Do Letterbox Drops Still Work?

Finding great deals that stack up in the current market is a real skill. You need a number of irons in the fire to ensure the best deals are flowing to you consistently.

One of those irons is letterbox drops so I decided to get the hard facts from someone that not only teaches the strategy but is having massive success using this traditional method.

Nhan Nguyen from Advanced Property Strategies has taken this approach to a whole new level by testing, measuring and refining it to achieve exceptional results.

I chatted to Nhan today to get the down low on how he uses this tactic to generate outstanding returns on investment of his time and money time after time.

Click the play button below to hear Nhan spill the beans on how he implements the letterbox strategy.

Just some of the golden insights that Nhan reveals are:

  • 1min 35secs – How to know if you should be implementing a letterbox drop strategy
  • 2mins 30secs – How to use letterbox drops to find good deals with less work and no frustration
  • 3mins 50secs – What you must do before approaching anyone with this strategy 
  • 5mins 25 secs – Exactly how many deals can an 800 letter drop generate for you (prepare for some shockingly great news)
  • 7mins 10secs – Letterbox Drop 101: How much it will cost, what ROI to expect, and why you don’t need to do this by yourself! 
  • 8mins 58secs – How to target specific properties and owners without going through a real estate agent
  • 10mins 20secs – The crucial differences between delivering flyers and posting enveloped letters and when to apply each tactic
  • 11mins 50secs – How to ensure your letters are opened, what should be in them, and who you should target
  • 12mins 50secs – How frequently should you deliver your letters? 
  • 16mins 1sec – How to test and measure you results so you can focus on what works and toss away what doesn’t
  • 18mins 10secs – A metal object you should attach to any letter you send that will EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE your response rate (without changing ANYTHING else) 
  • 20mins 5 secs – Discover how you can win a free double pass to Nhan’s next workshop and hear more about the letterbox drop strategy along with other proven techniques!

Nhan Nguyen is one of the few educators teaching and implementing profit making strategies that actually works in the current market. He has completed more than 70 projects worth in excess of $20 million in total.

In the past 24 months alone, Nhan has completed 29 property transactions using none of his own money.

This guy knows his stuff… so make sure you allocate some quality time to listen to this interview.

For the fast action takers, Nhan has generously provided 3 tickets for his upcoming property workshop!

Simply comment below telling me why you think you should receive one of the 3 passes, and I’ll be in touch personally to let you know if you’re a winner.

8 thoughts on “Do Letterbox Drops Still Work?

  1. I would love to come to this course. I have just organised my refinance and am ready to go for finding a deal.
    I’m also really keen to hear nhan talk as I know he has created a it if wealth from a small starting point and I’m working to get that happening for my family and am looking for the right strategy to make it work for a long term change and improvement for our circumstances

    1. Hi Rebecca. Sounds you like you have everything prepared to get the ball rolling so attending Nhan’s workshop will be ideal for you right now. I’ll send you details on where, when and what to bring asap. Thanks for the comments! Cheers, Matt

  2. Hey Matt, I’d love to receive the complimentary passes to see Nhan speak. Adding another tool to my real estate toolbox to continually sharpen my saw using tools employed by other successful real estate investors is one of my passions 🙂

    1. Hi Keeta. Thanks for the comments and you are spot on – we can always benefit from having more strategies in the toolbox. I’ll email you the details shortly. Cheers, Matt

  3. Hi Matt and Nhan,
    Some good tips and insight in the talk you had with Nhan. As I was listening I thought to myself perhaps a fridge magnet included in the letter box drop could work. Some people leave magnets on the fridge for years and many people could frequent that fridge over time.

    1. Thanks Daniel for the comments and great idea with the fridge magnets. I know I have a stack of them on my fridge and would be well worth the extra few dollars in having them printed to include in the envelope. A big magnet would make the envelope heavy which pretty much guarantees it will be opened. Thanks for the contribution mate. Cheers, Matt

  4. Hi Matt,

    We have completed a few simple reno’s and are now looking to skill up and learn new strategies for investing and making money with splitters and small develoments.

    I have heard good reports about Nhan and it was good to hear of your recommendations also.

    If there are still tickets available we would love to attend.

    Thanks for the opportunity Matt, I hope to hear from you with good news.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Jason. Thanks for the comments and yes Nhan’s workshop would be ideal for you right now and your need to learn new strategies after completing some renovations. I’ll email you the details and what you’ll need on the day. Cheers, Matt

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