14 Great Property Articles That Will Motivate You Today

Every now and then I stumble upon a really great articles about property that I wish I wrote it myself. I noticed this list was starting to get longer and longer so I decided I wanted to share it with you.

Some of these blog posts will inspire you, some will remind you why you got into property, some will remind you how to stay on track to achieving your goal, others are just some of the best common sense advice that we all need but many of us often forget.

So without further ado, here is my September edition of property investing best of the web… Enjoy!

P.S. Hats off to all my colleagues who wrote such sensational articles, I hope you don’t steal my readers 🙂

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1. Some “Invisible” Property Investment Issues – Cate Bakos – Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Channel

In this interview-style post with buyer’s agent Cate Bakos, she discusses property issues that buyers often can’t see, such as electrical problems, permits, plumbing and land movement that causes structural issues.

She also discusses the importance of having a building inspection during the due diligence phase to uncover any major problems.

2. Ways You Can Drastically Minimise Your Investment Risk – Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Channel

In this post, money expert Bessie Hassan discusses strategies for mitigating risks associated with property investing.

By diversifying your portfolio, conducting research and using smart financial strategies, Bessie states that buyers can protect themselves from unexpected expenses, ballooning interest rates and market fluctuations.

3. Signing On The Dotted Line … Property Contracts – Everyday Property Investing

Regardless of which property investing strategy you decide to use, you are going to have to sign a contract.

This article discusses common clauses and conditions that are typically included in property contracts, including a cooling-off period, finance, loss or damage before settlement and building/pest inspection.

4. Apartments vs Houses – The Great Property Investing Debate – Everyday Property Investing

For property investors who are looking to buy and hold, this article discusses the advantages of buying a house or apartments and how each option might fit into your overall property investment strategy.

5. Going, Going, Gone! 5 Tips For Buying at Auction—Because I Just Did! – Everyday Property Investing

Buying properties at auction can allow you to obtain property below market value, but this article stresses the importance of doing your homework beforehand, knowing your maximum price and keeping your emotions in check.

6. Your Renovation Game Plan – Hotspace Consultants

This article provides all the information you need to minimize your renovation risks and keep your project from going wrong.

In addition to outlining a step-by-step plan for completing a high-return renovation, the article offers a case study from a successful first-time renovator (with before-and-after photos).

7. How To Spot A Good Investment – Smart Property Investment

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Todd Hunter outlines several criteria that he uses for selecting areas to purchase property, including employment rates, transportation, proximity to urban areas, average family income and growth projections.

8. Depreciation Dilemma: Is It Better To Buy New Or Old Properties? – Your Investment Property

This article discusses the advantages of purchasing new and old properties in terms of tax deductions and overall value.

It suggests that new properties are the better way to go if you are focusing on capital allowances deductions.

9. How Low-Income Earners Can Become Property Investors – Your Investment Property

If you earn a low or single income, this article makes several suggestions on how you can save for a deposit and make the most of your limited funds.

10. 4 Investments Low-Income Earners Should Avoid – Your Investment Property

Although the previous article on this list offers tips for how low-income earners can get into the property game, there are some investments that this article claims they should avoid.

For example, this article advises against student accommodation, “one-trick ponies,” off-the-plan properties and properties up for auction.

11. How To Get Finance As A Low-Income Investor – Your Investment Property

This article discusses the three critical criteria every low-income property investor must have to obtain bank financing.

Additionally, the article offers tips on how low-income investors can position themselves as more attractive borrowers—and advocates a dose of common sense when taking out a loan.

12. Preparing For The Worst – Your Investment Property

Every seasoned property investor knows that any investment comes with some risk. Although there is no way to eliminate them completely, this article offers some strategies for assessing and managing your risks.

13. 4 Ways to Avoid Blowing Your Renovation Budget – Real Estate Investar Blog

When using the renovation strategy, upfront budgeting is critical to ensuring a profitable project.

To avoid unexpected expenses, it’s important to have a realistic idea of what renovation work is required, how much they will cost and who will perform the work.

This article outlines four budget-busting traps that renovators often encounter and how to avoid them.

14. 5 Easy Ways to Find Positive Cashflow Property – Real Estate Investar Blog

This article highlights a few strategies that you can use to help you find positive cashflow properties and outlines a five-step positive cash flow buying process.

It also includes information on generating positive cashflow using subdivision, renovation and buy-and-hold strategies.

There you have it –  14 of the best property articles on the web.  I hope they have given you as many insights as they have given me.

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