Is It Possible To Create Equity Out Of Thin Air?

“How can anyone create equity out of thin air?” 

I love it when people ask me great questions… and this one definitely stands out as a great one.

As you know, I love helping people achieve their goals and dreams using property investing. But more often than not people let their current, temporary situation stop them from pursuing their dreams.

Recently, I was interviewed on a terrific new podcast hosted by my good friend and colleague, Jane Slack-Smith from Your Property Success.

Jane’s is as sharp an interviewer as she is an investor… so she skilfully managed to extract some information out of me that I have never shared with anyone!

Is It Possible To Create Equity Out Of Thin Air? Click to listen for my interview on the Your Property Success Podcast

Here’s just a little taste of what we discussed:

    • What property systems I had to create to allow our trip to France
    • How I nearly set myself back 5 years on my first deal by fudging the numbers
  • Top 3 things (that took me 10 years to discover) that you must know if you’re starting out in property today
  • How I started implementing joint ventures into my property deals
  • What gets me out of bed in the morning
  • Why we chose to live in France over any other country

Check out the recording and hear all the juicy details by clicking here: Is It Possible To Create Equity Out Of Thin Air?

Once, you’ve had a listen make sure you leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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