“Prove To Yourself At My Risk You Can Skyrocket Your Income To A New High (Yes, many many Dollars MORE) In The Next 10 Weeks”

Amazing Surefire Property Investing System Discovered By A Postie From Brisbane Who Has Made A Profit Every Single Year For Ten Years In A Row

Matt JonesSaturday, 9:04 am (Paris Time)
October 8, 2016

Dear friend,

Does this promise sound too good to be true?

Well – I mean it. I’m dead serious when I tell you that you too can multiply your money-making power in just a few weeks.

In fact, it’s easier than you might think… and I’ll prove it to you without you having to risk a single dollar.

I don’t care what you make right now. I don’t care what investing knowledge you posses, if any, or what kind of capital you have access to. It doesn’t matter.

I KNOW you can put my system to work anywhere in Australia – and within ten weeks have the makings of a side-income that can compete with, if not completely replace your day job.

And Here’s How I Know With Certainty That My System Will Work For You

First things first…. I did it myself.

I know… I know… everyone says that, right?

Well here’s why the fact that I did it myself is important:

I can guarantee – without a doubt – that I was doing worse when I got started than you could possibly be doing right now.

When I first uncovered this system I was flat-out broke. I had no savings to my name - not a single dollar. In fact, the only thing I managed to accumulate by the age of 35 was a pretty big credit card debt to the Westpac Banking Corporation.

I couldn’t afford many of the decencies of life… and I don't just mean material stuff. My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and I hardly ever spent quality time together – as I was working myself to the bone. 

Life (and finances) were a mess, really, and I had no prospect of things getting better either… My job was a complete dead-end. I had no chance of getting a raise and there was nowhere to be promoted to.

Yep, I Was In a Total Rut… And Then It Got Worse

My 9-to-5 job was replaced by becoming a postie riding around Queensland on a tiny old motorcycle making minimum wage. So now I was really between a rock and a hard place.

Then something lucky happened….

One day I was passing time, waiting to board a flight at Brisbane airport. As I was walking around the airport, a book jumped out at me from one of the stands. It was Steve McKnight’s ‘0 To 130 Properties In 3.5 Years’… and by the time the plane touched down in Melbourne I’d devoured it cover to cover.

As we landed, my heart was pounding. My brain was in overdrive and I was seriously afraid my head would explode. That book gave me the notion that maybe… just maybe… there was a way out.

And once that fire was burning in my belly… nothing was going to stop me.

I became determined, even obsessed, to create a life and future that provided financial security for my family.

Why 92.1% Of Australians Are Doomed To Stay Stuck In The Rat-Race

So I’ve put every waking hour I could spare to research.

I read every book I could get my hands on. I drove miles and miles to meet and network with anyone who was willing to share what was working for them. I read biographies, went to seminars, and attended every conference I could afford.

And here’s what I found out:

  • 92.1% of Australians are fully dependent on their day job, pension plan, or relatives to make a living.
  • Only 2.6% of Australians have positive-income investment portfolios
  • All investment property in the country is owned by less than 8% of the population
  • Out of those that do manage to acquire investment property, 66% acquire negatively-geared property and end up losing money every single month for many years

What all this means is that becoming a wealthy property investor in Australia is like entering a very small, very elite, closed club. A club most people will never manage to enter.

And judging by the numbers… a club most ‘experts’ have absolutely no clue how to enter!

After all, if the advice all those ‘experts’ were giving actually worked, wouldn’t there be many, many more successful property investors in this country? But there aren’t!

Fortunately, I’m The Kind Of Guy Who Won’t Give Up Without A Fight

As I said, I was committed – even obsessed – to finding a way out of my sticky situation.

I realised none of the systems my research uncovered would ever “just work” out of the box. And then it hit me: What if I combined the best parts from all those processes, and put them into my own property investing system?

Well, it didn’t happen overnight…but as I was tinkering with different strategies, testing, testing, testing…

…one day, I hit the jackpot!

Than In A Year of Working 9-to-5

I invented ‘by accident’ a new property investing system that’s so effective it almost always makes moneyno matter if the market’s burning hot or stone cold.

I know this to be true – because I used this strategy to make obscene profits in every kind of market!

On the first project I used this strategy for, I made $45,498 in less than nine months. I could have made $25,000 more if not for some silly newbie mistakes I made… mistakes I will make sure you don’t repeat!

And what’s really exciting about this system is how scalable and repeatable it is.

