Subdivision Costs QLD: A Complete List Of The Costs You Need To Budget

“What are the typical subdivision costs in QLD?”

This is one of the most popular questions I get asked when chatting to property investors. It’s second only to “how do I find a great deal?”

It’s a great question and was the reason I wrote the DIY Subdivision Kit and provide access to hundreds of members inside the Ultimate Property Hub.

Finding out those key expenses is not always easy, especially when you don’t know where to look or who to ask. So I figured why don’t I just share all the juicy details right here!

So over the coming months I will focus on particular areas of Australia seeking out the answer to:

“What does it cost to subdivide a property in <BLANK>?

As QLD is my investing stomping ground, I’m going to start there. And if you have somewhere you would like me to review next – please let me know in the comments below.

Subdivision Costs In QLD

There are 5 main costs to consider when buying a property:

  1. Purchase price (What you pay for the property)
  2. Purchase costs (stamp duty, legals, building and pest inspections, soil tests etc)
  3. Adding value costs (in this case, subdivision costs)
  4. Holding costs (mortgage repayments, insurance, rates etc)
  5. Selling costs (I always like to include this even if you don’t intend to sell. Working out the end sales value helps you think about exit strategies before you even sign a contract)
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You can work out the above five expenses using online calculators. Even better, you can download my free 2 minute deal assessment formula to get it done even quicker!

So let’s break down point 3, the subdivision costs.

Subdivision costs will vary greatly from state to state and council to council. Today we are focusing on QLD only. Still, you can use this info to make sure you’re at least asking the right questions wherever you are!

Subdivision Costs QLD: Demolition Costs

You won’t always need to demolish a dwelling to subdivide a property, but it is common. Often you have a house that’s positioned in the wrong spot.

I like to factor in about $20k to have a 3 bedroom home pushed over. This includes having services capped off so the site is safe and ready for the next phase.

Contact Mike Crosby form Crosby House Removals for a specific quote: 0418 886 518

Subdivision Costs QLD: Detailed Survey

A detailed survey is the key to starting the process of a subdivision application. It’s required before you can submit your application to the relevant council for approval.

The application includes:

The cost will vary depending on the size, slope and access to your site. A town planner or a surveyor will be able to give you an accurate cost for this in their fee proposal.

The surveying component in a simple subdivision is often in the $7000 – $10000 range that comprises of:

The latter two can only be done by a Cadastral Surveyor registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland. Contact Howard Cutler from ONF Surveyors for a complete fee proposal

Subdivision Costs QLD: Planning Report

This is the package submitted to council, along with the application to subdivide. It contains a lot of specific details about the proposed subdivision. Usually done by the town planner, it can cost around $4000.

Your town planner will quote you on this.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Soil Test

A soil test is always worth doing if you or a future owner is going to build on the site. Make sure you conduct a soil test as part of your due diligence. You want to ensure that there are no hazards that would prevent you from building on the site.

The soil test will also detail the type of soil you have on your hands. This will affect the foundations required for a dwelling – hence the cost incurred.

Expect a soil test to be around $650.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Public Notification

You need to allow local residents to comment on your proposed subdivision. You’ll do this by issuing a public notification. The process includes:

Expect to pay between $700 and $1000 for this process.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Council Application

Your town planner should include council application costs in your fee proposal.

This covers the generation of a package of documents to submit to council. It includes the proposed detailed survey plan, as well as other documents.

The price varies depending on the complexity of the site. An approximate cost for this service could be around $3000.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Council Application Fees

With each application, council expects an accompanying fee to go with it. This will vary from council to council and your town planner will detail these costs for you.

Budget around $3000 for developer compliance fees and a subdivision application fee.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Council Contributions

This cost could well be the most expensive item in the entire process.

By subdividing a property you are increasing the population of the area. For the council, increasing population means increase in infrastructure costs. So most councils will require you to pay a levy to assist with these increased costs!

There is a dramatic variance in this cost. You will need this to be accurately estimated by your town planner.

In Brisbane you can expect to pay around $27,000 per extra lot that you create.

Bear in mind that this cost can be deleted if your site already has two lots on one title. IE. a splitter block since it is effectively already subdivided.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Registering Titles

This is a set fee and depends on the amount of titles you are registering. You can call the local land registry office to find out the exact figure for your area.

A simple one into two lot subdivision would incur a fee of approximately $330.

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Subdivision Costs QLD: Sewer And Water

Once you create a new lot you may need to provide services to the new property. This is not always compulsory so check with your local council or town planner in regards to this.

If you are intending to build, it may be beneficial for you to install the following services. (This also applies if you’re expecting to sell the block to someone that wants to build!)

Sewer: The cost to bring that service to your property varies. It depends on where the main sewer pipe is and how that pipe is accessed.

If the sewer main is already on your site or accessible via the street you can expect to pay between $7500 to $10,000. This includes design, draft, and installation.

Water: Much like the sewer costs, it varies. Depending on where the main water line is, and how accessible it is.

If the water line is at the front of your property, under the road, you should expect to pay between $3000 and $6000. This includes design, draft, and installation – including a new water meter.

