Every Year 150 People Go On A Life Changing Trip In Brisbane

Let me tell you a story.

And if you’re a property investor (or an aspiring one) living near Brisbane, you’ll want to pay close attention to it…

For two months I’ve trained for the ‘Pomme Poire’ run, a majestic 11km course amongst through French countryside of apple and pear orchards.

My goal was to do it under an hour, but no matter how hard I trained – the fastest I could do it was 1hr 5mins.

Fast forward to last week.

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Matt Jones Running
This is me reaching the finish line

When the annual Pomme Poire run came around, I managed to do it in…

…58mins 50secs.

I did it!

And they even gave me a commemorative bag of apples and an engraved wine glass for my troubles (which I preceded to celebrate with shortly after the event!)

How did I magically improve my results by 10%?

How come I ran faster on the day of the event than in all my training sessions?

Was it the weather? The new socks I wore? Maybe it was the bowl of pasta my beautiful wife, Marisa cooked for me the night before?

In fact, the reason I ran a personal best that day was because of the people around me.

You see if you surround yourself with positive, supportive, like minded people, you’re always going to achieve better results.

This applies to everything… especially to property investing!

If you want to be ahead of the pack and build long lasting financial success, you need to have great people around you.

I’m not just talking about building a quality team of professionals. I’m talking about hanging out with other property investors that are doing what you want to be doing.

And as promised, if you’re in Brisbane (or reasonably close…), you have a  massive opportunity to do just that:

It’s Here! The Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip

Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip 2

Once or twice a year my good friend, colleague and fellow fundraiser, Nhan Nguyen and I hire out 3 buses and take 150 people on a potentially life changing trip around the streets of Brisbane.

(and I’m going to let 5 lucky people into this event for free!)

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Now let’s be clear, this isn’t some sort of sell fest where we flog a bunch of overpriced units to unsuspecting buyers.

No way… this is pure education and networking at its best.

We check out about 8 or 9 projects all over Brisbane. When I say projects, I’m talking about renovations, subdivisions, small and large developments (and a few other surprises along the way).

We call it the Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip

Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip
Having fun on the Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip last year

A + B + C + D = Your Success

When you combine:

You’re guaranteed to have an adventure that breeds success.

Those that are lucky enough to get a seat on the Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip, not only get to check out each property site and learn about the numbers, they get to chat with the person that did the deal!

These developers sharing their projects are just everyday property investors with full time jobs that made plenty of mistakes with their deal and they reveal all those challenges on the day.

It’s kind of like hearing 8 or 9 case studies be presented but you get to touch, see, smell and feel the project…. along with all its challenges and triumphs on view for all to see.

And 20% of all ticket sales are donated to saving lives

On top of creating a unique, supportive environment for everyday property investors, the Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip raises money for a charity very dear to my heart.

Twenty percent (20%) of all ticket sales go to the ‘Mother’s Milk Bank‘, a charity organisation that gives donated mother’s milk to premature babies which in some circumstances, have actually saved their lives.

The Mothers’ Milk Bank provides screened and pasteurised donormothers’ milk to families where the mother’s own milk is not available for their baby.

I’m proud to tell you that the Property Resource Shop, with the help of our dear members, has already raised over $70,000 for this lifesaving organisation.

And now we want to raise more money so Mothers’ Milk Bank can save even more babies.

Here’s your chance to get on this life-changing trip… for free!

Ok I said I’m going to let 5 people get access to the amazing Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip for free.

But first you need to meet the three requirements below:

  1. You can be there on the day! Bus leaves at 8:30am Saturday 18th June and returns at 6pm the same day. Drop off and pickup from Morningside
  2. You haven’t been on the bus trip before (I want to make sure we give these tickets to someone that hasn’t experienced this awesome event in the past)
  3. You love property and want to build your financial freedom using this vehicle

If that’s you, leave a comment below and tell me why you should win the tickets. I’ll be picking 5 people that I think deserve it most.

The 5 winners will be announced next Monday (17th May), which means you don’t have much time. So don’t wait too long – or you’ll miss out. Leave your comment below now and tell me why you should be joining this trip.

