5 Steps to Increase Market Value and Sell Your Property Faster

Renovated kitchen

When it comes to selling a property, two things are almost always in play: selling at the highest price possible and getting that price as fast as possible.

There are many actions you as a homeowner or property investor can take to present your property in an appealing light so that it will shine on the market.

Here we share 5 steps you can take that will help increase your property’s market value and present the property in a way that adds extra appeal to potential buyers.

First Impressions

House Exterior before renovation
House Exterior after renovation

The first impression that potential buyers receive as they arrive at your property sets the tone for the entire viewing. By ensuring that your property shines at first sight, you’ve already given potential buyers a reason to want to see more. Here are some improvements you can make to the exterior of your property that will ensure buyers that the home is worth a thorough viewing.

  • Thoroughly weed and mulch flower beds
  • Remove clutter from porches and power clean the driveway and walking paths
  • Power clean and oil decking
  • Replace welcome mat at the door and add colour with potted flowers
  • Mow, water and fertilise
  • Prune trees and bushes and clear the yard of fallen leaves
  • Clean, organise and tidy sheds and dispose of unwanted items
  • Higher a professional cleaner to thoroughly clean the exterior of your home

Cleaning and Decluttering

Before Cleaning and Decluttering
Before Cleaning and Decluttering
After Cleaning and Decluttering
After Cleaning and Decluttering

Interested buyers are eager to know that a property has been kept well. One way to ensure potential buyers that a home has been well taken care of is to present the property in a clean and organised manner. Here are some steps you can take to clean and declutter your property before it appears on the market.

  • Keep security screens cleaned, vacuumed and in good repair
  • Remove family photos, personalised items, stickers and posters from walls and tables
  • Clean walls, polish woodwork and wax wooden floors
  • Dust furniture, ceiling fan blades and light fixtures
  • Store small trinkets and collectibles
  • Clear personal items from vanities and bedside tables before a showing
  • Make bathrooms sparkle – clean mirrors, showers, sinks, toilets and floors
  • Clean, organize and tidy storage areas, pantries and cabinets

Lightening and Brightening

Before Lightening and Brightening
Before Lightening and Brightening
After Lightening and Brightening
After Lightening and Brightening

The following steps will help to lighten and brighten the appearance of the home, giving it a positive and inviting feel.

  • Clean and polish mirrors, chrome taps and brass
  • Clean all windows inside and out
  • Clean all light switches, light fittings and lamps
  • Make sure all indoor and outdoor lighting works properly
  • Replace worn, faded or old-fashioned rugs with lighter, brighter ones
  • Clean all curtains, blinds, window frames and sills
  • Bleach grubby grout
  • Keep curtains open and turn on internal lights for open viewings

Repair, Replace & Renew

Before Repair, Replace & Renew
Before Repair, Replace & Renew
After Repair, Replace & Renew
After Repair, Replace & Renew

As a buyer views a home, they’ll be eager to see a property that is move-in ready, where all repairs and necessary replacements have been made. Here are some home areas that should be checked for need of repair, renewal or replacement.

  • Call in an exterminator to take care of insect problems
  • Tone down bright room colours by painting walls with a white or neutral colour
  • Be sure that sinks, drains and toilets are clean and free flowing
  • Batch, repair or replace any stains or holes in walls
  • Ensure drawers and cupboard doors open and close smoothly, repair sticking drawers
  • Replace and/or tighten loose door knobs or wobbly hinges
  • Clean garage floor, doors and organise items in garage
  • Refresh towels prior to viewing

Odour Detection and Elimination

Before Odor Detection and Elimination
Before Odour Detection and Elimination
After Odor Detection and Elimination
After Odour Detection and Elimination

An inviting home should smell clean and fresh to the buyer as he or she walks through the home. Here are some steps you can take to ensure the home is free of any unpleasant odours.

  • Thoroughly wash up and put away dishes
  • Wash all bed linens, blankets, curtains and pillows and remove dirty laundry
  • Clean out the refrigerator and remove all garbage before a viewing
  • Send smokers outside in the weeks or months prior to viewings
  • Ensure pets are out of the house prior to viewings and remove pet paraphernalia
  • Eliminate stains, including old pet stains that may still emit odour
  • Professionally clean carpets or use carpet shampoo with odour neutraliser
  • Clean, open and air out any musty smelling areas

By ensuring you have followed the above actions for making your property sparkle and shine, you can be confident that you’ve improved chances that the home will sell quickly and will maximise your profit.

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