What Does The Liquidation Of API Magazine Mean For Property Investors?

This just in.

Kieran Clair, editor of Australian Property Investor magazine announced in a statement this week that the national magazine was closing its doors.

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On an announcement given to MediaWeek Kieran said,

After its 20 years on the magazine rack, I’m sad to say the new media environment has caught up with our wonderful publication. API magazine has closed its doors with the current issue being its last release. A decision to wind up the company was communicated to both the staff and I yesterday.”

The news comes as quite a shock to over 130,000 of the magazine’s avid readers, and even more so to our Property Resource Shop community, as Kieran Clair, Mitch Bloyce and the rest of the team at API magazine have been solid supporters of our members and property networking events for the past decade.

What You Should Learn From This

If there’s one constant in this world it’s change. As investors, we need to be able to adapt to the ever changing landscape that surrounds us.

That being said, being a property investor gives you some distinctive advantages that will probably last for as long as you’re in business, as well as your grandkids and their grandkids.

Bricks and mortar, compared to media, software, or tech, is a solid investment vehicle for two key reasons:

  1. Having a roof over our heads (shelter) is one of the four essential needs for humans to survive (the other 3 being oxygen, water and food)
  2. The property market changes in a manageable time frame allowing investors to make educated decisions based on key market indicators

Not all industries have the luxury noted in point 2… and just this week with the liquidation of API magazine we have seen proof of that.

No doubt the changing landscape of the print and online publishing sector has meant that even the larger and more successful businesses need to adapt or die.

This provides a timely opportunity to reassess our own goals and commitments as we move towards 2017

As property investors, our focus should be to become experts at solving problems and that includes having the ability to foresee those problems and act accordingly to mitigate the risk they present.

Farewell, API Magazine! 🙁

The API team regularly published success stories detailing case studies from investors implementing active property investing strategies in the current market… some of which were from our own Ultimate Property Hub members.

On behalf of everyone at the Property Resource Shop and the Ultimate Property Hub, I thank Kieran and his awesome team at API magazine for the contribution they have made to our wonderful property investing community.

If you’ve enjoyed reading API magazine over the years, please leave a comment below letting Kieran and the entire API team know they’ll be missed!

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25 thoughts on "What Does The Liquidation Of API Magazine Mean For Property Investors?"

So disappointed! API is by far the best property investment magazine.. I’m just wondering what happens to my 3 year subscription!

We might get lucky and have someone buy out the mag Vincent but dont hold your breath. Liquidators are currently working through everything and keeping us updated. Cheers, Matt

Any update on subscribers getting reimbursed. I only renewed a month prior to closure. In my opinion if a magazine is in trouble they should not be offering renewals . Not happy.

yes not happy 3 year subscription and no idea until i realised i wasnt getting the magazine.. not good customer service and to loyal customers too! All phone numbers disconnected and the rest of us left hanging!

Devastated to hear that API has gone. I will miss my favourite magazine which has always inspired me & educated me. Thank you for your contribution to my success.

What a disappointment to the investing community. I got my magazine in the mail this month and read the whole thing cover to cover in one sitting and learned plenty. It was a quality product and it is a huge disappointment to see it go. I hope the API team feel incredibly proud of the number of people they taught & inspired through their publication over the past 20 years. Well done!

To have featured exclusively in the 2nd last edition of this wonderful magazine we are grateful for the opportunity to connect with some fantastic people. All the best to Kieran and team.

Such a shame! An inspirational magazine that will be sorely missed. API is great for newbies and experienced investors alike. ?

I only read API as stories are good and the layout attractive! I had so much information from it! I could not believe it end up in the market! There will be no magazine as good as API! What can l read now?

I just found this post and wanted to say thanks to everyone on behalf of our team. It was an absolute joy to edit the publication and heartbreaking to be given the news of the business’s closure last month. I know our talented crew will move onward and upward but can’t help feeling sad that our family at the mag will no longer be part of this wonderful community of property investors. That said, I’m sure there is more good stuff on the horizon – stay well and wealthy and please keep investing safely.

Thanks Kieran. We all wish you well and know that this negative will be turned into a positive. Best of luck in 2017 and beyond and look forward to seeing you round the traps. Cheers, Matt

Very upsetting. Just as well I have plenty of old copies to read again. Thanks for the years of education you have provided

Ohhhh no ? I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Feb magazine and now to find this out! Definitely will be missed (1 of my 2 yearly magazine subscriptions) – and I am a Gen y!


I;m a bit later just wondering what happened to my Feb issue. Just learned today. So sad for the magazine, the staff and my two year subscription…

So sorry to hear API is no longer around! I have subscribed for many years, it was the best property magazine to guide investors with excellent stories and articles. What a shame!! I was wondering why I haven’t received any magazines since January…

Dear API,

I remember when the magazine was launched and used it solely as a data source for my property investment strategy. I was a subscriber for many many many years, and only cancelled my subscription a few years ago when I ceased my investment activities. A sad day no doubt, however I hope the team can stay and move to the digital subscriber world.

Good luck and well done


Thanks for the comments Steve. Yep it’s been sorely missed but still has an online presence that you can access.

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