Stormwater: You need to make sure that rainfall is properly directed to the street. You’ll do this by either extending the existing stormwater pipes, or installing new ones.

Cost will largely depend on the site, so you will need a specific quote for this task from a private plumber. Budget about $2000 for a reasonably flat 1000m2 site.

Be prepared to increase this amount for larger sites and be guided by your town planning and/or civil engineering consultants.

Bear in mind if you have a larger site you made need an overland flow report which the town planner can assist with.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Installation of Services

Electricity and Telecommunications: Do you need to bring power to the site? Do the services run overhead, or underground? These factors will cause a large variance in cost.

As a rule of thumb, allocate $3000 to $4000 for a one into two lot subdivision. This will include having a power pole erected and prepared for connection.

You might have higher costs for underground power. It all depends on where the services already exist.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Compliance Certificates

You will most likely need to prove that power and telecommunications   can be provided. For that you’ll need a compliance certificate.

An approximate cost for a compliance certificate for power and telecommunication is around $1000.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Driveways and Crossover

Creating new lots mean creating new access to the properties. You will generally need to install:

Concrete is not cheap… so make sure you get a contractor out to quote for this.

Expect to pay $75 to $100 per square metre of installed concrete. Cost will vary depending on the type of driveway and the finish applied.

Bear in mind a battle-axe site (front and rear lot) may need a longer driveway which brings a higher cost to this part of the project.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Fencing

Fencing is not always compulsory to get the subdivision approved. However, it does help define the lots. This will help potential buyers assess their purchase.

Cost will depend on how much fencing you need and what type of fencing you’re installing. For an 1800mm high Colourbond or post & rail fence you can expect to pay $85 per meter installed.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Earth Works and Retaining walls

This expense is so site specific that it’s impossible to provide an estimate.

If your site slopes or has an odd access that needs earth works to reshape the site and build retaining walls, you must obtain multiple quotes.

Earthworks and retaining dirt can costs tens of thousands of dollars so be sure you are allocating accurate funds for this if required.

Subdivision Costs QLD: Other Expenses

Each site will have it’s own specifics that need addressing.

It’s important to communicate with your town planner to ensure there are no other site specific expenses that are not obvious.

These can include:

Subdivision Costs QLD: Contingency

It’s impossible to foresee every cost for the project.

That’s why it’s so important to have a contingency fund available. You’ll need it when extra expenses pop up. Materials can increase in cost. Something happens and suddenly you have unfavourable market conditions.

You need to be prepared.

So how can you allow for these unforeseen items? 

By always being conservative with your budgeted numbers. Always allow 15% of the total costs in your contingency budget.

As you can see, there are substantial costs involved in completing a subdivision. Even more so in QLD! In fact, it may be far cheaper in your own area.

My #1 tip for you is to ensure you have a great town planner on your team. A town planner can help ascertain proper costings through a comprehensive fee proposal.

Subdividing in South East Qld?

If you’re subdividing in Brisbane, I strongly recommend you get in contact with Alex Steffan from Steffan Town Planning. You can get in touch with Alex via the contact page on his website.

If you’re subdividing in the Gold Coast, Ipswich or Toowoomba regions, I highly recommend Noel Grummitt from Grummitt Town Planning via their website

If you have a project in the Sunshine Coast region, get in contact with the Merv, Jason or Howard via their website

Make sure you let him know Matt says hi!

What Is The Next Area Of Australia You Want Me To Cover?

Where are you looking to subdivide? Hit me up in the comments below and I’ll go on a mission to find out the costs for you!

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106 thoughts on "Subdivision Costs QLD: A Complete List Of The Costs You Need To Budget"

Bonjour Matt,

Merci beaucoup pour l’information.

As many of the properties in Qld. are already on 2 titles could you do an addendum to this presentation showing the costs associated with those properties?

Bon chance,


Bonjour Shane et je vous en pris mon ami πŸ™‚

You’re right there are more lots in Qld that are already effectively subdivided where both lots have their own title. The biggest difference with those types of blocks (splitter blocks) is the amount of contributions you pay (or dont pay to council). So the only thing i would delete is the $27k council contributions and the $300 title fee. I’ll add something to that effect in the blogpost. Thanks for mentioning this Shane

A bientΓ΄t πŸ™‚

Awesome work Matt! Would you be interested in looking at Perth to do research, I’d be happy to give you a hand

Thanks Josh, yep Perth was definitely on my list. I have a good idea of costs but would be great to touch base and get more specific. I’ll PM you mate and thanks πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for the detailed info Matt, also with bonus valuable contacts!

Keep inspiring and educating us..

We really appreciate your efforts..

Enjoy living the dream in France…

Hi Michael. Its always great to hear people being inspired. Lots of more awesome content planned for the coming months so its exciting times. Hope we can meetup when I’m back in Oz mate πŸ™‚ Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt,

I’m trying to get a rough idea of the costs involved in developing the following type of land in the Toowoombah area; 10 acres of flat land (no trees)with good natural drainage, a sealed road running along one side and curb n gutter road intersecting the other side. Its a rectangle shaped block. Services are already close by. Road work would be minimal, maybe 200m tops. I would intend on dividing it into 10 x 3/4 acre blocks which is in keeping with other properties in the area. Any advice is much appreciated.