With every deal I made, I was able to make the next deal even bigger. Before I knew it, the covered-in-debt-postie who was making less than $35k annual wage had transacted over 5 million dollars worth of property.

And it’s not just about the money.

Take a look at this picture:

Jones Family In France

That’s me with my beautiful wife, Marisa, and our two kids (I have another one). It was taken just a few weeks after we moved to France. Moving to Europe and immersing ourselves in the local culture was truly a dream come true for Marisa and me.

Having a “cookie-cutter” property investing system (that actually works) allowed me to:

  • Fire my boss and leave my day job forever. (Now I’m my own boss and I have all the time off that I want!)
  • Fulfill our lifelong dream and moved as a family to France, where we submerged in the local culture and enjoyed massive amounts of quality family time together (a true privilege!)
  • I can afford the lifestyle that I want and all the experiences my children want without needing to give it a second thought
  • I now have my own “money-tree” that not only provides me with what we need today, but gives me and my family financial security for our retirement years (and I won’t need to work till 67 to make ends meet!)

Where to Find Your Private Pot-of-Gold

Let’s face facts.

It’s almost impossible to live the lifestyle you really want, not to mention take care of a family, retirement, or any health emergency with just a salary. And with our steep taxes and the ever increasing cost of living… it doesn’t look like this truth is about change.

The only thing you can do about this equation – the only way for you to break free – is to add a new stream of cash income into your life.

Let me show you how I made my system work for me, and how you can make it work for you, too.

Let me prove it to you. Let me give you, at my risk, full access to the “Subdivision Mega Pack” where I will show you – step by step:

  • My 12-step system that even an illiterate high-school dropout can use to find, run, and turn a $50,000 profit (and often, more) on property deals even in markets where other investors struggle to find a deal that even breaks even!
  • The secret formula for uncovering the easiest markets that rookie property investors can tap into for maximum profits with minimum risk! (the best deals are often found where the rest of the pack isn’t looking!)
  • How to mitigate risk with superb accuracy and avoid wasting time and money on dangerous lemon deals – especially those that “look” like a winner and would fool even experienced investors
  • The “right” kind of places to find an investor who will happily finance your deal… even if it’s your first one… right out of the gate! (most first-time investors worry – unnecessarily – about financing their deals… but you won’t, anymore!)
  • The one offer you can make that no investor in the history of civilization has ever said no to (this is guaranteed to get your project financed so you can start putting money in your bank account!)
  • The most common mistakes all inexperienced investors make in their first few deals, robbing them anywhere between $25,000 to $100,000 of their hard earned profits (knowing how to avoid these mistakes will give you an enormous advantage over any other beginner investor you ever meet!)
  • A shockingly simple process that allows ANYONE to become THE #1 AREA EXPERT for any given area… and find deals hidden from the naked eye that are selling substantially below market value (how does making a whole year’s annual salary in just a few months sound?)
  • How to find – without spending a red cent – PERFECT property deals in your area long before they reach the market or get listed on any database (so you can completely and entirely avoid costly bidding wars!)
  • Surprising tricks from top agents, accountants, and savvy investors who have “seen it all” on how to reveal the problems sellers are trying to hide, and a simple process to find out if you should solve those problems – or get the hell out!
  • Exact word-for-word examples of how to talk and negotiate with agents, sellers, buyers and contractors to immediately command their respect and attention (no one will ever doubt you’re a pro, or try to “pull one on you” once you use these!)
  • How to use a little known (but perfectly legal) “contract clause” to dramatically reduce your taxes and increase your bottom line profits (I made an extra $50,000 because of this clause on my first few deals!)
  • A simple five-minute phone call you should make to your banker that will save you from easily losing $6,000 in holding costs (it’s so simple you'll kick yourself for not having thought of it yourself!)
  • The one most important question you must ask yourself before you can really start piling up profit for your property investing
  • 3 things about a property that are a thousand times more important than the house that’s on the lot! (investors who don’t understand this will end up losing their savings on dangerous lemons, or walking away and losing out on stellar winning deals)
  • Learn the shortcut secrets to instantly handling pesky, whiny, grumpy neighbours and winning them over to your side (most investors skip this step and end up with a mountain of silly, annoying, pesky, time-wasting, money-wasting nonsensical appeals. If only more of them knew about this one little thing that would allow them to completely avoid the headache!)
  • How to sell a property while you’re still waiting for your application to council to be approved… and generate a hefty profit with far less risk! (a technique so simple it is astonishing that nearly ¾ of all investors never learn it themselves – they just keep taking on unnecessary risk… deal after deal!)
  • The one thing you need to do as soon as you submit an application to the council that can EASILY reduce your costs by up to $9,000, minimize risk, AND put profits in your bank account thirty, sixty and sometimes even ninety days sooner than the average property deal made by investors who don’t do this
  • How to get your application approved by council without nightmares… including how to structure it, what it should include, what it should NOT include, and most important – who you should be talking to when you submit your application to get it approved as quickly as possible (and with minimum rejections!)
  • How to automatically avoid almost 100% of the costly “surprises” that plague most investors you’ll meet… so you can buy with confidence and keep maximum profits for yourself (and if you ever want help financing a deal, having this knowledge will really impress and reassure any potential joint venture partner!)
  • The single best way to protect yourself from buyers who pull out on the last second – leaving you high and dry! (don’t sign any deal without knowing this… or you risk getting stuck with unexpected, and VERY expensive holding costs!)
  • 31 proven examples of property investing projects you can use immediately (no matter what state or council you’re in)… PLUS a proven spreadsheet to help you choose the best exit strategy (a superb “how to do it yourself” shortcut map!)
  • The absolutely essential thing you must do before moving forward with any property deal (skip this at your own risk!)
  • A true no-brainer (yet usually overlooked) way to get agents to find and bring you the best deals in the market – those that are completely off the radar – and do it long before your competition finds out about them! (and you don’t need to pay the agents a single dollar to make them do this for you… in fact, they’ll do it for free and then thank you for it!)
  • How to do it all using the least time consuming strategy you’ve ever seen (absolutely perfect for nine-to-fivers and busy people)

