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This Used To Drive Me Crazy

There’s something about the French that drove me crazy the first time we moved here.But when I suggested some Property Resource Shop subscribers to try it… the results were ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL.Click ‘Play’ to find out what it’s all about:The private mentoring opportunity I spoke about in the video above is no longer available so her’s […]

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Life’s Too Short – Do What You Love!!!

http://d7pcqqc94h7ml.cloudfront.net/2018_videos_for_website/BlogVideo_LeavingForFrance_480px.mp4 It’s been a year since we came back from France from our “once in a lifetime” 2-year adventure.And ever since we returned, we’ve been asking ourselves this question:Why Does Anything Good Have To Happen Just Once In A Lifetime?As a property investor, I often hear people describe a deal they’re involved in as “a once in […]

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10 Streams Of Income From 1 Block Of Land?! Here’s How…

Wow! Check out this wicked strategy I picked up over the weekend!I learned it on a bus trip. I call it “THE CASH COW – TEN streams of income on ONE… CHEAP… Block of land!“Sounds impossible doesn’t it? And wait till you hear on what kind of zoning this deal took place…Watch the video now. […]

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