Hi Brad. Thanks for the deal specific questions with your Toowoomba site. Great to see you subdividing the lots into sizes that are in keeping with the area. I’m talking to my Toowoomba town planning team this week and will get back to you with some answers in the coming days… sit tight and I’ll be in touch πŸ™‚

Hi Brad, I’ve got some more info for you on your Toowoomba site, thanks to Julie Cary from Grummitt Town Planning. In addition to the costs I’ve shared in the above blogpost, you would also need to consider the following:

* A more comprehensive site survey wth a cost of around $6-$8000

* ROL plans which can be done by the surveyor allow another $2-$4000

* Stormwater Management Plan – $6-$8000

* Network Capacity Report – $6000

* Road costs – Talk to Dave Weston (Civil Engineer) for a quote [email protected]

* Council DA application fees $5263 for code assessable or $6929 for Impact assessable

I’d encourage you to give Julie a call at Grummitt Planning as well Brad for more specifics but this is a great start. Julie’s office number is 07 5564 0484 or email [email protected]

Thanks Matt. Just so you know, we’ve now expanded from our core business of Property Improvement Brokers to also include working with Property Owner Occupiers/Investors and Developers to assist them through the process of finding the right property to suit their investment strategy, which may also include renovating existing buildings and/or re/developing for highest and best use, ahead of leasing or flipping.

In doing so, we’ve been presented with a number of ‘opportunities’ and had been attempting to come up with a high level list of splitter, subdivision and development costs to be better able to decide whether to proceed, flip or dismiss. And just spotted your email with your run down of splitter and development estimates. Very much appreciated Matt. Synchronicity is a wonderful thing…

Meant to be Annemaree πŸ™‚ Great to hear this content has helped you and I have plenty more to share over the coming months. Thanks for the feedback! Cheers, Matt

hi Matt,

Is it fair to say that one should double your above costs if doing a 2:4 subdivision rather than 1:2 subdivision? I know our costs have been a fair bit higher than indicated by you above.

If you reply here can you please let me know? I don’t know whether the website will inform me that a reply has been posted.



Hi Rachel

Thanks for the question. It’s difficult to answer without knowing the specifics of the deal and the costs I have shared are estimates but its always better to over estimate your project costs to build in further contingency. Generally speaking i think you could double your allocated costs however there may be some savings in the economies of scale; for example, there would only be one council application, one town planning report, one public notification. These savings could be negated though by the extra infrastructure costs like sewer and water installations. IN my experience, doubling your costs is a good starting point and then firm up the accuracy of your estimates with site specific quoting form the relevant consultants. Hope this helps Rachel. Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt

Great work ! Very grateful that you’re providing the juicy details yourself from your own experiences, and for the links to specific town planners in those areas !

I’ll second Josh’s request – Perth would be awesome !

Happy to help out as well if required – I’m on a FIFO roster so will assist when I can πŸ™‚

Thanks for the comments Anthony. Sounds like a great group of investors building in Perth and I’m looking forward to helping you guys out with referrals. Thanks for the offer to help buddy πŸ™‚ Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt,

Great info, thank you πŸ™‚

I am crunching some numbers on a property we own in Bulleen, VIC.

I would LOVE your costs around subdividing in this area.


Melissa Sali-Fulton

Hi Matt

I just purchased 11 adjoining blocks in Tamborine area and wanna do a re-subdivision in the future. would you suggested us to combine the title together now or when we do the re-subdivision plan? The whole land is around 20ha and we wanna make the lots double or triple in the future. Do you have an idea about the amount of possible cost ?

Best regards


Thanks for the write up Matt!!

An update on the Sunshine Coast area Council contributions is now at $28k (Dec 2016) for each additional lot and will increase each year from now on.



Thanks David… ouch! That’s getting expensive. Glad you enjoyed the blog mate and see you at one of the networking group meetings very soon πŸ™‚ Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt. Thanks for all the info you provided. It’s excellent. I am going to sell a slither of my 405m block in Paddo to my neighbour. He wants to future proof his place from being built in by a large home development. It’s at the back and is rainforrest. He wants to keep it that way and I am happy to lose it. It’s only to purchase or 50 mΒ². Not the most massive of subdivisions, but worth our while is.

Given that it is such a small one, are all those costs you mention above applicable?



HI Justin, no you shouldn’t incur any costs there since you are the one selling the land. I would expect the buyer to pay a few expenses like surveying and town planning costs and maybe some council fees and lawyers fees to draw up the new title. I wouldn’t class it as a subdivision, more a realignment of boundaries. If you’re concerned about the process I would give Craig Christie a call from ASI Town Planning 0422 239 332

Hi Matt,

Gratitude for your helpful knowledge.

May i ask you a few question.

I got widow block on slope .

Town Planning recommended to us a Survey company for Plan Approval survey plan only ready to seal and approval by BCC $3200.00.

I rang around other Survey company , given them my actual address ,they said around $2000.00

Is that suppose to be that much different ?