It took me ten years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to uncover this information and turn it into a practical, repeatable system anyone can use.

You won’t find this kind of information in any other course and in fact, some of my friends have tried to stop me from putting this course online.

Why? Well, unlike some of the “experts” that you read about or hear on TV, who have not completed a single property deal in years and make all their money from being “media personalities”, I actually make a living from real estate. It’s my bread and butter.

So I can understand my friends are worried that by sharing this with the world I’ll be “cannibalizing” my business and profits. But I don’t care.

I’ve known hot markets, cold markets, and everything in between, and if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s this:

There Are Always Great Deals Just Waiting To Be Found

And with population growing, with land scarcity in some suburbs becoming more and more of an issue, I don’t think there has ever been a better time to get your feet wet and get into the game than right now.

Not only is the market not as crowded as some “experts” tell you… but in some strategies – like those I’ve been using to consistently create wealth for a decade now – it’s almost lonely!

Look, I’ve done well for myself so far, and with my system and other systems I’ll probably develop in the future, I’m no longer worried about my finances.

What I’m worried about now is creating a legacy.

I don’t want this knowledge to go to waste! I want this knowledge to reach as many people as possible, and change as many lives as possible.

And I don’t want you to just receive this information and let it collect dust because you’re too busy trying to make ends meet to make any money. So I developed this course to fit people who are busy – people who have a 9-to-5 job, kids, or any other time-consuming commitments.

Here’s How It’s Going To Work

  • 1

    As soon as you join the “Subdivision Mega Pack” course

    As soon as you join the course you will receive an email with a unique username and password that you will use to access the course’s members-only website and forum

  • 2

    The first week’s video is already waiting for you

    On the website you will find the first week’s video, which you can watch from any computer, smartphone or tablet. There’s also an audio-only version if you prefer to listen in the car or at the gym.

  • 3

    A new module released every week

    The course consists of ten weekly sessions, each session 60-90 minutes long. So every week, for ten weeks, you will receive an email from us letting you know that a new session has become available and is ready for you to watch.

  • 4

    Watch the sessions according to YOUR OWN SCHEDULE!

    You can watch the session in one sitting, or watch it in parts during the week or over the weekend– whichever way works for you!

  • 5

    Build momentum and confidence with our risk-free assignments

    After each session you will be given homework assignments. Doing the homework is NOT mandatory… but is highly recommended.
    You know, nothing happens unless you create some motion in the ocean and there is no better way to acquire PRACTICAL experience than these risk-free assignments!

