How I Got Everything I Want In Life By Following A “Kid’s Idea”?

If money and location were not an issue…

If you had the power to do anything you want with your life… anywhere you want…

Would you still be doing what you’re doing today?

If you’re anything like I was earlier in my journey, chances are you just answered:

“Hell no, Matt! My life would be 100% different if money and time weren’t an issue anymore!”

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But here’s the kicker. You will forever be dependent on money… unless…

You Figure Out What You Want To Do Instead!

If there’s one thing I learned from over a decade of helping myself and others achieve financial freedom, is this:

What usually prevents people from achieving success is lacking a crystal clear, vivid image of what their end game is.”

And to be honest, creating that image is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Scoff if you want, but let me tell you – it’s harder to figure out WHERE you want to go… than HOW to get there.

But… there is some good news:

Today’s post is GUARANTEED to help you create that mental image… and imprint it so deeply and effectively into your subconscious mind…

…that it’ll awaken a force you never knew you had within you – so powerful that you will finally be able to utilise everything you’ve learned, all of your skills, experience and knowledge – and turn them into as many dollars as your heart desires.

How? With some help from my favorite business mentor and best-selling author, James Klobasa.

As a young child, James always had a clear idea of what his perfect day as an adult would look like.

When asked by one of his school teachers to draw a picture of what he wanted to be when he grew up, James drew a picture of himself enjoying time at the beach with friends.

Based on his beach-centered “Kid Vision,” James created a life that allowed him to ditch his day job, travel and enjoy plenty of fun times in the sun, surf and sand.

In his book The Expert’s Handbook, James empowers his readers to tap into their “Kid Vision” and use it to create a business that supports a lifestyle of wealth, happiness and abundance.

Finding Your “Kid Vision”

Finding your “Kid Vision” involves reflecting on a time when you were really excited about life and figuring out what feelings drove you during that time.

James believes that if you measure your life against those feelings, you will end up happy and fulfilled.”

James coaches his clients to figure out what their “Kid Vision” is by thinking about what their perfect day would look like. He asks them to figure out what they would like to be doing 2-3 years from now, and what they would like to be doing right now.

He then works with his clients to set goals and make changes that move them closer to living their desired life.

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What Holds People Back

James believes that as young children we all develop deep-seated values about work and success by observing the choices of the adults around us—especially our parents.

These values might include:

Although these traditional values might indeed be a recipe for security and stability, James said that they don’t always leave room for us to chase dreams that exist outside society’s norms.

Many people deviate from their “Kid Vision” because they get caught up in what other people think will make them happy, he said. Attempting to please others can cause people to focus on working hard at the expense of simplifying life and figuring out what type of life they really want.”

Living the life you want sometimes involves making tough choices and leaving friends or even family behind,” James said. You only get one go at life, after all.”

Creating the Life You Want

Because following your “Kid Vision” often involves making tough choices, many people are scared to pursue their dreams, James said. Although the first step is usually the hardest, he said that 99 percent of his clients are successful in crafting the life they want.

It’s almost never as bad as [the client] thinks it will be—most of the time, the anticipation is actually the worst part,” James said. “When things get scary, that usually means that there is something good waiting just around the corner.”

But what about the 1 percent of his clients who are not able to make the necessary changes? James said that although he rarely sees this happen, clients can always make the choice to go back to their old life.

Even though most of his clients find it challenging to make the necessary lifestyle changes, James said that they are usually so happy with their new life that they forget how difficult the changes were in the first place.

Structuring Your Business

Following your “Kid Vision” applies to your business, too. But before you can build a business that will support your desired life, you have to have a clear idea of what makes you happy.

James coaches his clients to envision what their perfect day would look like so they can structure their business to allow them to do more of what they love—and less of what they hate.

James uses a “15 Minute Tax Test” to help his clients figure out:

By figuring out what tasks are absolutely necessary, James helps his clients to reduce their work weeks—leaving more time for them to pursue their dreams and make choices about how they spend their days.

When clients begin focusing on “work” that truly makes them happy, they are often able to overcome self-doubt and generate fantastic wealth by monetizing skills and expertise in subject areas that they feel passionate about.

By thinking about your perfect day and finding your “Kid Vision,” you can take your first step toward creating the life you want starting right now.

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