When town Planning recommendation , is it commission involving?

could you please help with what your thought are

Many thanks


Hi Ann. Drop me a line via the contact page and let me know where you project is. Cheers, Matt


i own 70 acres 1 hour south of cairns, and want to seperate 2.5 acres on its own title to sell

many of those costs wont apply. i.e. sewer, water – those servives do not exist

do u have any contacts\town planner in cairns ?

I am assuming many of those residential type costs will fall away

Hi Anthony. Give Nick Hardy a call from Victor G Feros Town Planning a go and let me know how you get on: (07) 4031 3663 Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt

I’m considering dividing an existing 1200/2m block into two equal halves in the Ipswich area. One half has an existing heritage home – the other half has easy road access, all utilities are nearby and the land is well suited to a colonial-style removal home being moved to the site. My daughter and her new husband are keen to take possession of the block, but I’m concerned that the cost of subdividing may make the process unviable. A local bank manager suggested that the total cost to divide might be $30,000 but this seems vastly lower than the estimates you have provided above.

Any suggestions on who I could talk to to get a realistic ballpark figure would be appreciated.

Hi Mick. Thanks for reaching out and yes I can put you in touch with someone to help with the costing. $30k does sound a bit light on but subdivision costs will vary depending on council, parameters of the block and proximity of existing infrastructure (sewer, water etc). Give Julie a call from Grummitt Planning 07 5564 0484 or email [email protected] They have offices based in Ipswich and will be able to give you a fee proposal including costs around the subdivision. Good luck!

Seems very light on! Have just engaged a town planner for similar sub-division in Ipswich area and they have quoted $75000.

Hi Matt

Just read the information you provided with great interest. We are sitting on a 1 acre block of rural land in Riverstone NSW which is soon to be rezoned for future development. Do you have any idea of what the costs would be and a time frame? I have no idea about developing, but it is looking like it’s something we need to learn about.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated .



Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comments and great to see you educating yourself to maximise the return with your project. The best thing to do here is get in touch with a local private town planner and ask for a fee proposal. There should be no cost to do this and they will give you an indication of the timeframes along with their cost and council costs. Let me know how you go Dave. Send me an email and I’ll send you my Subdivision Flowchart so you know what steps are required and in what order.

Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt,

My husband and I have just discovered our property in a rural residential area in Qld is in a zone of ‘no further reconfiguration.’

Is there any way around that? We were wanting to subdivide our 2 acre block by creating a 3/4 block up back but just saw an overlay map saying the above.

Thanks πŸ™‚

Thanks for the comments Mel,

Everything is up for discussion so your best bet is to contact a good town planner that knows your council code well. They should know if there is any precedent in the area or if you can apply for an impact assessable application. I’d encourage you to meet with council as well to discuss what they are trying to achieve in the area so you can work with them, not against them. Good luck!

Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt

Thanks for the great resource. It’s always good to go into projects with eyes wide open.

What are your thoughts on subdividing in Brisbane 809m2 block with 20m frontage, but doing the subdivision alone without a new build. Ideally to make it more attractive to potential purchasers?



Hi Paul

Great to hear you’re looking at doing some subdividing in Brisbane. My first point of call is always the town planner. For Brisbane I would recommend speaking to Craig Christie from ASI planning: [email protected] and phone: 1300 087 899.



Hi Matt

I am currently looking at purchasing 25 acres of flat land with river frontage on the Sunshine Coast, but would like to possibly find out about subdividing 5 acres off it as one lot. Would this be quite simple to do if allowed as there is no clearing or removing to be done? And roughly do you know how much it will set me back?

Many thanks


Hi Telena

Great to hear you’re looking at subdividing on the Sunshine Coast, my first point of call with this is always the local town planner.

For the Sunshine Coast, I would highly recommend ONF Surveyors – (07) 5422 0200.



Hi Matt

I have just come across. Your site. I wanted to say thank you for the info it has helped a great deal.

I am looking to buy a 1600m block in Mackay qld and split it into two 800m blocks. It has a house on it currently but not to sure where the house sits. As you say it will probably need to be removed. The info you have given in regard to qld…I imagine it is relevant for Mackay. Do you have a contact up that way ?

I would like to subdivide and build a two story on one block (That I would live in) and most likely subdivide and build a low block on the other land. Any information or suggestions you have would be amazing.


Hi Mat

I have a 11 acre block in the Noosa Hinterland (Cooran)

Currently building my first home on it

I like to subdivide 3 acres is it possible?????

Love your work Matt, Clarity comes with knowing an estimate of pricing. & love your tip for.. The best thing to do here is get in touch with a local private town planner and ask for a fee proposal. There should be no cost to do this and they will give you an indication of the timeframes along with their cost and council costs.

Cheers Matt

Hi Matt,

I’m trying to get a rough idea of the costs involved in developing the following type of land in the Shire of Murray WA; 5 acres of flat land (minimal established trees) with good natural drainage, a sealed road running along one side and another road intersecting the other side. Its a rectangle shaped block. Services are already close by. Road work would be minimal, 100 – 200m tops. I would intend on dividing it into 25 x 650sqm blocks which is in keeping with other properties in the area. Any advice is much appreciated.



Hi Matt

Thank you for the help with subdivision costs.