  • 6

    Making sure you're on the right track… every step of the way

    If you choose to, you can send me your homework and I will personally review it. This way I can make sure you are on the right track, and can mentor you if you need some clarifications about the system. (Again, this is not mandatory, but is very strongly recommended)

  • 7

    Stuck? Need help reviewing a deal? Feeling Blue? We're here to help!

    As a student of the 'Subdivision Mega Pack' course, you have unlimited direct email support for 6 months. In addition to that, you get four 15-minute Skype calls with me or one of the instructors which you can use anytime you get stuck… want help reviewing a deal… or just need a mindset boost to help you move forward!

  • 8

    Use your workbook to move forward step by step, until success

    You will receive a downloadable, printable PDF copy of my renowned DIY Subdivision Kit. This 100 page workbook, together with the weekly sessions, is all you need to go from zero to hero and beyond when it comes to building substantial wealth using property investing.

Course Breakdown

  • Week 0: Unlocking Your Access To Profits

    Most people will never become wealthy, and the main reason is a “mental blockage” that’s hiding all opportunities from them.

    Without even realising it, this limiting mindset prevents them from ever becoming successful financially.

    In this prerequisite module you will learn the process successful business people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and others have used to blast past your own limiting mindset and set yourself on the path to success.

  • Week 1: Talk The Talk

    This is where it really begins!

    In this module you’ll learn the exact terminology you’ll need to understand (and how to use it) to ensure you are respected by industry professionals and seen as one of their own.

    (Being seen as a pro and not as a wannabe, especially by agents, is crucial for finding the best deals… and we’ll give you exact word-for-word examples of how to talk and negotiate with them)

  • Week 2: Finding a Profitable Deal

    Terrific property deals can be found EVERYWHERE… if you know how to look for them.

    But there’s a time-tested formula for uncovering profitable deals – no matter what property market you find yourself in – and in this module you will learn the ins and outs of finding exceptional property deals at will.

  • Week 3: Pick Your Profit Strategy

    One of the main reasons my system has made me a profit every single year for ten years in a row is how amazingly agile it is.

    In this week you’ll learn how to make the system fit the market you’re in, the deals you’re finding, and achieve your expectations of profit.

    We’ll take you through the many variations you can use to find the one that’s perfect for your unique situation and needs.

  • Week 4: A Winning Buying Process

    Buying the right property and on the right terms is 90% of the battle.

    So week four is all about acquiring your profitable project – the right way.

    You’ll learn:

    1. Sophisticated negotiation techniques

    2. Verbatim questions you MUST ask the seller before you buy

    3. Secret prompts for uncovering important information the seller might be trying to hide

    4. Contract clauses you simply MUST HAVE in your contract (don’t even THINK about signing one without these!)

    and… a winning strategy to get the best deal over the line.

  • Week 5: My 12 Step "Cookie-Cutter" Property Investing System

    This is the guts of it. You will learn, in detail, the exact 12 steps I’ve used for the last decade to break free from the rat-race, get off the hamster wheel, and create wealth for me and my family.


    1. Who is the one key person you MUST have on your team (and how to choose them wisely, including personal introductions from me) that will make or break your deal… and how to get them on your team

    2. How to avoid costly “surprises” and complete your due diligence correctly and the surefire signs of a bad deal (and how to uncover them before you sign anything)

    3. How to make “the preemptive strike” against pesky, whiny neighbors – that could otherwise eat your profits with their time-wasting appeals

    4. How to get your application approved by council without nightmares, by removing as much risk from the deal as possible to maximise your profits

    5. The one thing you need to do that can EASILY reduce your costs by up to $9,000 while minimising risk AND put profits in your bank account faster

    Plus… an extraordinary amount of insights and knowledge to ensure your project is a complete success.

    This is the exact detailed, practical knowledge you need to get the ball rolling quickly from day one.

  • Week 6: The Selling Process

    If week four was all about the buying process, this one’s all about the seven different strategies for selling.

    Learn how to find out EXACTLY what buyers in the area want and what they’re willing to pay most for.

    Then, remove unnecessary risk and secure maximum profits by selling that exact thing to them… long before your application to council is even approved.

    (This is not only legal, but it’s also how the real pros do it… a lesson I had to learn the hard way!)

    This is where most investors (not just first-timers) fail… so it’s not to be missed!

  • Week 7: Crunching the Numbers

    By now you’ll have a very clear idea of how my system works, so now it’s time to dive into more advanced stuff.

    In this module you will learn three different formulas I use to comprehensively analyse the feasibility of a deal (this is crucial for making sure you don’t fall for the “lemons”).

