Subdivider? Help Create Australia’s First State by State Pricing Guide For Subdividing Property

I Need Help!

I have decided to create Australia’s first state by state pricing guide for subdividing property – and if you have completed subdivisions in VIC, NSW, SA, NT, Tasmania, or WA – I need your help.

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In return, you will get eternal glory… And free access to the first issue of the guide πŸ™‚ Here’s what this is about.

A few months ago I published this blog post, and it’s been my most visited one ever since:

A lot (A LOT!) of you have contacted me asking to do the same for other states. The thing is – as you’ve surely noticed – subdivision costs vary drastically from one state to the other, and there’s no dependable, organised source of information for investors.

And that means everyone needs to figure costs out on their own.

Not For Long!

I have decided to create a new service that will finally give an up-to-date answer to this burning question, and help property investors from all across the country plan their subdivisions smarter – and earn better.

But collecting this information is very time-consuming. Then yesterday – it hit me. “I have one of the best property communities in the entire world! Why not reach out and ask them for help?!”

What You Need To Do

If you want to be a part of this exciting new project (and get free access to the final product and a few other perks), here’s what I need you to do.

Leave a comment below with your name and state in which you’ve run subdivision projects. Make sure to enter the right email address so I can send you the final report when it’s ready.

In your comment, list (preferably with as much detail as possible) the costs you are aware of in your state. Use any metric you deem fit (cost per square meter, cost per unit, cost per application, etc.)

Here are some expenses I expect to find in any subdivision project – but they might not all apply to your state. And please let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed!

If you don’t feel comfortable posting this information publicly, you can also email me at [email protected] πŸ™‚ But I think posting it on the blog will allow you to connect with others from your state and collaborate! πŸ™‚

Please leave your comment below. Thanks for your help. I look forward to your answers!


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18 thoughts on "Subdivider? Help Create Australia’s First State by State Pricing Guide For Subdividing Property"

Hi Matt

For larger subdivisions, many Victorian councils want traffic reports as well

Hi Stan

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll have a look into it – Any insight around approx. costs for these items?


One small subdivision in NSW.

Costs that I incurred were mainly to do with DA approval with involvement of town planner, Buyers agent to find the right property, Registring of the new titles, when put for sale the cost of marketing and the agents fees. rest all other costs were covered in your article.

Hi Venkata

Thanks for the feedback. Can you provide any info on the costs of those items at all? Feel free to email them through if you don’t want to post here in the comments.


Hi Matt. Great idea. I honestly need to make this a council by council project. Yes, a lot more work, but a lot more value too. Would love to Dee the final result. πŸ™‚

Hi Theresa

That would be an ideal world but we need to break this process down into manageable chunks first. Thanks for the feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts on costs in your area.

Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt, this is a really good idea and will be a great resource for people to access. I agree with Theresa Fullerton, costs vary greatly from council to council, starting from the conditions of consent that they attach to a DA approval, through to the developers contributions.

Hi Jon

Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the blog post. We’ll look at doing that down the track… one step at a time πŸ™‚


Council contribution fees are much lesser in melbourne . Few councils such as Whittlesea would only charge 2% of land value for a 3 lot sub. Where as other councils charge 5%. No contribution fees at all for a 2 lot sub in most of the Melb councils.

Other fees to consider is Body corporate if there is a common driveway

Thanks Srinath,

Great to get some insight from Melbourne and appreciate the feedback.

Have you got anything specific around those costs we can use?


Hi Matt, Great idea.

Traffic report

Air quality report

Storm water handling – is this the same as a detention basins?

Power Pole relocation between $-$

Light pole relocation

Road construction / Lineal Metre Standard road 16 metre, local road 12 Metre wide

Under ground power, pillar boxes (green boys) single phase and three phase

Great info daryl, thanks for the feedback and we’ll add it to the list.

Any insight around approx. costs for these items?

Hi Matt,

Great idea.

Some might overlap the information you have already listed.

Other costs might include :- NBN Pitt?, FTTP to FTTN at new dwelling/s.

Objections – neighbours, etc either in time or change of plan.

Unexpected demolition costs, as per last night’s meeting :- Asbestos (concealed, old sewer pipes, or buried) Removal of contaminated soil. Rewiring/ safety switches/ fire alarms/ fire walls in any renovation.

Flood overlay plan Queensland for building heights.

Heritage zoning and compliance with existing and new buildings.

Legal costs in a change of plan.

Street, Road naming. Bike paths. Limit parking – council cost.

Hi Gayle

Thank you for the feedback.

Are you able to provide any info on the costs of those items at all? Feel free to email them through if you don’t want to post here in the comments.


Matt, I’ll list out my answers to all the costs you request in coming days and either post them here or send them to you. I’ve recently finished one and I think I will even be shocked at some of the costs in NSW upon analysis. I would love to benefit in the outcome of the sharing. I love your work and am gearing up for my next one using one or more JV Partners again. I love your DIY Kit. And actually I love some of the interviews you have on there that add great value.

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for your comment and great to hear you are enjoying the DIY Kit!

If you’d like to post the costs here or email them directly to me that would be much appreciated.



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