9 Magic Words Used By World Champions To Transform The Mind, Erase All Fears, And Get In The Zone

It’s Sunday, 11:23 AM.

I’m spending the day at Rainbow Bay – – my favourite beach in the whole country. But I’m not here for leisure… I’m here on serious business:

I need to find something I lost here twenty years ago…

I’m here to find my courage

I spent most of my teen years on this majestic beach. Surfing every minute I could spare. Barely even stopping for food.

But then I grew up. And life changed.

More responsibilities.

More pressure.

More work.

Less fun at the beach.

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And before I knew it, twenty years had passed since I last surfed.

When we came back to Australia from France, my beautiful wife Marisa encouraged me to get back into the waves again.

I admit – the whole idea of bringing back my old self and having fun like a kid again excited me.

Then I Fell Into The Same Trap That Fails Most Property Investors

I expected to get back to surfing without any problems. After all, I probably spent 5,000 hours or more surfing – and all the ‘knowledge’ was still stored somewhere inside my brain!

What I didn’t account for was… the lack of confidence.

I didn’t trust my muscles to react in time anymore. I avoided the big waves, remembering I couldn’t afford to injure myself and become a burden on my wife and kids.

After Just Two (Pathetic) Surfing Sessions, I Threw In The Towel

For the last one and a half years, my new surfboard had been sitting in my garage collecting dust. When my friends asked me about it, I said things like…

“Mate, I’ve got no time… “

Or… “The waves are too small today buddy…”

Or… “The swell is too dangerous today man…”

Or a thousand other excuses why I couldn’t take the surfboard out for another session.

Want the honest truth?

I’ve spent the last eighteen months in fear of facing the waves and failing again. One more failure and maybe I’d have to admit – I’m not cut out for this anymore.

Fear certainly makes small problems appear insurmountable, doesn’t it? But don’t worry –

I’ve Found A Way To Eradicate Fear And Indecision… Using Nine Magic Words!

To explain it, you and I need to take a quick trip down memory lane. (It’s critical that I explain this little something before you can understand the mind-blowing concept I’m about to share with you.)

As a kid, Mark ‘Occy’ Occhilupo was my surfing hero. His rapid rise to the top (all the way to becoming a world champion) was impressive.

But when he fell from grace and somehow managed to bounce back, and make another rise to become a world champion for the second time… that was incredible. 

And despite being a surfing legend, if you ever caught Occy on the beach, he’d always be up for a chat, a photo or just a quick “How are ya mate?”

As fortune had it, my Mum was one of the nurses that assisted with the birth of his baby boy. And recently, when an opportunity to spend a few hours catching waves with this legend came up, I jumped on it!

Leading up to the big day, my mind kept playing tricks on me.

Even on the morning of my session with Occy, my brain was still trying to find ways to sabotage the moment.

My subconscious was coming up with all these reasons why I had to back out:

Do you find your subconscious has the same wonderful ability to bring you down? Keep reading – I’ve found the answer.

Occy turned out to be everything I expected: the nicest guy you’d ever meet.

He was friendly, thoughtful, and 100% focused on getting me the outcome I wanted.

Yet I still wasn’t sure he could help me.

Sure, he’s a two time world champion surfer. But I didn’t need someone to teach me how to surf. I’d done it for the best part of my teenage years!

What I needed was someone to “reset” my limiting beliefs, my self doubts, and install some confidence back into Matt!

As it turned out, Occy has a secret to giving you confidence in spades.

How To Win In Property (And Everything Else In Life)

I didn’t expect to solve my problem today. I just wanted some movement in the right direction.

But with Occy at the helm, I soon discovered the real secret to his ascension into the status of legend.

Occy didn’t give me advice. He didn’t offer me insights. He didn’t lecture me on being more confident, or on how to surf better.

Occy knew I needed help winning the mind game that was going on inside my head. So what did he do? He waited.

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Waited. For the right moment.

Waited. For what he knew was the perfect wave for me.

And when it finally came, he looked at me, and said:

“This Next Wave Has YOUR Name On It, Matt”

I cringed.

The wave approaching was much bigger than I wanted to take on. Any other day, I would have waited it out. Let a more skilful board rider go after it.

But when a 2 time world champion tells you “I’ve got your back, so you go and you take that wave and you don’t stop paddling till you get it!!!” – – That’s exactly what you do!

I’m Back, Baby!!!

Within that split second, using only nine magic words, Occy gave me my confidence back.

I got up and surfed that wave with the biggest grin on my face since I convinced Marisa to marry me.

If you were watching me from the outside, you wouldn’t have seen anything special. Yet inside I felt complete joy.

There I was, carving across a beautiful wave (it was pretty rad, trust me!) all thanks to nine magic words:

“This next wave has your name on it, Matt”

How This Applies To Increasing Your Success As A Property Investor

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to become a better surfer… a better parent… or a more successful property investor.

The rules of the game never change: Success is never about strategy. It’s first and foremost a mind game.

A mind game that must be fought inside your head before you can win at it in the outside world. Take property investing for instance.

“It’s not rocket science”, as my good friend puts it. Yet most people in this country don’t own even one money-making property.

How come? It’s not rocket science…

The answer is simple.

Takeoff Is The Hardest Part

Creating momentum (in almost anything) is hard. There’s so much friction. (Did you know it takes more fuel to take off and get out of the earth’s atmosphere than it does to get from the edge of our atmosphere all the way to the moon?!

Yep. Winning the fight against your fears, your doubts, and the doubts of your family, friends, and spouse is where most people lose the fight.

We all need an “Occy.”

Someone who can stand behind you, with confidence and experience, and tell you…

“This next splitter has your name on it, Simon!”

“This next reno has your name on it, Robyn!”

“This development site has your name on it, James!”

These nine magic words, spoken at the right time, by the right mentor – is the magic wand that opens the floodgates to success.

In Less Than A Second, Your Whole World Shifts

So if you’re lacking in confidence… Can’t pull the trigger… Still trying to get everything perfect before you start… Or are paralysed with fear and doubts…

You don’t need much in order to succeed!

All you need is ONE exceptional person, giving you the right nudge when that wave comes. After that – everything else is peanuts!!!

And in the Ultimate Property Hub you’ll find not one exceptional person… but hundreds of people who are eager to lift you up.

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Plus me, too… There to support you every step of the way.

Achieving success really is simple. The right mentor + The right time + The right words = Achieving anything you want.

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If you ask me, there is no faster and safer way to riches and freedom than property.

And I promise you: There’s a wave out there that has your name on it. In fact, I’m going to make sure you catch it!

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