This is a unique opportunity to be surrounded by positive, supportive, like-minded property investors. It will be a learning experience of a lifetime that will enable you to achieve your personal best on your next property deal.

Don’t miss out on this adventure. Leave a comment below, and I’ll see you on the bus!

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46 thoughts on "Every Year 150 People Go On A Life Changing Trip In Brisbane"

Hey Matt! I wish I could join the competition as the Bus Adventure sounds amazing! Sadly I’ll be on the other side of the world, but perhaps you could stream some videos from the bus? 🙂

Thanks for the comments Meron and what a shame you’ll miss it. I’ll see what we can do about getting some video footage 🙂

I’d like to come as I love to continually know what opportunities are avaiable to add into my portfolio and I like to share this information and education with others. If I can help someone avoid some of the mistakes I made in the early days then that’s a great win

Thanks Emma. Sounds like you are on an awesome journey already and inspired to see you wanting to pass on the learnings to others. Great karma and hope you win!

Hi would like to be on this bus trip very much. Small time investor and after 15 months have just got a DA through. Haven’t started building yet and almost “over it”. So would love to meet like minded people on this bus trip. Haven’t been before but my sister has and got a lot out of it.

hi Lyn, thanks for sharing and congratulations in getting your DA through. You know, whenever I’m almost ‘over it’, amazing things happen when you push that little bit further. You never know when the finish line will appear so stay motivated and remember why you’re making all this effort. Hope to see you on the bus 🙂

Well done on the Pomme Poire run Matt :o) I’ve been a long time member but have never had the opportunity to go on the Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip – now my little one is getting bigger I want to kick my property investing into gear so I can do what I love and spend more time with my family.

Hi Korryn, thanks for the congrats, it was a lot of fun! I know how hard it is with little ones but so important that they get your attention… property investing will always be here. Now its your time to shine so i hope you can get on the bus trip – its an awesome day with inspiring people. I do remember you so I hope we can hookup when I’m back in Australia 🙂

Hi Matt, thanks for this opportunity. I have been a property investor for almost 20 years and had a couple of hits and misses over the years. I live on the Sunshine Coast and I’m super keen to buy in Brisbane this year. I am very passionate about property and I’m excited to meet my goal of leaving my weekday job by my 50th b’day in 2026. With all the sacrifices my family and I have made over the years to save every dollar we can to invest – I have come to realise the biggest factor in my success is what sort of property I buy and exactly where it is located. Struggling to save an extra $10,000 per year can be dwarfed by the growth achieved in an excellently selected property. I feel like I would benefit greatly from some one with the professional knowledge to guide my enthusiasm and direct me where to buy next. Always enjoy your stuff,

Gavin Cagney

Thanks for the great comments Gavin. What an awesome goal you have set and I reckon with your experience so far you should be able to do it in half the time! I’d love to see you on the bus Gavin so I’ll see what I can do. Hope to see you on the beautiful Sunny Coast when we return to Australia. If you haven’t already make sure you join our quarterly networking group meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Sunshine-Coast-Property-Group

Hi Matt, I would love to ride the bus with you and experience first hand insight on putting deals together. As a licenced builder for many years I know how to get the building work done on time and under budget but really feel you guys could help me with tips on finding suitable properties and team professionals to liase with on development projects.

Regards Royce Beale

Hi Royce thanks for the comments mate. Yep being a builder is a great advantage because you have a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry. As developers though, we need to focus on becoming experts at finding the deal, negotiating great price and terms then managing it to a profitable outcome by bringing a product to market that is in high demand. The build phase just becomes a component of that process. I’d love to give you some ideas on how to find the right site and hopefully you’ll get to chat with all the other developers on the bus to get some awesome insights. Stay in touch Royce and hope we can meetup sometime. Cheers, Matt

Would love to join in we’re from Melbourne and are keen to be onboard.

Hi Rolando and thanks for the comment. You know the people that travel the farthest for these events often get the most out of them because they have made the greatest sacrifice and effort. Hope this is you mate and will let you know Monday 🙂

Hello Mat,

Thank you for offering this opportunity. I hope to be one of the five winners.

