Feel More Confident Immediately: 13 Boosters You Can Use Right Now

Those who do nothing, achieve nothing”
– Derek Halpern

Do you know the biggest reason people don’t make it as property investors?

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They lack confidence.

How many times have you wanted to do something in your property investing but just didn’t…

… because you couldn’t muster the confidence to follow through?

I’ve seen thousands of property investors let lack of confidence sabotage their success… things like:

Honestly, the list goes on and on and on…

This Is Such A Crucial Skill!

And statistics (and common sense) tell me there’s a good chance YOU are struggling with it, too.

So I decided to bring in the big guns.

Ever heard of Derek Halpern?

Inc. magazine called him “The master of social media”. Forbes calls him an “Expert on how consumer psychology applies to online marketing.” An article on the Huffington Post says “Derek Halpern is one of the smartest men, or at least smartest marketers that I know”.

But not a long time ago, Derek was just a hopeless and helpless college geek. Yet somehow, he found a way to turn his life around and stop seeing himself as “that loser”. Today he’s a renowned and remarkable speaker, motivator and advisor to the stars.

Want to know his secret? I thought you might!

After all, mastering the art of confidence is one of the smartest investments you can make, and my blog is well known as being read-only by very, very wise people (true.)

OK, here it is. Derek wrote an exceptional blog post on how to build confidence and why it matters in business and in life:

Derek Halpern: How To Be Confident

This is a must-read even if you feel you already ooze confidence. Especially the 13 Confidence Boosters revealed halfway down the post (I particularly like #12).

So without further ado, I give you Derek Halpern’s ‘How To be Confident’.

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