a. income so fast.

“Now I’m thinking that actually… getting to six-figure passive income will probably be pretty easy!”

Zero Prior Experience. $100,000 Profit!

Kate showed up to the Property Launchpad with no experience. Now she’s set to make $100k in the next 12 months!

Want to do the same? Apply now!

Property Launchpad – your ticket into the highly-profitable world of Joint Ventures!

Coal Miner Earns $300k!

Jim Valery shares his Property Launchpad experience!

Do you want simple, predictable, big-time property profits? Save your seat now!

Property Launchpad – your ticket into the highly-profitable world of Joint Ventures!

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!”

Jorja tried to make it on her own as a property investor, but nothing ever stacked. Then she attended the Property Launchpad.

Six months later, Jorja was now involved in FIVE property deals –– each earning passive income without any work on her side.

“I had enough. And I recognised that the only way for things to be different, was for me to do something different.”

Are you sick and tired of the way things are? Are you ready to try something completely different?

Apply now to learn more!

Why our graduates make so much more money than average investors?

It’s simple.

The Property Launchpad is not just the No. 1 Joint Venture education event in the country… It’s also, by large, the –

No. 1 Best Deal-Making event
in the country!

This event teaches you everything you need to know to start doing profitable Joint Venture deals.


Provides you with the critical connections you need to find profitable deals you can afford –– FAST.

Fast… as in… right away.

Many of our students find a JV deal right at the event. They go home with a highly profitable deal… Already in motion!

And there’s absolutely NO REASON why this can’t happen for you as well.

Just like it did for David Glover and Melissa Lamb, who signed off on their first Joint Venture at the event!

More From Our Graduates!

Winston White

One of the best workshops and seminars in property that I’ve attended in a long, long time!

The calibre of the attendees and the speakers was outstanding.

—Winston White
Business development manager, Perth

Jim Valery

Matt, your strategies made me $300,000 last year!


—Jim Valery

Bill Peppos

I’ve been to a few bootcamps and this definitely ranked amongst the best.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your generosity over the weekend.

The presenters, organisation, content, venue, attendees, staff, food, venue, cost and value were all perfect. It was great to meet you in person and it was abundantly clear to me that you are a man of integrity and an inspiration.

Thank you!

—Bill Peppos

Chris Boyle

I really appreciated being able to present the deal I’ve been working on.

I got a lot from from the speakers you had, as well as the informal networking throughout the couple of days – what a great group!

—Chris Boyle
Systems Engineer, Brisbane

Interested In Attending?

Of Course You Are…!!!

Property Launchpad 11th – 13rd October 2024 – your ticket to the highly-profitable world of Joint Ventures.