    You’ll get my own fill-in-the-blanks feasibility template here, in addition to other tools I use to ensure a profitable outcome on my projects.

  • Week 8: Case Studies

    Hearing about the process is one thing… but seeing the system in action in various markets, situations and implementations is a complete eye opener that will give you clarity and confidence.

    Theory comes to life in this module, as we assess multiple real-life case studies.

  • Week 9: ‘Failure Proofing’ Your Projects

    Any property investing strategy has risk… but where a newbie investor gets hammered, a pro investor has a Plan B, Plan C and Plan D.

    Learn how to complete your projects with success – no matter what happens – and come as close as possible to ‘Failure Proofing’ your projects.

    Anyone can sign a contract to purchase a property… but only the pros know how you exit a deal with profit even when things go wrong.

    In this module we look at the many different scenarios you could encounter… and show you the exit strategies you can use in each case to exit your project with a profit in the bank.

By The Time We’re Finished, You Will…

  • Acquire the practical knowledge of how to become an area expert anywhere you choose
  • Find a superb winning deal in the area you’ve chosen – one that’s hidden from most investors
  • Negotiate the terms of the deal with confidence – like a pro
  • Get a project underway that could generate upwards of $50,000 profit and put money in your bank account – soon (this isn’t some “buy, hold, and pray” strategy... this is a “make profit now, cash in the bank” strategy!)
  • Have a cookie-cutter system in your hands that you can repeat again, and again, and again – in any market – to finally get off the hamster wheel and create real financial security and wealth for yourself and your family

And most important… this course will change your whole viewpoint on money. Instead of thinking about a $100 or $150 a week raise, you’ll be thinking in terms of the deals you could make, and the unusual profits you could bring in.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what others had to say about this property system:

This has transformed our whole take on property investing. Our first project (using your strategy) is currently weeks from completion, and we stand to make over $150k profit.

And we have just received approval for another project that will make even more profit!”

Leon & Catherine Weber
Leon & Catherine Weber Caloundra, Australia

Matt, your ‘Subdivision Mega Pack’ has provided everything I needed to know to start my first subdivision. I have already made $133k in equity from my first project!

Sunny Velumani
Sunny Velumani Brisbane, Australia

This has provided me with the tools and know-how to go out and purchase a very profitable subdivision project. The package was incredibly easy to follow and covered every component of how to subdivide property with confidence.

I’m now onto my second subdivision and stand to make $70k profit from this project. Thanks, Matt!”

Graeme Jarry
Graeme Jarry Wynnum, Australia

And… If You Join 'Subdivision Mega Pack' Today…
I Will Also Add These 6 Massive Bonuses (Total Value: $1479)
Guaranteed To Fast-Track Your Results – Absolutely FREE!

  • Bonus 1: 12 Months Membership to the Property Resource Shop 3.0

    The ultimate library of property investing strategies, trainings, and cutting-edge information. Inside you will find a huge catalogue of training modules on every aspect of property investing, including:

    • How to choose the best investing entity so you don’t end up paying unnecessary taxes (and how to then put it all together without breaking the bank)

    • How to get council to say yes to your proposal every time!

    • Everything you need to know about Renovation, including: a proven 5-step process from award winning guru on how to uncover renovator delights (a strategy so simple you can add it to almost any property project and create higher profits)

    • Real estate agents who reveal exactly how to get on an agent’s hotlist and have the deals brought to you before they hit the market.

    • How to spot the next property boom in your area

    • Profitable exit strategies you can use to protect yourself and your investment if the market tanks

    • How to put your superannuation to good use and save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars

    • And… a massive library of over 100 case studies of real property projects, including reno, subdivision, development, buy and hold, and more!

    (No matter what project you’ll be facing – there’s a similar case study in this resource that you can use to give you confidence, reduce risk, and increase profits)

    And as I said, we keep this cutting-edge. New videos are added every single month, always with the latest tactics and strategies for today’s market!

  • Bonus 2: How to Find Cracker Deals in a Hot Market

    A rare video recording of one of Australia’s leading property mentors revealing his comprehensive system for uncovering exceptional property deals – long before competition even gets a sniff of them – and buying them at significantly less than market value!

  • Bonus 3: Your Strength Finder

    To help you uncover the unfair advantages you bring to the table (and yes, you have more advantages than you might think…even if up until now you always thought you had “nothing special to offer”!), I have arranged for my own success coach to conduct a full-scale 360° personality profiling with you.

