Subdividing? Watch This Before You Demolish The Current Dwelling…

House relocation… House removal… House demolition…

Let’s talk about the biggest problem with most subdivision projects: the house!

Or more specifically, the location of the house.

As you know, I’ve been in property investing for more than ten years now. I’ve transacted over $5M worth of properties. And in the process I’ve networked, collaborated, and met with some of Australia’s most smart and prolific property investors.

And there’s one thing we all agree on:

Property investing is about getting creative and solving problems

Property investing is about getting creative and solving problems.

Whoever solves the biggest problem in the most cost efficient manner, unlocks the most profit!

So what do most investors do when approaching a subdivision project with a dwelling that’s not quite “perfectly positioned”? They turn to good ol’ demolition (or worse, they turn their back on a potentially great deal altogether!)

Now I do want to emphasise that there are many cases where demolition is the best option. Like for example if the area has a high demand for new dwellings. Or in cases where demolishing the existing dwellings is truly the best way to maximise land use and capitalise on the available end sale value.

But there are plenty of cases where investors rush into a demolition solution too soon – without crunching the numbers and considering all strategies. 

And those investors tend to miss out on some great opportunities.

Do you know how to spot great subdivision projects?

Being able to spot the diamonds in the rough – the great deals that other investors miss – is a huge part of becoming a successful property investor. So I want you to have my tested 2-minute formula for assessing deals. I’ve used it to crunch the numbers on thousands of potential sites, transacting over $5M worth of property. Get your copy here:

So what do smart, savvy, and successful investors (like the readers of this blog) do?

They get creative!

Getting creative and unlocking profit sometimes means moving mountains… well moving houses at least!

As I said, when it comes to subdivision projects the house is almost always in the way. But demolishing it can sometimes chew away your profit margins and waste lots of equity in the process.

What if instead of demolishing a property, you…

  • Lift it and double the floor space in the process?
  • Or slide it sideways to create a side access?
  • Or cut the house in half and transport to another city?
  • Or shuffle the house to the back of the block to create a building envelope at the front?
  • Or many other options!

Watch The “House Relocation For Property Investors” Seminar (FREE)

This week, I dug deep into the Property Resource Shop video archive and dusted off this treasure from late 2013 and the content is still as relevant today as it was then.

It’s a recording of a seminar that Mike Crosby from Crosby House Removals gave to our Brisbane Property Networking Group. Mike has been relocating houses for more than 47 years and when it comes to moving houses…

You name it, Mike’s done it. This is Mike, by the way:

House relocation expert Mike Crosby
Mike Crosby, house relocation expert

And today I’m giving you free access to the recording of Mike’s seminar, “House Relocation For Property Investors”, as presented to our Brisbane Property Networking Group.

You will learn:

  • The logistics and what goes into house relocation
  • The costs involved in house relocation or removal, and key things you should take into account
  • Examples of creative house relocation ideas (you’ll probably want to write these down)

If you have a deal that requires either house relocation or removal – this video is for you!

And even if you’re not working on one right now – the kind of information Mike shares in this recording will give you an edge over your fellow investors when such a deal does come around!

As I always say – It pays to assess every possible scenario in the deal in order to find the most profitable one. So go ahead, click ‘Play’, and add this crucial knowledge to your “investor’s toolbox”:

You can get in touch with Mike at 0418 886 518 or by emailing him: [email protected] (He doesn’t have a website as he’s busy enough already!)

Don’t forget your free download!

Make sure you don’t leave this page before you download my tested 2-minute formula for assessing property deals. Get your copy here:

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