Celebrating The 100th Brisbane Property Networking Meetup!

It’s been over 10 years in the making and the Brisbane Property Networking group just reached a new milestone last week – 100 meetups and we celebrated in style!With over 200 property investors in attendance, 3 outstanding presentations and a whole lot of networking… it proved to be an incredible night… Oh and did I […]

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Feel More Confident Immediately: 13 Boosters You Can Use Right Now

Those who do nothing, achieve nothing”– Derek Halpern Do you know the biggest reason people don’t make it as property investors?They lack confidence.How many times have you wanted to do something in your property investing but just didn’t…… because you couldn’t muster the confidence to follow through?I’ve seen thousands of property investors let lack of confidence sabotage […]

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At Last: Your Ticket To Riches

The twenty seven metre long double-storey boat was floating down the Brisbane River.The sun was setting down, brilliantly painting the sky in orange and red; a beautiful spectacle that was somehow completely lost by the two musicians, two cooks and the barman on board.They were too busy pampering our VIPs.For 3 glorious hours, 100+ property […]

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