    This process has played a crucial part in helping me become what I am today and I know it will help you achieve better results, easier, and faster.

    This is your chance to ensure your approach to success is free of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, or anything else that’s been holding you back and adding unnecessary weight on your shoulders.

  • Bonus 4: The Property Investor’s Rolodex

    A referral list consisting of only tried-and-tested, vetted trades people, service providers, and professionals from every state in Australia!

    You’ll never waste time on overpriced, dodgy professionals or tradespeople that don’t show up!

    My team becomes your team. And if there’s any trade you need that’s not on our list yet for your area, we’ll find them for you… anywhere in Australia – guaranteed!

  • Bonus 5: Original Recordings Of Matt’s Famous ‘Subdivision Teleconferences’

    The recordings of six subdivision teleseminars that have become legend…

    In these unique recordings, you will hear the real nitty-gritty techniques, tactics, strategies, triumphs, and challenges I faced in my earlier days as a property investor.

    Some of the best advice I’ve ever given is in those recordings – which you will be able to listen to via the course site as soon as you join!

  • Bonus 6: The “How To Buy Property With Other People’s Money” Action Plan

    If you’re afraid that the lack of borrowing power will limit what you can purchase in the market, or if you would just rather not risk your own money – you will absolutely love this bonus.


    • The formula to constructing a successful joint venture

    • What you must put in your joint venture agreement to protect yourself

    • How to split the profits (who said it has to be 50-50?)

    • How to choose the right joint venture partner

    • Where can you find people that are EAGER to fund your deal (yes, even if it’s your first one)

    and… In addition… you’ll be handed on a silver platter my personal template for pitching your project to prospective money partners or joint venture associates.

    This is killer content that will take your deal making abilities to an entirely new level, and believe me – it feels great to finally rid yourself from the worry of asking banks for funding!

Frankly, every single one of these bonuses is worth the course’s tuition… and they’re all yours… absolutely free.

Still Wondering If The “Subdivision Mega Pack” Is For You?

To accomplish all the things contained in “Subdivision Mega Pack”, there are some things you DON’T NEED:

  • You don’t need to be a genius
  • You don’t need to be a “math wiz”
  • You don’t need to have an education
  • You don’t need any past experience
  • You don’t need any pre-skill
  • You don’t need to have servicing or any capital
  • You don’t need to live near a ‘booming suburb’

Here’s what you DO NEED:

  • You need to be passionate about creating wealth for yourself and your family
  • You need to be able to invest six hours a week on learning and DOING! (You can break it down to 30 minutes a day while commuting and 30 minutes in front of the computer in the evening, or to anything else that suits your schedule).
  • And remember that most of the material and the tasks can be accomplished on the go with a smartphone or laptop. Which brings us to the last thing you need: internet connection, and one of the following: a computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.

That’s all!

Really, the “Subdivision Mega Pack” course has been designed from the bottom up to be consumed by anyone – no matter what your existing skill or knowledge is.

And remember, by the time you’re done, you will have the key to financial freedom – a cookie-cutter system you can use in any market in Australia time and time again to generate substantial profits.

And here’s more good news:

The “Subdivision Mega Pack” Course Comes With
The Strongest Guarantee Offered In The History Of Property Investing!

I want to prove everything I claimed for “Subdivision Mega Pack” is 100% accurate and true. Let me convince you that it can bring you unusual returns – far sooner than you think. And as I promised – I will take all the risk.

The cost of this course is $1497. I will give you full access to this course under this ironclad guarantee:

1-Year Money Back Guarantee

If you watch all ten sessions and complete the assignments – it MUST visibly and measurably expand your money-making capacity by the time you’re done watching.

If you feel it did not, OR in the twelve months after you start the course you are not able to use this information to make a profit, send me a copy of all your completed assignments with a note asking for a refund, and I will send every penny of your money back, no questions asked.

Fair enough?

Don’t let this great opportunity slide by. You have nothing to lose – and everything to win! Your future is in your hands. Act now, you owe it to yourself!

Matt Jones

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P.S. Have any questions about the Subdivision Mega Pack?
Call our office at 0473 475 660 any time Monday-Friday 9 till 5 and my office assistant, Candace, will answer your call promptly and will give you all the information you need.

About Your Instructors

MattJones_halfbody1Matt Jones use to be a minimum-wage postie who had no cash, lots of debt, and absolutely no background to show for.

