7 Strategies For Finding Great Deals… Even In Red-Hot Markets!

One of the questions people ask me often when it comes to real estate investing is “How do I find a great deal?” The first step in looking for deals, however, is to get crystal clear on why you’re wanting to invest in real estate in the first place. Knowing why you’re involved in this business will give you the motivation you need to stay focused until you achieve success.

The first step in acquiring clarity on why you’re wanting to be involved with real estate investing is to figure out the emotional reasons why it’s important for you to find success in this business. What are the emotional reasons you’re in the game? The answer may include reasons such as:

Write down the reasons why succeeding in real estate is important to you, and from there determine:

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Now, onto the strategies I use to find great deals.

Strategy #1: The Letterbox Drop Approach

This is a bit of a shotgun approach and can cost up to $1,000 per drop if you’re not doing it yourself, but even if you get one deal out of a drop you’ve made up your costs. A 1% return is typical with a letterbox drop but 1% is enough of a margin if you end up acquiring your next project out of it.

To avoid the broad results that a shotgun approach can have, try doing some research first and then targeting specific properties that fit into your parameters. It can also be beneficial to try door-knocking to find out more about a property or area.

Door-knocking is a bold approach but many people are very friendly and are happy to show you their home and share what they know about the area with you. If you’re not comfortable with that approach you can try finding an agent to do it for you. Many agents are happy to provide this service as it can increase their chances of attracting a new listing.

Strategy #2: Talk With and Educate Real Estate Agents

By meeting and forming relationships with agents, you’ve got more people searching for deals for you. Work to meet real estate agents in the areas you’re interested in and educate them on what types of properties you’re looking for.

Here are some tips as you work to form relationships with agents:

See How to get on an agent’s hotlist for more on this.

Two men meeting and talking in supermarket

Strategy #3: Look Outside of Your Investment Property Circles

You are likely to be involved with other circles of people in your life, whether that be through your kids’ activities or your own hobbies or interests. The beauty of property investing is that someone is always selling a property no matter what the market is doing. Divorce, upsizing, downsizing and other reasons for selling happen year-round. Listen for these conversations within your other circles to find potential real estate deals.

This doesn’t mean you need to be asking everyone you know if they have a property to sell; it’s about having genuine conversations with people and listening when others talk for what their needs are to see if you might be able to help.

Strategy #4: Utilise Networking Groups

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This is a little tricky in the current environment where social distancing and government restrictions on large gatherings are more prominent due to COVID-19.

This new reality has caused many online groups to become more accessible in more virtual ways. So whether you can meetup in person or virtually via video conference, networking with other like minds is a great opportunity.

Networking groups are a great way to find deals, but it’s important to network properly. First, be open with your intentions. Share what you’re looking to do and find out what other people are looking to do so that you can help them as well.

Regularly attend networking meetings and stay in touch with members. As you form real and reciprocating relationships with your networking members, you expand your circle of contacts that great deals can come from.

Strategy #5: Use a Buyer’s Agent

You’ll pay a fee for this service but it can be worth the money as it will save you time in finding deals. It’s especially wise to consider using a buyer’s agent if you’re new to investing and don’t yet have the necessary skills to find a great deal. In order to create a beneficial relationship with a buyer’s agent:

Online Tools Indicating World Wide Web And Website

Strategy #6: Utilise Free Online Tools

There are many free online tools that can help you to be a more successful real estate investor. Some of those tools include:

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Strategy #7: Consider Using PriceFinder

If you’re serious about property investing, you may want to consider using a paid resource such as PriceFinder or Real Estate Investar. If you’re just starting out you might want to stick with the free resources until you determine whether or not real estate investing is right for you, but for those committed to the business these paid resources are often worth their weight in gold. In fact, I have heard PriceFinder referred to as X-ray vision for property investors. A tool such as PriceFinder can provide massive leverage with benefits like:

For me, PriceFinder has become a critical resource that I use on a daily basis to help me find and filter through potential property sites.

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As you can see, it’s all about having multiple irons in the fire to ensure you have potential property deals coming to you on a regular basis. Property investing is a people business so ensure you are focusing on building relationships as you search for your next project.

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