PurpleBricks (and other low commission agents) – You Get What You Pay For?

This is going to upset some of you…

But some things must be said!

And in the case of PurpleBricks (and other low or no commission real estate agents), my good friend Justin Watt says it best.

Justin has been in the property game for almost two decades now. Not behind the scenes – but at the coalface.

So when Justin speaks, you better listen.

His experience comes from the current property market. And it comes directly from the buyers and sellers who are buying and selling right now – not from theory!

Should You Focus On Saving Money, Or On Making More Of It?

There’s been a lot of talk about the impact PurpleBricks is having on the real estate market. And in this video, Justin makes some honest, candid points.

What do you really get when you focus on saving money? Is it worth it – or will you get what you pay. 

You want to choose wisely when deciding to sell your property. So make sure you watch this video!

Thanks Watty for the insights!

P.S. Justin spoke at last month’s Brisbane Property Networking Group and delivered some exciting new insight right from the trenches! So if you’re a member of our Ultimate Property Hub membership – go and check out Justin’s video!

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2 thoughts on "PurpleBricks (and other low commission agents) – You Get What You Pay For?"

The underlying message – and I’ve seen and experienced it first hand – is that there are more than a few “commision” based agents who don’t deliver value and don’t sell a house for what it is worth. This is the problem!

Many agents will sell quickly to get the next commision cheque. Therefore it is no wonder, there is a market for flat fee based agents. And he points out – they could do as good a job. If you do the sums a commission based agent has to sell a property for at least $15k more just to break even with Purple bricks.

So it all comes back down to YOU. Do your homework on the agents and your property and KNOW what its worth and what it should sell for.

Spot on Adam. A good agent should be able to make up the difference in commissions. Most people dont have those negotiating skills. Watty is right… it could be 6,7,8 thousand dollars we;’re talking about so why skimp on 5-10k? Cheers, Matt

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