By research and a lot of trial-and-error Matt developed a custom property investing system that completely turned his life around.

Over the last decade since developing his system, Matt has bought and sold over $5M worth in property, been featured in top magazines, and has had the honor of joining forces with some of the brightest investors in Australia.

Today, Matt runs the Property Resource Shop and Australia's largest property investors network, helping people all around Australia get off the hamster wheel and create financial independence.

He currently lives in France with his wife and two gorgeous kids, fulfilling their life-long dream of moving to France and immersing themselves in local culture (his accent is still iffy, though!)

Jill McIntyre

Being widowed at 39 with two young children to support and care for left Jill McIntyre unprepared for the up-hill battle of her life.

For the next 12 years, Jill and her children lived on ‘Struggle Street’ — mentally, physically, and emotionally. Fighting with grief and sadness, Jill made some bad financial decisions… and was soon facing the very real threat of losing her house. She had to figure out a way to bring more income into the house — immediately.

Her unexpected turning point came when she was given free tickets to a personal development workshop — tickets she almost gave up on because of a hearing problem. At the age of 52, the workshop armed Jill with a newfound belief in herself and in her own worth.

Even though she had no money, no savings, no nothing… she decided to enroll for a property course. As it turned out… Jill had quite the "knack" for finding deals that no one else could. She quickly found joint-venture partners who happily funded the projects, and day-by-day, deal-by-deal, Jill got her life back.

Through turning her life around – from the lowest point imaginable all the way to financial freedom – Jill has found her life's mission: Helping others do the same.

Having first-hand experience of the mindset and mental challenges of rising from the depths of despair, and the business challenges of creating wealth through property, Jill brings to the table an unmatched skill-set.

As a Life, Business, and Property Coach, Jill will help you blast past your self-doubts, limiting beliefs and any negative mindset that has been holding you back… and develop an unstoppable, unbelievable momentum and clarity… until you finally forge the life you (and your family) truly deserve.

Your Future Is Now In Your Hands

We know you have it in you. And deep down – you know you have it in you.

Just like Jill deciding to attend that one workshop that set her on the path to success and wealth… you are now facing the same decision.

Act now – you owe it to yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Is this course appropriate for experienced investors?”

A: The Subdivision Mega Pack is ideal for property investors with intermediate, basic or no skill level with property investing strategies. The course is perfect for those that have never managed a property project before, or those who have already got some runs on the board but looking to improve their execution and profit-making abilities with a more professional approach.

If you've already implemented other property investing strategies successfully (complex subdivisions or small to medium developments) and want to take things to the next level, you should investigate the Property Resource Shop Ultimate Annual Membership

Q: “How is your unique subdivision system better than other strategies, such as Renovation, Buy & Hold, etc.? “

A: Most first-time property investors go down the path of using the ‘Buy, Renovate, Sell’ strategy, (me included!) It seems like a simple, add value approach. It’s easy to understand and on the face of it looks easy implement.

However… if I had my time back again I would never have started my property investing career with Renovation. I have found that things have a much higher tendency of “going wrong” with renovation, especially for beginners – not to mention Renovation is an extremely involved and time consuming strategy.

On the other hand, I have found Subdivision to have lower risk (because of the multiple exit strategies), be less time consuming, and offer more opportunity for larger profits.

Buy & Hold has it’s place and in fact I prefer to create a balance between creating chunks of cash using subdivision as well as building a portfolio for the long term, but the neat thing is that my Subdivision system actually allows you to do both – as you’ll learn in the course!

Q: “How hard is it to implement your system if this is my first deal?“

A: The Subdivision Megapack has been designed from the bottom up to work well for both first-timers as well as investors who already have a few runs on the board. But first-timers have the distinct advantage of not having to “unlearn” incorrect or suboptimal processes and strategies!

Combine that with the ability to have your assignments reviewed by us, unlimited email access for 6 months, and four 15-minute skype calls you can have with Jill or Matt at anytime – and you have a great recipe to ensure your success regardless of your experience level.

Q: “What if I don’t have any savings or borrowing capacity to start a project?”

A: The Subdivision Megapack includes a training module to assist with avenues other than borrowing from financial institutions if you lack servicing, or want to leverage off other people’s money and resources.

You will learn how to fund your project more creatively with other sources of funding – transforming you into a more sophisticated investor for the long term, no matter what financial position you are currently in

Q: “How is this course different than your DIY Subdivision Kit?”