I Have completed two renovations last year, yet I can’t say that I made money from it. With the first one, although I lost money, I gained a lot of experience. Since we are not originally from Australia, that was great, since I needed to get the “Australian experience”. With the second renovation, I worked with partners and although I have learnt a lot regarding the tradies and other issues here in Australia, I had such a negative experience with them, that I just felt I want to give up working with other people. Although that is the only way that I will be able to do a property development. Now I feel ready again to dive in and make a success in property development. I have a background in building design and approach other people again to partner with me. I know not all people are the same, I just needed to build my trust again, just like another person has to trust me.

Thanks for the comments and great insights Franci. Property investing is not always easy and its very much a roller coaster ride… sounds like you’ve had more downs that ups though 🙂

Great to see you getting back up again and having another crack and no doubt you are stronger each time. You must have good motivation to make this a success which is the number one trait required to make this work.

I hope we can fit you on the bus Franci as there is nothing like being surround by positive people that have had the challenges as well as the successes to inspire you to the next phase of your growth.

I would absolutely love to go on this trip with you and win this comp as my goal is to retire as young as possible off property so I can travel and enjoy a future stress free motherhood and lifestyle with my future hubby (who hopefully is a property finatic too).I realize immersion and learning as much as possible as intensively as possible is the best way to achieving these joint ambitions in property.

Hi Monique. Thanks for the comments and love your enthusiasm. Yes you are spot on… immersion, drive and passion. The strategies aren’t rocket science, its more about having a great team, surrounded by quality people with integrity and the right mindset to make a start and build momentum. The bus trip will do that for sure so I hope to see you there!

Hi Matt. Would love to join the tour! Have just finished my first official property flip in Brisbane and wondering what my next move should be to maximise my profits. Would be great to see real life local success stories and opportunities ! Pick me! Pick me!

Hi Jennifer. Congratulations on your first flip (you must tell me more so we can share your story at the monthly Brisbane meet ups!) and great you are already looking towards the next deal to build momentum. Really hope to see you on the bus and also hear more about your project.

Hi Matt,

I’m in the process of renovating a friend’s place and adding at least ten thousand dollars of value to the end sale price. More importantly, I’m investing time to scout for subdivision locations, consulting the town planning sites to find my first subdivision deal. Can’t say much about the larger projects but this adventure would be an eye opener for a noob like me, to meet like minded people and to see first hand how others approach similar problems to create even more value!

Hi Kuan and thanks for the great comments. Yep you’re in a perfect position to benefit from an event like this. You’re already taking massive action in building important connections that will help evolve your investing to the next level. I’ve just been looking at the lineup of deals and the people that will be showing them and its going to be an incredibly insightful day on the bus. Hope you can be there!

Hi Matthew

I’m a down to earth young 27 year old fella, extremely enthusiastic and passionate about property. I made the decision to pursue wealth creation through real estate just over a year ago now and the subject has become the source of my productive energy and my hobby ever since.

I recently purchased my first property investment in March (wahoo!) and I want to keep the tally going. However most of my journey thus far has been about self education on whatever and from whoever I can find, so I’m keen to generate some more traction. I recently discovered you and your services through a podcast and was impressed by your interview. Now I’d love to go a step further by putting a face to the name and jumping aboard the bus trip.

I’m a Brissie boy and just starting out so the trip will be covering where I’m likely to be adding future tally marks to the portfolio. And will provide I’m sure a great sense of inspiration and reassurance mentally that yes there are money making deals out there and everyday people are doing them. Not to mention be good days worth of fun!

Cheers Matt for the chance to win, enjoy your day and I look forward to hearing from you.

King regards

Adam Payne

Hi Adam thanks for sharing your journey so far and congratulations on acquiring your first property!

At your young age and only a year in the game, I can see you have plenty of success coming your way.

Personal development goes hand in hand with learning the strategies so its awesome that you’re focussing on that already (it took me 3 years to work that bit out!)

Make sure you come along to the Brisbane Property Networking group meetings Adam as you’ll find plenty of inspiration there as well: http://www.meetup.com/BrisbanePropertyGroup

Hope you get to experience the bus trip and would be great to hookup when I’m back in Oz.