Last year I got some details of cost for splitter from a private Town Planner’s fee proposal in Sydney. (not sure if everything is included in there or missing important costs…..)

As I am considering looking at subdivisions / battle axe too, I would like to have the the full costs details in NSW so I can check if I have everything included to do numbers.

Thank you so much for the help !

Hi I have a property in Sunshine Coast 2.5 acres. Looking at cutting off 1 acre We are zoned res and min block size is 700m but not really looking at cutting into blocks that size we are on tank water and wondered if anyway we can do it without having to connect to town water. It doesn’t go past our property but is down bottom of hill

Hi Matt

My in laws have half acre in Victoria point and want us to build a house on the property. But the bank won’t give us a loan because we are not on title. So was looking at sub dividing some of it just so we can put a house on it and not actually sub divide. Any way to do it easily and get approval for a loan to build???

Thanks Shaun

We are looking at purchasing a 43 acre block on the Isis river near buxton, the back half of the block does not have river access which is what we are thinking of subdividing, approx 20 acres. This block is in a high fire danger area and is treed. We are only looking at subdividion because our son wishes to build on the block and as rules goes at present, we cannot add second house greater than 80 m2 living space on one block, he would want to build a larger home. Can you give a rough estimate on what this would cost, one title into two. The road access to the block is unsealed and it is used to access a neighboring property so no curb etc and we are totally of grid as there is no lines into property. Hope you are able to give us somewhere to start with rough estimate. Cheers Vicki

Hi Vicki, thanks for the comments. Your first port of call with this is the town planner. They will be able to give you an idea on costs timeframes, council fees etc. I recommend going through DTS Qld in Brisbane as they service all over Qld. Any of the guys will assist you there so give them a call: 07 3118 0600. Good luck with the subdivision and let me know how you go πŸ™‚

Hi Matt

Thank you for all your details information, it has helped me immensley. I am looking to subdivide a 6 acre block in Mackay. I have an idea how it will be cut into 6 blocks with the lay of the land. I would like to get approval for the whole block, but mainly want to sell two blocks which have street frontage firstly to recover the costs of undergoing this project. Any further advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Patricia. First step is to engage a town planner in Mackay and then have a survey draw up a plan of the new configuration of the proposed lots. You will need to complete the subdivision to recieve the new titles of the proposed lots in order to sell them. The other option is to stage the subdivision in two phases ( 2 sets of 1 into 3) but that can lengthen the process and may be more efficient to just do the whole subdivision first. You can also sell the lots subject to titles being issued to lock in buyers and certainty. Hope that helps and I would encourage you to access my DIY Subdivision Kit to get a broader scope on the project. Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt,

I’m looking at investing in a unit on Sunshine coast which currently has 5 units on. They were all built in the 80’s. What is the possibility of having them all knocked down and having it re-zoned for say, 8 units?

Hi Terence… pretty broad question there mate. I wouldnt be demolishing 5 to build 8 unless they were in a prime waterfront position… can you add units to the existing site without removing the assets already in place?

Hi Matt, they are just over 150 m from ocean. My thinking is have all 5 owners agree to owning on one title, then rezone to 8. Selling the additional 3 off plan would cover all building costs. Unfortunately you could not add another 3 to existing block. When built in the 80’s I don’t think attention was given to optimizing the footprint. They are dated and could be replaced with more energy efficient and environmentally friendly material.

Hi Matt, we are thinking of buying our neighbors property and then realigning the property boundaries with both properties to create a third sub division with all properties being 4000sm in size. 4000sm is the minimum size block for this area.

The only unclear issue is wether or not the newly created block can be built on due to water catchment area. Where can we get the info for this. Gold coast website is very unclear

Hi Matt,

Great information provided in this post, really helpful and a great starting point. I am currently interested in carrying out a subdivision in Sydney. Would you be able to provide an insight into costs to complete in the current market?


I am (just a little) prematurely retired, unfortunately suddenly widowed mum, who owns a regular two story brick home on a regular 538m2 block on the Gold Coast. I have at least two of my three – 6′ 4″ adult children living with me, at any one time …groan. Anyway, the small single story home next door is again for sale, after having been purchased around 12 months ago, a reno carried out and sadly for buyers, a property fire sale, now in progress. I am thinking about buying next door, merging next door with my block, putting a walk way between the two homes, so we have more room to move, inside and outside. I am approaching aged pension time so I am not motivated to have property beyond my principle place of residence. I would simply buy next door outright (with funds acquired over the years when I was an investor). So… not having ever done a block amalgamation/merger before, does anyone know of upsides/downsides, unusual costs, pitfalls or situations with such a proposal? Any info for a mum, now essentially at the end of her game – just looking for some space and quiet – via the above potential proposition, is greatly appreciated. My thanks, in advance. Lee

Hi Matt

Just wondering about a good town planner for Logan city council? I have a 809 sq block and thinking of knocking down an existing house and subdivide into 2, but I need to crunch numbers to see if it’s feasible.



We are looking at the possibility of subdivision of an 18 unit complex in Cairns. It is under a BUP Community Titles Scheme on one amalgamated Lot. Originally it appears there were five lots. We are wanting to create two lots of 9 units so that we can get better options for insurance. What would your estimate be of the cost to do this?

