How to Get on an Agent’s Hotlist

Are you being robbed of the best deals in your market?

Here’s something most investors don’t realize when they first get started, and it’s the main reason they can never find a solid deal:

Deals are only posted online as a last resort… after A LOT of potential buyers have turned them down…

Or in other words – 99% of the deals you’ll find online have little promise of making you money. As for the killer deals… they’re all snatched by “insiders” before you get your eyes on them.

Becoming an “Insider”

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Here’s how the process works. 

Most sellers of cracker deals don’t realize how valuable their land is (or they would’ve developed it themselves!). They get in touch with an agent. And what does the agent do?

Put it online? NOPE!

What the agent does is call their hotlist – investors they know, like, and trust – that could be interested in buying quickly. (Which means the agent gets their commission sooner rather than later, too!)

Those lucky investors are the “insiders”. They get to see the deals on the table before anyone else lays eyes on them. 

And if you want to succeed, you need to be on as many agents’ speed-dial list as possible.

So how do you go about it? Here are some tips on how you can stand out from the crowd and present yourself as a valuable addition to an agent’s list.

Step 1: Form a Genuine Relationship with the Agent

This is key to being successful at becoming a part of an agent’s hotlist. Insincere attempts to get a deal are easily recognized by experienced agents.

The goal of you as the investor should be to form a valuable and genuine relationship with the agent – a relationship that is mutually beneficial to both of you.

How is this done? Consider these tips:

When an agent sees that you’re not just in it for yourself and that your intent is to form a working relationship that is mutually beneficial, they’ll be more likely to call you with great deals as your relationship with them grows.

Step 2: Be Clear About Your Investing Goals

Agents are more likely to add an investor to their hotlist if the investor is clear about what types of deals they’re interested in. Therefore, it’s important to educate the agents you meet about your investing goals.

This starts with getting a clear vision yourself of what types of investments you’re looking for. Determine what types of properties best fit your investment goals. Create a list, and then once the list is refined, share those details with agents you’re eager to work with.

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By being crystal clear about the types of properties you want and don’t want, you’re making it easier for the agent to remember your name when the right type of property comes on the market.

Step 3: Commit to Working with Integrity

In order for an agent to consider adding an investor to their hotlist, they need to know that the investor can be trusted. Here are some ways in which you can work with integrity and build up your reputation as a valuable business associate.

By establishing yourself as an investor that can be trusted and that works with integrity, you set yourself up for a better chance of being on an agent’s go-to list when a new property is coming on the market.

Step 4: Rinse And Repeat

The process I outlined here is simple but incredibly effective. In fact, as you can hear in this video – it allowed me to find a cracker deal on the Sunshine Coast in as little as 90 minutes (excluding commute time):

 Step 5: What To Do When The Agents Calls?

The most important factor for getting to an agent’s list and staying there – so you can get the first call when a bargain goes on the market – is being able to give the agent an answer fast.

Remember, the agent is looking to save time. So you need to be prepared for the phone call. Remember, you’ll now be getting access to some high-end deals – so you need to know how to assess them on a “go/no-go” basis quickly, or the agent won’t call with the next one.

That’s why I love my 2-Minute Deal Assessment Formula. It’s a free resource you can download that will help you crunch the numbers with confidence in very little time.

Agents love investors who are quick on their feet – and this right here is your key. Download it now (it’s 100% free)

What if I’m Just Starting Out?

Many times newer investors feel overwhelmed at the thought of working to connect with established agents who already have people on their hotlist. Here are some tips for how a newer investor can begin the process of forming valuable relationships with agents:

Agents are eager to form relationships with investors who have the right kind of skills and a willingness to help.

If an investor shows that they are consistently working with integrity to build their business, it’s hard for the agent to not give that person a chance.

By taking the time to form a solid reputation in the real estate industry, and by working with integrity to develop genuine relationships with agents and others that can be mutually beneficial to both parties, your real estate investing business will indeed grow.

First step

If you’re just starting out, you should definitely check out my 2-Minute Deal Assessment Formula. I’ve used this formula to crunch the numbers on thousands of potential sites, transacting over $5M worth of property. Today I won’t even look at a deal without running it through this incredible formula first – and agents love it because it allows me to give them an answer in minutes!

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16 thoughts on "How to Get on an Agent’s Hotlist"

It would be great to find a trustworthy real estate agent

Hi Glenn. What area are you looking for an agent in? Justin Watt from Watt Realty does most of Brisbane. I’ve bought and sold through him and is one of the few agents that really knows his stuff, particular from an investor’s point of view. He has a great approach, two decades of experience, an awesome team and a stack of integrity: [email protected] 0414 361 381

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the free info, just brought the Action Plan and joined the Gold Coast meet up group so see you in August. Do you know of any great agents in the Byron Bay Area please as I’m selling them hopefully going to start investing so on a big learning curve. Ta Serena

Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing your great tips. Congratulations to your next potential projects.

I look forward to receiving your updates in the near future.

All the best with this great deal.


Hi Raymond

Thanks so much for your feedback and kind words, I look forward to updating you!



Hi Matt.

Thank you for 2 minute Deal Assessment kit.

Do you still have available “Try My All-New Joint Venture Kit – FREE” ??



Hi Janette

You’re welcome, I hope you’re enjoying your free 2-Minute Deal Assessment Kit!

Unfortunately that promotion has now finished, however, you can still learn all about my Joint Venture Kit and the other 3 x kist here: All of our kits have a 30 Day money-back guarantee on them so you can trial them risk free.



Hi Matt.

Getting a R/E Agent to call with property deals, would only work if you’re set up with the finance – ready to buy. Or at least have $200k in the bank. Is that true?

So therefore I am interested in Property Options, and how to best get owners details? Before its with an agent or on the market.

Do you talk about or do property options/info?


Thanks Janette and yes you need to be ‘deal ready’if you want agents to listen to you. Having money partners is the key so you have available cash. If the deal stacks up, the money will always show up. Back yourself, get it under contract with the appropriate get out clauses. Having got anything on Options apart form a few templates… I might bring them out and share soon. Cheers, Matt

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