Hi Matt, I would love to be one of your 5 that joins the bus. Why me?

I have done two property courses in the past which have taught me so much and after studying so many strategies, I feel that my heart lies in the subdivision, development side of things as it is a more creative way of getting equity rather than buy and hold methods. I have read alot about Nhan Nguyens and got his CD quite a while ago . I was looking for anything on subdivision when I came across your site and am now just starting to read the DIY Subdivision Kit. I live in Sydney but would love to learn more about the Brisbane side of things and love to meet more people who are interested in the same thing. I look forward to it and can fly into Brisbane on the Friday night if I get in thanks.

HI Sofia and thanks so much for the comments. You’re already making great investments in yourself through quality education which I am really happy about and glad to hear you are getting stuck into my DIY Subdivision Kit.

Yep I’m the same… love the creativity of subdivision and development coupled with the problem solving required along the way – there’s never a dull moment!

Your commitment to fly up for the event is inspiring Sofia and well worth the effort (we had one guy fly over from Perth last year!)

Really hope we can get you a seat on the bus and let me know how you go with the Sub Kit 🙂

Hi Matt

Would love to have the opportunity to go on the bus tour as I really need to meet like minded people to inspire me to continue my property journey. Be able to see first hand what other people have achieved would be awesome.

Paula Marchant

Hi Paula. Thanks for the comment and yes the property investing journey is all about being supported by positive likeminded people. You’ll definitely get that on the bus and at our monthly networking group meetings. Hope to see you there!

Having grown up in Melbourne, I was comfortable investing in that city. However, after moving to Brisbane 3 years ago, my investment journey has been stalled due to unfamiliarity of this city and fear of the unknown. I barely know the suburbs outside a 3-4 km radius of my home. I am keen to learn about the Brisbane property market, I would love to build a new network of investors who are passionate about property, who can leverage from each other’s learning.

Hi Tracey. I’m so glad you commented and great to see you reach out for some help with getting to know you’re new area. I’m from Melbourne originally (many moons ago) but I know that deals can be found in any suburb once you know it better than anyone else.

In fact, when i started i just bought in the areas that I was living because i knew them best (and made the commute easier!)

Would love to see you hookup with everyone on the bus Tracy, you’ll be blown away by the learnings and inspiring people around you.

I’m looking to develop my property in Stafford (lift & shift existing property & construct 2 townhouses at rear) & struggling to find all information I need. As much as I try to get to the monthly property networking group to help me link in with likeminded people, having a toddler makes it difficult when my husband is never home early enough for me to get there. The bus tour would be an ideal opportunity for me to do this.

Hi Deb and thanks for the comments. I totally get the toddler thing so hats off to you for the results you have achieved so far on top of managing a family. Would you believe my first ever project was in Stafford 🙂

Let’s hope you can get on the bus for a great day getting access to a stack of other developers that will be able to help you.

Hope to see you at the Brisbane meet ups sometime and welcome to bring your toddler along if you can – other parents have done the same 🙂

THanks Matt, a real live tour with experts on-tap to answer and explain practicalities and what to look for….. That would be priceless! I haven’t heard of this opportunity before, and would love to participate and get quality info on the road. Sounds like a wonderful day!

Hi Cath, thanks for the comments and yep the event is priceless. I’ve seen some investors go to a whole new level just by being on the bus trip and hooking up with other investors… not to mention experiencing all the projects first hand.

Hope to get you a seat!

I recently lost vision in one eye and my other eye now only has 50% vision. I can no longer work in the IT field where I’d spent 25 years so I must think laterally to create wealth. I have dabbled in renovations but would like to learn more and begin small developments beginning with splitters in Brisbane. If I can learn correctly I believe my chances to fail will certainly be lessened.

I’m looking forward to learning from people who have trod this property path successfully.

Hi Steve. Thanks for your comments and sorry to hear about your eyesight. I hope that you can make some inroads with property investing to create a whole new income stream for yourself. Splitter blocks are a great starting point and being able to chat to others that have already been through the process is an awesome opportunity. Hope we can get you on the bus Steve.