A: The Subdivision Mega Pack takes the Subdivision Kit content to a whole new level. In the course we extrapolate the information that’s in the kit, and together with the weekly interaction as well as email and Skype coaching – make the system much more actionable.

Users of the Subdivision Megapack can expect to receive a more complete education on the subdivision system, and a guarantee to set you on the path of completing your first subdivision project with profit

Q: “How is this course different than other property investing education seminars out there?”

A: While we obviously can't speak to every related training on the market, we believe this course is special in that it doesn't just teach one facet of a property strategy but rather offers an actionable holistic and comprehensive approach to finding, acquiring, managing and exiting a subdivision project with a profitable outcome.

Q: “How much overlap is there between this and other Property Resource Shop resources?”

A: While certain themes and presentations (i.e. video recordings of case study presentations and some training modules) will be familiar to our more tenured Property Resource Shop members, the information covered in the Subdivision Megapack is both new and unique to the Property Resource Shop membership site. The core of the course - the ten sessions – are not available in any other Property Resource Shop product.

Q: How long will it take to implement your system and see results?

A: The Subdivision Mega Pack course itself runs for 10 weeks. If you complete all the training and associated homework, we would expect you to have your first project underway before or shortly after the 10 week period.

From there it will depend on your time commitment and the complexity of the project you choose as to how long it will take to bring the project to a profitable outcome.

We will provide you with a structured “plan of attack” to get you started and build unstoppable momentum. You'll have a tested and proven, step-by-step process for finding, acquiring and managing a subdivision project from start to profit.

You’ll also have ongoing email support for 6 months after purchase coupled with four 15 minute skype calls to ensure you are working through the modules successfully and on track for expected results.

Q: “How is this course delivered?“

A: This workshop is delivered 100% online. Each week a new module will unlock, at which time you’ll receive access to all the training videos, worksheets and downloads you need to complete that week’s assignments. You can login from any computer all around the world and receive the information at any time that fits your schedule.

Q: “Why should I invest in this training today, as opposed to waiting until later?”

A: Due to the included access to Matt and Jill via the weekly assignments you can send for review, as well as the email and skype access during the term of the course, the number of students approved to complete the course is limited.

So if you wait to signup and the course fills or closes, you could wind up waiting a very long time for another class to start. But more importantly, why would you want to wait?

The knowledge and process we're sharing inside the Subdivision Mega Pack course is literally a start to finish wealth building process that you can start implementing while you are doing the course. Quite literally, there is no reason to wait. Join now while the course is still available!

Q: “How long will I have access to the course lessons? “

A: In a word: Indefinitely. While the class itself will last 10 weeks, you will have ongoing access to the video lessons and handouts, including future updates, so you can repeat and re-live the training whenever you like.

Q: “What if I’m not tech savvy?”

A: The Subdivision Mega Pack is an interactive educational resource that requires you to login to a membership portal to view videos and download module notes and homework. If you're comfortable with basic internet and email usage, you should be just fine.

Also, remember that we're always here to answer your questions and support you in any way we can.

Q: “What if this training isn’t a good fit, or doesn’t meet my needs or expectations?”

A: No problem. We offer a unique 12 month money-back guarantee, provided you supply us with the completed homework showing records of your applied knowledge. If you register for the Subdivision Mega Pack 10-week course and you don’t agree that it’s worth every penny, we will promptly refund your money – no questions asked.

Q: “What will happen immediately after I complete my registration?“

A: After you submit your order, you'll receive a welcome email detailing your unique username and password to access the course content. This is how you’ll access the members’ area, where you’ll immediately find the first module and assignments. Using that same username and password, you will be able to access over the next ten weeks all the video content, bonuses, and training modules.

You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase and tax receipt for your records immediately.

Q: “Can I get access to the training all at once, or do I have to go through it week-by-week?”

A: While we can appreciate that our students are excited and wish to progress through the training as quickly as possible, we know from experience that the best results happen when students progress at the recommended pace.

The course has been modelled off the many years of structured coaching that has been delivered by Jill McIntyre to her clients (including Matt himself!).

We have found that results exceed expectations 100% of the time when following this structured format.

Q: “What if I have questions or need support?”

A: We are here to help. Simply submit any questions you have to our support team via email at: [email protected] You also have four 15 min Skype calls that can be scheduled when needed.