Announcing Property Resource Shop 3.0!

It was late 2005 and I’d just started my property investing journey. “Property Resource Shop” didn’t exist yet… not even in my wildest dreams.

I just sacked the boss and had no plan… other than to become a full time property investor.

(For the record, that was a really bad idea. Don’t try that without some careful thought… or contact me to explain a better way to make the transition!)

My “Genius” Property Investing Plan

I read my first property investing book – Steve McKnight’s 0 to 130+ Properties in 3.5 years and my brain was on fire. I began Steve’s property mentoring course and set my goal:

My goals, as I wrote them back in late 2005
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If you do the math, that would have provided me with about $60,000 per year  in passive income. Which was about my annual wage back then.

The problem?

I expected to achieve all this with zero skill, no wage to leverage off, minimal savings and the obligatory credit card debt to keep me afloat.

Needless to say I had my heart in the right place… but my head was living in another dimension of reality!

Shortly after the excitement had died down and I came back down to Earth.

I became a postie and began a more realistic journey to becoming a property investor.

You can read more about my journey here

The Property Networking Groups

It was mid 2006 that I started the Brisbane Property Networking Group (BPNG). Back then it was a quiet get-together with half a dozen fellow newbie property investors.

Over time the group grew (there are now over 3000 in the group!) and became a popular monthly event for Brisbane property investors of all skill levels.

To this day, ten years later, property investors come together once a month to share ideas and experiences without fear of criticism or ridicule.

The early years of the Brisbane Property Networking Group… growing fast!
Early days of the Brisbane Property Networking Group
Our new Brisbane Property Networking Group location

We then expanded to the Gold and Sunshine Coast and by then had attracted 2000 members across South East Qld.

And then it happened. 

I can specifically remember receiving that email. It was from a regular attendee who said he couldn’t make it to that month’s meetup… and asked if I was recording the event.

Property Resource Shop 1.0

I realised that the meetings had become so sought after that attendees now wanted to access the recordings if they couldn’t get along on the night.

And so in early 2011, version 1 of the Property Resource Shop Membership site was born…

Property Resource Shop 1.0. What a “beauty”!

I knocked up myself a (very basic) WordPress website. It didn’t look great… but it allowed property investors to view and learn from the videos recorded from the Brisbane Property Networking Group meetups.

By the way, if you thought the website looked bad… check out the signup button!

Over the next four years I grew the membership site whenever my property deals allowed me some spare time. Slowly but surely, it came to include many, many other resources:

Leaving to France

In 2014 we began planning for our French adventure.  I packed up our family ready to immerse ourselves in a new country for a year or two. We wanted to learn a new language and provide our kids with a phenomenal life experience.

Working remotely meant I had to become more professional in my approach to business. I had to learn how to delegate, systemise, manage teams… basically start investing more time, money and effort into what I started in 2011.

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Property Resource Shop 2.0

And so in late 2014, version 2 of the Property Resource Shop was born which was a huge step from my humble beginnings.

Property Resource Shop 2.0

The membership site had become a resource for property investors all over the country and the monthly property networking group meetings were still as popular as ever.

And what was truly exciting was that the audience was now national (with some members signing up from other continents!)

We had a brand new look on a brand new platform coupled with a team of people helping me manage the running of our live events, distributing of fresh weekly content, technical support, office management and phenomenal customer service.

Thousands of eager property investors of all skill levels were now accessing a wealth of real life knowledge and resources provided by me and my colleagues. We delivered relevant property investing education that came from ‘on the ground’, ‘warts and all’ experience.

It’s now mid June 2016 and I’m so excited to announce the release of the Property Resource Shop version 3.0!

Property Resource Shop Version 3.0

Now this didn’t just happen overnight.

I’m talking about tens of thousands of dollars invested into employing a team of experts to completely replace and rewire the entire technical backend of the Property Resource Shop.

From servers, to service providers, to software – with a state of the art system providing astonishingly fast and secure access to everything in the membership portal.

We massively renovated (pun intended!) the “video archive” of our Virtual, Gold, Platinum and Ultimate memberships into the most extensive property investing resource in the country!

It’s so good, I’m tempted to call it “The Property Investing University”!

The new Property Resource Shop Membership

In fact there are over 70 property investing case studies from real life, everyday property investors, courageously sharing their challenges and triumphs of their renovation, subdivision and development projects.

And we’ve organized our entire video vault so members now have easy access to training modules on:

And that’s not all! There’s also…

Video trainings inside Property Resource Shop 3.0

As well as…

And it gets even better!

Australia’s First Property Investor Rolodex

Australia’s first Property Investor Rolodex

Virtual, Gold, Platinum and Ultimate members also have access to Australia’s first Property Investor Rolodex…. A tried and tested referral list of vetted trades people, service people, and professionals from every state in Australia!

We’ve even bolted on a private Facebook forum for members to get real time answers to their burning questions from me and all the other members.

If someone told me 10 years ago that meeting up with 6 rookie property investors once a month would lead to a national community of inspired property investors… all relying on this phenomenal resource… I would have shook my head in disbelief!

But it’s true.

And if you’re reading this now then you too are a part of this exclusive community… and I’m incredibly grateful to have you with me on this journey.

Version 3.0 of the Property Resource Shop Membership has exceeded all my expectations in being able to provide a state of the art resource to take any property investor to the next level of success.

Want a taste of the action?

Click here to read more about what thousands of other everyday property investors are accessing on a daily basis.

See you on the inside!

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Looks great Matt, congratulations on the new version…Who would have thought all those years ago in a lounge room that it would turn into the event it is today

Thanks Graeme. Yep its been quite a journey and you’ve been an outstanding contributor, particularly with your Real Deal presentations. You inspire many Graeme… exciting times ahead buddy! Bring on the next 10 years!

Well done Matt!

It’s great to see the growth coming from humble beginnings. It’s always good to know your continually improving and motivating others in their dreams and aspirations

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