Hi Maria. Thanks for the question and looks like you want to strata title the block or change the configuration. It’s a pretty broad question as there are a lot of different costs to look at. Best bet is to employ a building certifier that has experience in this so they can give you costs around the process to strata title but also any physical costs required like improvement to to the building, separate water and electricity meters, fire wall separation etc. Call DTS Group: 07 3118 0600 They are based in Brisbane but service all of Qld so should be able to advise or recommend someone in Cairns. Good luck!

Hi Matt

I have a house on 1130 sq in Mackay, 3 metres for driveway and I want to subdivide the back land but I don’t know what to do, pls I need your advice. Pls recommend good town planners in Mackay for me.



Hi Saina,

It can be quite overwhelming when looking at subdivision so we would suggest looking at joining the Ultimate Property Hub as it has a mountain of information on subdivision. There is access to Matt’s DIY Subdivision Kit which takes you through, step-by-step, the subdivision process so you don’t leave anything to chance. So, my best advice would be to join for ongoing support.

With regard to a town planner referral in Mackay, we recommend contacting DTS Group who will point you in the right direction. Good luck with your project!



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the detailed information provided about the subdivision steps. It’s a good opening eyes for us now we are subdividing our property.

Is it possible for you to recommend a surveyor or a firm that can do this for us in the area of Caboolture/ Morayfield?

It would be really appreciated!

Best regards


Hey Paola,

Thanks for your message and great to see you are subdividing!

It can be quite overwhelming when looking at subdivision so we would suggest looking at joining the Ultimate Property Hub as it has a mountain of information on subdivision. There is access to Matt’s DIY Subdivision Kit which takes you through, step-by-step, the subdivision process so you don’t leave anything to chance. So, my best advice would be to join for ongoing support.

With regard to a town planner referral in Caboolture/Morayfield areas, we recommend contacting Alex Steffan from Steffan Town Planning who will point you in the right direction. His email address is [email protected].

Good luck on the project!

Cheers, Matt

Hey Matt I’m Mel Im going to be dividing 19 acres in the Huntsville, AL area Madison County and want to see what a good cost estimate may be for this area. [email protected] is my email I would love to be guided more on this project.

it will be 35 lots in the subdivision and 1st phase will be 12 lots.

Hi Matt,

I have just come across your post. Thank you for your effort to reply and detail, it is great!

I am trying to work out steps to see if we can subdivide and get a rough idea of the costs involved. We have a 13 acre block in Alice River, Townsville and are looking to subdivide the back 6 acres. We have been advised that the properties have been approved previously for subdivision. The land is flat and we would need to run an access road down the side of the property. Town water is available and electricity is above ground. A large development is in place in the area and we believe it has reached the stage where other properties can be developed in the area now.

Any advise on contacts to speak with would be much appreciated.



Hi Kylie, thanks for the question and exciting to see you have a potential subdivision site on your hands. My first port of call is a town planner. You can get in touch with DTS Group Qld as they cover the whole Qld state and will definitely be able to assist. Here is their details: Wishing you the best of luck! Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt, thanks for you excellent information

If I am looking to amalgamate 3 blocks into two blocks, how will that vary the cost structure. The Block is in an established residential area and the council only wants two blocks with construction on as the blocks under the existing subdivision are narrow

Hi John, thanks for the question and great feedback. Amalgamating blocks would be far less expensive as the biggest cost of splitting blocks is the council contributions which vary from council to council but can be as high as $50k. I would get in touch with your private town planner to discuss the costs of amalgamating blocks (let me know if you need a referral). You can also talk direct with your council town planner but bear in mind, they tend to give broad answers without a formal application. Best of luck, cheers, Matt

Hi Matt,

We have purchased 5 acres in Midge Point Qld and started the subdivision process with Mackay city council, we have a town planner but question the council are saying we need to put on water, phone and power my question is yes I understand the water but phone?!! Why and with power why can’t we have the option to go off the grid and not put power on at all – have you got any advice on this

Hey there,

I am potentially looking at subdividable blocks with house at front and renting out each room to make the property positively geared in either Hervey Bay or Yamba?

Would love your feedback/guidance/direction please πŸ™‚

Thank you

Hi Rebecca,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in writing to you, regarding your blog post comment!

Firstly, a great resource to refer to in this instance is accessible here:

Secondly, if you’re able to send through an example site, I can have a look at that for you and share some more tips. Thanks, Matt

Good Morning Matt I have been asked by one of my tenants would i subdivide the shop they are in, off the set of three that we own. They are main street, they have the same roof, (covered in Solar) they have sub electricity boxes each shop but the main box incoming power is in the middle shop. The shop to be subdivided has a water metre but it is situated in the middle shop too. I have used your costs and come up with a 16000k result. we are in the lockyer valley region and it seems a little low can you advise as your other comments on this site has no other shop subdivisions

Hi Denise thanks for your question and well done for looking at this creative solution. This sounds more like a strata title scenario so i would be talking to a building certifier first to discuss the possibilities and get a fee proposal. Get in touch with Julie Cary from Grummitt Town Planning as they should be able top provide a referral for your area:(07) 5564 0484 Good luck! Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt,

Can you please help give a breakdown of cost for subdivision in Camp Hill QLD, thank you very much.

