5 Steps To Finally Letting Go Of Your Fears And Remove Self-Doubts

Let’s talk about the one thing you must do this year if you want to get what you really want from life. Sound good? Let’s dive in.

But first, a question:

Do you know what the biggest reason (by far!) for property investors who fail to achieve wealth is?

Can you guess?

It’s NOT interest rates… Or competition… Or even the APRA.

No. The grand winner… The numero uno cause behind property careers that go nowhere is… Fear!

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And you know fear loves company. It always invites its good buddies – procrastination, self-doubt, and self-sabotage – to join the party. And those are the real culprits.

Together, fear, self-doubts and self-sabotage prevent more people from earning a damn fine living than anything else in this world. This is true not just for property – but for anything that requires effort.

And you are not immune.

No one is. Not me. Not you. Not even our Ultimate Property Hub Members.

Well, so much for the bad news. But I promised to solve this for you, didn’t I? So here is the good news:

You Don’t Have To “Cure” Fear In Order To Be Highly Successful!

It’s true!

Look, I haven’t “cured” my fears. I still have my moments of self-doubt just like anyone. But I learned how to handle those feelings better than most. And that, my friend, is what allows me to win far more often than the average ‘Joe’.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying that a tiny five per cent improvement in handling your fears can give you a 500% improvement in your results. Why?

Because… like a brand-new supercar overtaking a beaten up 1994 Subaru Outback, you’ll be zooming past everyone else who’s still stuck on the sideline, tied into some emotional conundrum and running out of petrol and time.


So what I’m about to show you is not about fear elimination.

It’s About Results Amplification

I’m going to show you the simple 5-step process I’ve been using for over a decade now to keep my fears in check. It has allowed me to maintain a focused, positive, goal-oriented, winning mindset and most important… It has never failed me. 

Is this the “best” way to overcome self-doubts? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not.

I don’t really care. All I know is that it’s been working very well for me. It allowed me to move past my own limiting beliefs, and create a life of abundance. And many of my students have experienced similar results.

So if fears are still shackling you down it’s worth a shot. (Especially when you consider how easy it is!)

And to help it “stick”, I even attached a beautiful infographic you can print out and stick somewhere you can see it every day.

Aren’t I nice? πŸ™‚

Here it is – feel free to print it, steal it and share it with others. (Just don’t forget to read the rest of this post, otherwise, it won’t make any sense! πŸ™‚ )

Click here to view in full size

OK, So What’s My Secret For Handling Fear?

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I often hear it described using the acronym, ‘False Expectations Appearing Real’ and for me, that articulates it perfectly. For others, fear is very real and can be incredibly debilitating, to the point where it takes over their life and becomes a reality.

Here’s the thing… we all have fear. It comes down to whether you use it to create momentum or allow it to keep you imprisoned. As Australians, let’s face it, we all lead a pretty comfortable life… but that life of comfort is often the blockage that stops us from achieving greatness.

Living within our own comfort zone coupled with the fear of leaving it, makes it pretty difficult to see the value of moving onwards and upwards to a life of complete fulfilment.

So what fears do you have that are holding you back in your property investing?

Let me take an educated guess:

These are all valid fears and I’m sure anyone could justify each one of the above points as to why they couldn’t take the next step in their property investing journey.

But let’s turn this around and use fear in a more proactive way. Let’s say….

Whatever the motivation, let’s say you decide that you need to learn and implement the skills to become a successful property investor to create more streams of income to increase available time and money.

Now, what if you let fear get in the way of your new direction and decide not to take any action because of the fears I pointed out above?

Well, you’ve now got a whole new set of fears that you need to deal with:

I don’t know about you but I find the latter fears to have much more persuasiveness over what decisions I make in my life today.

How Do I Implement Change?

That’s all well and good but how do we bust through those self-made barriers and use the emotion of fear to drive us forward?

Here’s my 5 step plan to eliminate emotional blockages that stem from fear, self-doubt or self-sabotage:

  1. Get really passionate about what you want to move towards… the more emotion you connect with it the better.
  2. Get really intimate with the pain and struggle that will manifest if you don’t start moving towards the goal you set in the previous step.
  3. Take ownership and responsibility of everything that happens to you in life, whether it’s your doing or not. It’s your life… own ALL of it, no excuses!
  4. Know that you will fail but that each failure brings success with it. Value each defeat like the trophy that it is on your way to freedom and fulfilment.
  5. Be grateful for what you already have and the opportunity you now have to progress further if you choose.

Truly embracing and implementing the above 5 steps provide you with the power and inner authority to achieve anything and everything.

And here’s the kicker… No matter how successful you become, in whatever you are pursuing, the fear doesn’t go away. Whatever heights you scale, that fear will continually present itself. It’s part of the human condition.

But don’t let that dishearten you… because the more you bust through your fear barriers, the more you start to embrace the fear. Embracing fear is a powerful skill – because the fear becomes the confirmation of the growth and success that lies ahead.

So Now You’re Ready To ‘Kill It’

Let’s bring it on!

Print out this infographic, or save it on your desktop so you can review it every day. Make it a daily habit to do these five things and fear will automatically be kept in check.

And… if you found this helpful, would you please also leave a comment letting me know? πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on "5 Steps To Finally Letting Go Of Your Fears And Remove Self-Doubts"

Hi Matt

Thanks, we are already trying to do what you are saying. It is good to see it written down again. The more I read and think on these things the more they will happen.

Spot on Dennis. I have to remind myself on how to do this every year as well. Its always worth rehashing to improve on the last year. Thanks for the feedback πŸ™‚

Well said Matt, I’m at that point where the fear of doing nothing and wasting another 5 years is simply too much. Time to change. I’m sizing up deals as part of the 21 step action plan. Strategy: chunks of cash and then great yield property for cashflow.

See how we go

Thanks Pete and exciting to hear you are at that point where something has to change! Hit me up if you want a faster way to making things work for you this year [email protected] Cheers, Matt

Great Matt,

This really resonated with me. I am in the process of writing my goals and now I have more information to use my fears. I particularly liked knowing the other fears if I don’t move forward, brilliant info!



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