Subdivision Costs WA: A Complete List Of The Costs You Need To Budget

“What are the typical subdivision costs in WA?”This is one of the most popular questions I get asked when chatting to property investors. It’s second only to “how do I find a great deal?”.It’s a great question and was the reason I wrote the Subdivision Masterclass and included it in the Ultimate Property Hub membership site.Finding out those key […]

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Subdivider? Help Create Australia’s First State by State Pricing Guide For Subdividing Property

I Need Help!I have decided to create Australia’s first state by state pricing guide for subdividing property – and if you have completed subdivisions in VIC, NSW, SA, NT, Tasmania, or WA – I need your help.In return, you will get eternal glory… And free access to the first issue of the guide 🙂 Here’s what this […]

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Subdividing? Watch This Before You Demolish The Current Dwelling…

House relocation… House removal… House demolition…Let’s talk about the biggest problem with most subdivision projects: the house!Or more specifically, the location of the house.As you know, I’ve been in property investing for many years now and transacted several million dollars worth of properties. In the process, I’ve networked, collaborated, and met with some of Australia’s […]

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