Have a you got a deal on the table Lee that I can have a look at? Each deal is going to be slightly different so I’ll be able to help you better if we have something to work on. Send through to [email protected]. Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt,

I apologise for my question, which is different. Where can i find Subdividing for sale? im looking around sunshine coast region. looking for something small to build first home, anything below $250,000 range. Would you have any information on where to find them? cant seem to find it on google.

I have a 5,000sqm block on the Central Coast of NSW with a house that I intend to keep living in.. A developer (so called friend) took out a two year $400K Call Option with a 2% Deposit ($8k) on our property in August 2016 and then asked for a further two year extension which we granted. His original DA was passed by Council but he couldn’t get finance as he needed to pre sell all 6 blocks.and he left it sitting for 18 months because the Conditions of Consent for 6 blocks were cost prohibitive.

The extension of the Call Option has now run out and he forfeited his $8K deposit (which is a drop in the bucket compared to the 4 years of Mortgage Payments on $500K that we have been paying) and he has made us an offer of $392K to buy with a 12month Non Enforceable Extended Settlement.

Frankly…we feel that we have been gullible in the extreme and are being taken advantage of again. We are thinking of a DA for three Battle-axe blocks of over 1000sqm which should be OK with Council as they had already passed a more extensive Subdivision (which included our neighbours block). We have budgeted for $100K/Block (Blocks value would be $400K Plus each)

In short…My wife and I are approaching retirement and would have to use her Super to fund this Development so we can’t afford to get this wrong. We are aware that the original DA doesn’t help us because the Developer won’t transfer it and we have to go back to square one.

Any advice or thoughts that you have would be very much appreciated.



Hi John, thanks for your message and sorry to hear this has happened to you and I’d love to help you get back on the right path. I wouldn’t be taking the offer from the developer as there is zero upside for you… these deals should have a win-win outcome, not a win-lose. The Option fee should have been much higher to ensure he had more commitment to making the deal work. Take a breath and let that go as it’s time to focus on making this deal work for you so you can retire comfortably with your wife. First thing I’d do is contact a local town planner to discuss what you can and cant do to the site and get a fee proposal of what that would cost. I don’t think it would be as much as $100k per site but I haven’t seen the property. Once you’ve done that let me know some more details and I’ll point you in the right direction [email protected] Good luck john!

Hi Matt, I have a block of land in western Sydney which is zoned R3. I want to put a boarding house on around a third of this block and rest 6 three bed town houses. I am struggling to find the subdivision cost. Could you provide a similar break down if costs which you did for Queensland please.

Just wanted to know if these costs are one off or per dwelling.

Kind regards


Hi Jai, thanks for the comments. I’m working on a NSW version of subdivision costs but at this point only have Qld and WA. My suggestion would be to go back over the costs listed in this blogpost and then contact the relevant NSW consultants for each iten to get a price point (and educate yourself at the same time on the process for that council). The key person is the private town planner to get the ball rolling and you can try calling Peter Lee using the contact details at this link:

Hi Matt

I have a 2.5 acre property within the Pine Rivers region of Queensland ( 2 kilometers from the new university)

I do not want the property to be sliced and diced into tiny blocks of land. So I was proposing to subdivide the land into 3 good sized block and then set aside the rest of the land for recreational purposes and extension to existing parkland.

The land needs to be connected to sewerage as the existing home is on septic.

What would I need to in terms of Costs associated with undertaking this venture?

Do you know of anyone within the Moreton Bay Region that you could recommend to assist me?

Kind regards


Hi Rosemary, thanks for the comments and inspiring to see you creating a space for future generations. These are the two people you need to speak to for an understanding of costs and process: Alex Steffan from Steffan Town Planning: (07) 3317 0042 and Dave Weston from DRW Civil Engineering: (07) 3208 8344. Make sure you come along to one of our monthly networking group meetups ( as well Rosemary and you can meet my self, Alex and Dave in person! Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt, I own about 7 acre in Lockyer Valley Council zoned rural residential. I would like to create another title for say about 3 acres to sell later for retirement. Interested in any future costs and who would I have to talk to achieve this please.

Hi Petra, thanks for the comment. Each council is different with the process and cost estimates. Best bet is to contact Julie Cary from Grummitt Town Planning as she knows this area well: ‭07 5564 0484‬ Also worth getting your head around the process by flipping through the Subdivision Masterclass. All Ultimate Property Hub members get access this to this and many other resources. Read more at this link: Thanks, Matt

Is there a minimum land size for subdivision? My house is on a 2000m2 block and I am curious about dividing into 2 blocks and selling the vacant block.

Hi Anna sounds like you have a great opportunity there with your property. Every council is different so you will need to check with them on what the minimum lot size is. Or go to a private town planner first as they will give you some free information on the subdivision possibilities of your site and what council will likely accept in your proposal. If you are in Brisbane, give Alex Steffan from Steffan Town Planning a call: ‭07 3317 0042‬ or let me know where you are and I can refer you. Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt

Thanks for the awesome information, I have 3 acres in Forest Lake Brisbane and I’m planning on sub deviding in the near future. Is it better to have the land surveyed before taking to a town planner. Just confused on my first step and what to do.

