A New Kind Of Test Improves Your Productivity In 15 Minutes

If you are like most property investors, you’ve probably had moments when you felt like you had too much to do—and not enough time to do it.

You’ve also probably noticed how easy it is to become bogged down in unimportant or unnecessary tasks that waste your time and sap your productivity.

But what if you could ditch the tasks you hate, become more productive and focus on doing the things that you love?

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According to James Klobasa, business mentor and best-selling author of The Expert’s Handbook, a simple test can help you to do all those things  and
put you on the path toward designing the life you want.

The 15 Minute Tax Test

James developed the idea for his “15 Minute Tax Test” during the time he spent working at the Australian Taxation Office, where employees were required to log their activities every 15 minutes throughout their work day.

Although the tracking was difficult, James found it to be an effective and intimate way to figure out what tasks you love, what tasks you hate, what tasks you can outsource and what tasks you can eliminate.

Now, James asks his business coaching clients to track their tasks every 15 minutes for four days.

Then, he works with them to analyse the results and create lasting changes that boost productivity and reduce the amount of wasted time, including:

Although the tracking is painful, James believes that the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience.

If you are running your own business, I guarantee that you can take Fridays off if you do the Tax Test,” James said.

“Most people find that they are doing so much in their day—and 75 percent of it is a waste of time.”

In fact, he has seen clients who typically work 15- or 16-hour days reduce their work day to an hour and a half.

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Many of his clients find that the test provides them with structure and helps them to identify or create systems that can accomplish tasks for them.

Living your “Kid Vision”

James said that some of his clients struggle to deal with a reduced work week because our culture equates being busy with being successful. And, in our fast-paced society, most people simply are used to being busy all the time.

Although it may require an initial adjustment period, James believes that this extra time can be used constructively.

When clients know what they absolutely have to do in order to produce results, they are able to make choices about how they want to spend the rest of their day,” James said.

Using this extra time, James helps his clients figure out how to make positive changes and achieve what he calls their “Kid Vision,” or the vision they had for their lives when they were at their most joyful point (usually childhood).

Finding your “Kid Vision” involves reflecting on a time when you were really excited about life and figuring out what feelings drove you during that time.

James believes that if you measure your life against those feelings, you will end up happy and fulfilled.

James’s “Kid Vision,” for example, involves spending time near the ocean with friends and enjoying life and laughter. As a child, his favorite thing to do was spend time at the beach playing with his brothers and friends.

Staying on Track

Many people deviate from their “Kid Vision” because they get caught up in what other people think will make them happy.

Living the life you want sometimes involves making tough choices and leaving friends or even family behind,” James said.

Because personal and business responsibilities are constantly evolving and changing, James recommends repeating the “15 Minute Tax Test” every three months to maintain efficiency and reap the maximum benefits.

James believes that taking the test regularly and ensuring that the results are in line with your “Kid Vision” will put you on the path to living a life of joy, balance and abundance.

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