This Video Literally Blew My Mind

How often do you surf the web and come across something that truly blows your mind?Not very often, right? Personally I rarely spend more than 5 mins a day on Facebook or YouTube because I know 99% of the time it’s a huge time waster… But once in a blue moon… I discover something spectacular. Something […]

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A New Kind Of Test Improves Your Productivity In 15 Minutes

If you are like most property investors, you’ve probably had moments when you felt like you had too much to do—and not enough time to do it.You’ve also probably noticed how easy it is to become bogged down in unimportant or unnecessary tasks that waste your time and sap your productivity.But what if you could […]

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How to Stop Giving Up And Finally Create The Property Business Of Your Dreams

Property investing is an exciting business that gives you the opportunity to make money, take control of your career and achieve your business and life goals.However, the business also comes with inevitable challenges and setbacks that may discourage you and cause you to lose faith in yourself—if you let them.Why Property Investors Give UpMost property […]

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