Thanks Ben

Hi Ben, great question! I would go to the town planner first as they will give you some free information on the subdivision possibilities of the site and what council will likely accept in your proposal. From there, based on the town planner’s response you would engage the surveyor to prepare a survey plan that will ultimately be submitted to council with the rest of your subdivision application. Give Alex Steffan from Steffan Town Planning a call: ‭07 3317 0042‬

Hi Matt,

We live on the Gold Coast on 1 acre and are thinking about subdividing at the front of our place into a 800 sqm block so we can build another place what is the price to subdivide.

Hi Alfio thanks for the comments and great to hear you have a potential site to create some value with. The first thing you should do is contact Julie Cary from Grummitt Town Planning on ‭07 5564 0484‬. She’ll be able to give you specific advice around your particular property so that you can plan for the expense. You could come along and meet Julie at our next Gold Coast meetup in Burleigh Heads as well. It’s happening on 26th Aug

I’ve got a comprehensive subdivision feasibility and online Masterclass too that would be worth investing in if you are going to go ahead with your subdivision. It’s all included in my UPH membership at this link: Best of luck Alfio! Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt,

I have a half share of 12acres in the gold coast hinterland with another family member, land for wildlife boundarys on two sides and national Park on another there are two separate 6 acre lots beyond our block accessed bye an easement on either side, my question is can council deny us a permit to subdivide our block into 2 equal size lots, and who would be best informed to approach for a list of costing and process.

Kind regards


Hi Darren thanks for the question and sounds like a great block you have there. The first thing you should do is contact Julie Cary from Grummitt Town Planning on ‭07 5564 0484‬. She’ll be able to give you specific advice around your particular property so that you can pre-empt what council expects. It will come down to minimum lot size requirements in that zoning and Julie will be able to tell you that. You could come along and meet Julie at our next Gold Coast meetup in Burleigh Heads as well. It’s happening on 26th Aug

Hello Matt.-

I would like to know if you could give me a guidance here, my daughter have an 703sqm and a old house in Acacia Ridge here in Brisbane, they purchased from the Housing Commision. I am selling my house to use the money to build 2 duplex of 6mts front and 16mts deep, two levels divided by a wall in the middle.

My question s what would I need to do and what will cost me at total before I build.

I am downsizing so one house is for me and the other for my daughter, just I want to know if is affordable.



Hi John there are a lot of components to look at in this strategy but sounds like you have a great site to work with. Start with Alex Steffan from Steffan Town Planning to confirm exactly what you can and cant do to that block. You can call his office on ‭07 3317 0042‬ or come along to the next Brisbane Property Networking Group meetup where Alex will be speaking so you can get a good understanding of what is possible. It’s free to attend for your first time – here’s the link: Cheers, Matt


using your quick, but thorough analyses/summation of the development cycle of a subdivision gave me amazing insight right from the word go – a very big WOW, thank you!

Allow me to share a case study using the information from your (this) post and feel free to point out what I have missed.

I have an existing 9.2 Hectare lot in QLD with a development approval (DA) in place for 9 x 1 Hectare lots that is valid till Oct. 2025.

Below is my findings using your insight from this article:

1.Purchase price – 625k

2. Purchase costs – 17k

3.1. Detailed survey – 10k

3.2. Planning report – 4k

3.3. Soil test – 1k

3.4. PublicNotofication – 1k

3.5. Council Application – 3k

3.6. Council Application fees – 3k

3.7. Council contributions – 7.5k x 9 = 67.5k

3.8. Registering Titles – 330 x 9 = 2.97k

3.9.a. Septic tanks – 11k x 9 = 99k

3.9.b. Rain Water harvesting = 4k * 9 = 36k

3.10. 7.4kW Solar Off Grid System = 30K x 9 = 270k

3.11. Compiance Certificates = 1k x 9 = 9k

3.12. Driveways and crossovers = 2k x 9 = 18k

3.13. Fecing 400m per 1 Hectare stand = 25.5k x 9 = 229.5k

3.14. Internal roads = 2,500m2 x 85 = 212.5k

3.14. Contiguency – 15% = $1,608,470 x 1.15 = $1,849,740

Selling price: 9 x 1 hectare sites with total off grid capacity @ $250k = $2,250,000

Total Profit = $400,260

I am existed and really considering doing this project in the next year but think to hold off untill the borders opens up again.

In the mean time I am now seriously considering subscribing to your Ultimate Property Hub.

Thanks for an amazing post. I assume there are other reasons why you shared this insight in an open post.



Hi Matt,

Thank you for your creating this website, it has great information. I’m looking to subdivide a 756sqm lot in Gold coast council, it has two existing duplexes all connected and working. Min. lot is 400sqm so I will need to get a private town planner to help me with this.

My question to you is, could you please send me the estimated costs of the subdivision? and do you know how long something like this takes to be approved?

Thank you

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