The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Right Investing Structure

If you’re looking for realistic ways to maximize your property investing returns, you will love this video by Paul Copeland.

Not only Paul is an absolute expert is his field of accounting, but also a seasoned property investor and developer himself.

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In this presentation Paul reveals how to maximize your returns using creative structuring and active strategies.

On top of that he’s a pretty funny guy and a very entertaining presenter (which is almost unheard of in the field of accounting!)

Ready for some fascinating real-life examples of how to structure your investing business?

Hit ‘Play’ now:

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This video presentation was recorded during one of our property networking groups meetings. To find out more about the meetings, and to join one closest to you, click here:

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About Paul Copeland

I consider an accountant as the key person to have on your team.

In fact, I interviewed 5 different accountants before I settled with Paul because I wanted to be sure that I had someone that was not only an expert accountant, but also specialised in property investing as well.

Paul is both of these and in fact is in the middle of his 13th property development right now!

Don’t try and cut corners with your consultants, (especially the key people on your team). They will make (and save you) tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Property Investing is a long term wealth creation vehicle and you want long term relationships with your team. Build those relationships, respect them and be prepared to pay for them.

Paul is also a premium sponsor of our Property Networking Group Meetings, and has been delivering valuable guidance to our members since 2013. I can’t recommend him enough!

You can get in touch with Paul via his personal profile at the William Buck firm, or by leaving a comment below. 

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