Brisbane Property Networking Group

Celebrating The 100th Brisbane Property Networking Meetup!

It’s been over 10 years in the making and the Brisbane Property Networking group just reached a new milestone last week – 100 meetups and we celebrated in style!With over 200 property investors in attendance, 3 outstanding presentations and a whole lot of networking… it proved to be an incredible night… Oh and did I […]

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Steve McKnight’s Top 10 Property Investing Mistakes

Steve McKnight, one of Australia’s most accomplished property investors, has learned a lot from acquiring more than 500 properties.After building an impressive property investment portfolio beginning with a $44,000, three-bedroom house in Ballarat, Victoria, McKnight decided to share his knowledge with other property investors.Based on his simple strategy of acquiring positive cash flow properties, he […]

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Property Subdivision Case Study: $105K Profit In 6 Months

If you’ve been craving a real-life property subdivision case study, then today’s your lucky day!One of our Ultimate Property Hub members, Graeme Jarry, presented his “2 into 2” property subdivision project to the Brisbane Property Networking Group.Graeme turned $105K in profit with this deal in 6 months, so it’s no wonder this case study was met with outstanding feedback! If you enjoy […]

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