How Does A Guy Stacking Shelves At ‘Coles’ Make $65,000 In 6 Months?

What if you could earn almost twice your annual salary in just six months? 

Think that’s impossible? Think you don’t have the means to pull those kind of deals off where you’re currently at?

Think again!

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Meet Rhett Bowlen. Not long ago, Rhett was packing shelves at Coles – a job he loathed. He was desperate to do something else with his life… but as you can imagine, transitioning from working shifts at a supermarket to creating financial success doesn’t come easy.

Still, Rhett didn’t give up. In fact, he has been coming along to our property networking group meetings for about three years now and has managed to make an incredible lifestyle transition.

From Packing Shelves To Subdividing Property

How incredible? So incredible that he will NEVER have to pack shelves for a living again! In fact, very recently, Rhett was able to complete a deal that yielded a $65,000 profit – the equivalent of working for 1.8 years at his previous job – in just six months!

How did he do it? Watch today’s case study to find out: 

The thing I like about Rhett is that there is no ego in how he approaches property investing. He made mistakes along the way, some big, some small but was prepared to cop them on the chin and keep moving forward.

In property, you’re going to get knocked down…. A lot. So you need a big enough reason to be able to get back up again and fight another day.

If you can take responsibility for your mistakes (whether they’re your fault or not) and not be afraid to ask for help, you’ll go a long, long way as a property investor.

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I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into that educational resource… and the last thing I wanted was to let it become something that just gathered dust on someone’s bookshelf!

I wanted people to take the knowledge and get out there – and have a red-hot go at improving their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

But I’m not the kind of guy who just sits down and writes rants on his blog… So I did something about it.

I restructured my entire membership site and created something that would bring the DIY Subdivision Kit off the bookshelf… and turn it into a living, breathing tuition course that literally changes lives.

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I hope to see you on the flip side!


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