[Interview] Brendon Ansell: Creating A $35M Portfolio In 12 Months

Do you think you could learn a few things from someone that has created a property portfolio worth over $35 million in the last 12 months?

You bet!

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It’s not often I get to talk to someone that has risen to such phenomenal heights as a property investor and developer and as you’ll hear, I made the most of my time!

How Did This Man Create A $35,000,000 Portfolio In 12 Months?

Brendon Ansell started his journey in the finance industry 15 years ago, which ultimately lead him to becoming a full time property developer in 2008.

He’s now CEO of Velocity Property Group, which completed a property portfolio worth over $35 million in 2015/16 with plenty more projects in the pipeline.

Brendon was also one of the early members and sponsors of our property networking group events – where he was always generously contributing to the group as a presenter, attendee and fundraiser supporting the 3000 strong community.

Even though he’s been extremely successful, Brendon is one of the most modest, humble and generous bloke’s you’ll meet.

And today, he shares with us some key business lessons, including:

The advice you’ll find in this interview is worth its weight in gold… so click play now:

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Head over to Brendon’s website at www.velocitypropertygroup.com.au for further insight into his current and future projects

Final Words

Thanks to Brendon Ansell for his past, present and ongoing support of the Property Resource Shop community.

We also thank Brendon for his contribution over the past 10 years to the property networking group events held in South East Queensland.

Brendon’s knowledge, expertise, integrity, passion and philanthropy has benefited many on their collective property investing journeys and it’s our privilege to be associated with him and Velocity Property Group

See you inside the Ultimate Property Hub or at the next Joint Venture Bootcamp Brendon!

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