Hi Matt,

I am an Egyptian born Australian Christian.I am involved in fund raising and Christian missionary work in Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan.Also working to help Coptic Orphans.

I want to use myinterest and passion in property to provide funds to Charities.

Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing with educating people about property.

Thank you for raising awareness and fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for the comments and gratitude Hany. It’s awesome to see your purpose in building wealth and like you, I love to be able to give back and create a higher purpose. Best of luck with your fundraising. Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt,

I would absolutely appreciate a seat on the bus tour; I’m a young tradie who is a first time investor from Canberra looking for support and motivation. I’m very envious of the amount of enthusiasm and knowledge in the property networking group you have in Brisbane and have been meaning to fly up just for a meeting. I have done a few previous courses including your kits so I have the skills I just need that extra push to get going and nothing motivates me more than hearing great success stories from investors such as yourself.

Help me get out of my comfort zone!

Take care

Scott 🙂

Thanks for sharing Scott and awesome to hear you are already working your way through my DIY Kits. It’s a windy road to success mate and having some deep emotional connection to your reason behind investing is what will give you the motivation. Having a supportive team around you makes it a 100 times easier.

We’d love to have you at one of the BPG meetings and yes we have had others fly up just for the event. I’ll be back in the country early next year so if you decide to make the trip, let me know so we can hookup for a coffee beforehand.

I’ll let you know soon about the bus trip tickets – Good luck!

Heeeey Matt!!!

This Life Changing Bus trip sounds EPIC!!!

I Love the fact that you are living a life that is not the Norm. I Love the fact that you are giving to charity. I Loce the fact that you are giving back. I Love the fact you are Living LIFE…an Inspired Life… and setting an example!!! YES!!!

I myself in the past had felt that I had been living a life where I felt I was just doing what was expected of me what was normal uninspired much like a cork floating down a riverbed bobbing up and down being knocked around left and right by life’s trial and tribulations directionless. Numd.

But now in the last few years have discovered that Yes you can create an Amazing Exciting and Inpiring Life comprising of the Abundance of Health Wealth Love and Contribution. And share the joys of Life with everyone I meet. This is want I want to share with the each and everyone be an inspiration.

Even though I have renovated a previous personal home in the past and now doing the current family home I have not invested in property or developed one probably due to lack of knowledge and as a result “fear” I am quietly excited at the possibilities here some that I am sure I am not even aware of and Cannot Wait to “step into the future” where there can be massive change. and to create a positive ripple effect and help empower people’s lives for greatness and a blessed life and show what is possible.

Best Regards Paul

Hi Paul.

Wow, love your energy mate and thanks for sharing with everyone. Yes its so empowering to be able to choose what sort of life you lead and what example you provide for your children and all those around you. Good stuff for making that choice!

Sounds like you have started in a similar way i did… renovating the family home and building the knowledge to evolve into a full time property investor.

Its not without its challenges but the rewards are sensational and I can see your drive and spirit will take you there no matter what.

Hope to see you and your energy on the bus Paul. I’ll be in touch soon 🙂



Hi Matt I would also like to be on the Bus , I have dabbled in the past and almost lost everything from bad advise . I have a huge desire to continue in the property field even though I got caught out . Recently purchased a house in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane and gave it a quick Reno with the help of a good ffriend , I still have the property it is almost positive geared with the work we done giving me some good equity I am keen to learn more in the field of flipping , renovating and subdivision and hope you will consider me

Thanks for the comments Graham. This post was for the bus trip last year but keep your eyes peeled for the next one coming up in June 🙂

G’day Matt. Di here. I would just love to take advantage of one of your tickets (gratis). I have 4 IPs on the GC and I am looking at Brisvegas for my next IP.

I would now like to graduate to becoming a developer……… tis a bit overwhelming and Im reading everything I can get my hands on about developing etc. Id like to start with a duplex/townhouse project. I would also like to buy a renovator. (at the right price of course) Im not really interested in Flipping as I want all the equity I can tap into as possible.

I await your call.

Cheers, Di 🙂

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