Life’s Too Short – Do What You Love!!!

It’s been a year since we came back from France from our “once in a lifetime” 2-year adventure.

And ever since we returned, we’ve been asking ourselves this question:

Why Does Anything Good Have To Happen Just Once In A Lifetime?

As a property investor, I often hear people describe a deal they’re involved in as “a once in a lifetime deal!”

In fact, I attended a few auctions just this weekend, and in two of them the auctioneer announced that, “this property, ladies and gentlemen, is a once in a lifetime chance to own a great house!”

Isn’t That Something?

I guess we can all have as many “once in a lifetime” opportunities as we wish, as long as we actively seek them out.

So Marisa and I have decided to replace the old belief that, “you can only have amazing experiences once”, with a new one…

We have decided we can enjoy a “once in a lifetime experience” twice… three times… even ten times!

(How? Click play on the video to hear all about our unfolding adventure!)

Quick hint: Don’t come looking for me on the Sunshine Coast next weekend…
… I’ll be – once againsipping wine and munching on mouth-watering pastries in glorious France! 

What’s Your Once In A Lifetime Dream?

Never forget your dreams. I hope this video inspires you to pursue them with passion, enthusiasm and relentless determination.

Life’s too short for experiencing your bucket-list adventures only once!

Matt (Fanatique De Vin) Jones

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18 thoughts on "Life’s Too Short – Do What You Love!!!"

You are Definitely an inspiration Matt. My boys, 15 and 10 heard your video and they were riveted! They said we should do that! This opened up the conversation on goals and dreams! Never to early to start!

Thanks Matt for this taste, so sweet and exciting! Goals here I come!

Challenge …. Why go to the same village in France … Yes it is comfortable!! but France has many regions with many different cusines and different local dialect. Try other areas other things to see and do other new experiences. But then I’m sure you will.

I’m off to Munich this week then Estonia and then maybe down to Brittany and maybe Spain Possibly with a stopover in Italy. For how long … Who knows!!!!! We will see. Its nice to be flexible. Loving it.

Hi Andrew… dont worry we plan to see plenty more of France and other countries in Europe while we are there. Our goal though is to have the kids in school there as that’s where they learn the most of the language. Our little village is a perfect base to explore… 5 hr drive to anywhere 🙂 Enjoy your travels mate

Hi Matt

Wishing you and your family a great adventure again.

It is super good to have all the PRS info available, new webinars soon and possible future coaching from you.

Thank you

Good luck with the new trip Matt and Marisa. I’m sure you will enjoy your time there again, glad to see you taking the opportunity while you are young and can enjoy it so much. We look forward to hearing about some of your adventures…. And catching up with you next time you are back in Oz.

Fantastic Matt!!! you continue to be a massive inspiration to all of us .. indeed doing ‘what we love’ is the main game in life and you are showing the way. I wish you, Marissa and family a fabulous return trip to France .. wow! what memories you are creating – particularly for the kids for their future life. Money can’t buy that.

Kind regards

Thanks June… yep the kids are the focus for this trip. French school starts on Tuesday next week… exciting times 🙂

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