Celebrating The 100th Brisbane Property Networking Meetup!

It’s been over 10 years in the making and the Brisbane Property Networking group just reached a new milestone last week – 100 meetups and we celebrated in style!

With over 200 property investors in attendance, 3 outstanding presentations and a whole lot of networking… it proved to be an incredible night… Oh and did I mention we gave away of $5000 in prizes??

It’s funny to think back to when it all started… it was just a social gathering of about 10 people looking to help each other out by sharing our property investing challenges and triumphs.

Ten thousand attendees later, it’s still exactly the same lounge room feel but on a much bigger scale… after all it’s a networking group first and always will be.

It makes my day when I hear people leaving the meeting saying things like:

  • “Wow, there is so much integrity here in this room”
  • “I can’t believe I wasn’t pressured to buy anything”
  • “The Real Deal case studies were inspiring, entertaining and real!”
  • I love getting the support I need here… It’s like the AA for property investors!”

People often ask me, “Why do we keep running these meetings after all these years?” The answer is simple. We get the same benefit as everyone else in the room: networking with the smartest – both experienced and up and coming – property investors in the state.

In fact, everyone I’ve ever used in my property investing endeavors has come from this meeting. Whether it’s a referral, a joint venture partner or a new strategy… I always walk away with something.

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to bring these important networking group meetings to investors of all skill levels. We are constantly impressed by its popularity and consistent attraction of great people.

Looking forward to the next 100 meetups!

Attend Our Next Property Meetup… For Free!

These networking meetups are the best way for you to meet the smartest property investors in the state – both experienced and up and coming. Over ten thousand have already attended and used it as a launching pad for their property careers. The quality of the people you will meet is second to none, and we would love to see you there!

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