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Matt Jones
Matt Jones, founder of the Ultimate Property Hub

If you have a cracker deal but lack funding – I'm about to solve all your funding problems once and for all.

And if you already have cash or access to servicing but can't find a proper deal, then…

… you're about to discover how you can earn a predictable, 12%-18% return on your investment without having to lift a finger or do any real work!


Property Launchpad 2021!

Everyday Folks Just Like You…
Achieving Phenomenal Results!!!

First-time attendee, Peter Baumann:

"$70k in 3 months without lifting a finger!"

Repeat attendee, Jim Valery:

"$300k profit and I'm coming back for more!"

Henry Ledingham (sacked his boss after attending the 2019 seminar)

"You really CAN find money quickly and cheaply without calling the bank! This strategy works!!!

"I've already completed two '1 into 6' subdivisions and working on more!"

First-time attendee, Jason Everest:

“I’m half-way through my current deal and already looking for my next one – because I know there is going to be money there to fund it!”

First-time attendee, James Anthony:

“I’ve been really surprised at how easy it was to get my deal funded, especially during COVID!"

And here are a few more results!

David Glover and Melissa Lamb signing off on their first Joint Venture 3 months after attending Property Launchpad!

About Matt Jones

Matt Jones
Matt Jones, founder of the Ultimate Property Hub

Matt Jones started out with no particular advantages — and no money.

Yet thanks to a little known property strategy, he was able to buy and sell more than $5 million dollars in property – – creating the life of his dreams.

"I woke up one morning and realised my life was going nowhere. After 15 years as a lighting technician, all I could see into my future was just more of selling all my time for money. "

Matt went gung-ho. Left his day job behind. No safety net whatsoever.

By the time he found and finished his first renovation – money had run out.

"Taking a minimum-wage job as a Postie, I was really stuck now. I wasn't earning enough money to really live on, and certainly not enough money to BUY any property!"

His friends suggested he swallow his pride and take his old job back. "For me, the only way was FORWARD. I just HAD TO find a way to make this career choice work, because I wasn't going to sell my time again."

From that dire need, came a revelation:

Matt discovered a totally new way to invest in property. One that requires less time and capital than anything else out there, while generating substantial profits.

From earning almost nothing, Matt went on to buying and selling over $5 million dollars worth of property. Back on his feet, with multiple streams of passive income, Matt took his family on a dream-come-true 2.5-year vacation in Central France.

"I hated the position I was in, and how lack of access to knowledge stopped me at every turn. That's why as soon as I got some results, I began sharing them openly with anyone who'd listen."

Throughout his journey, Matt organised meetups where he and a group of local investors would meet and share what was working and what wasn't. Soon, word got around.

Today, Matt runs the #1 largest property networking group in the country.

"I just love helping everyday people find the best, easiest way for THEM to escape the rat-race. For many of them, my "Launchpad Formula" has been the key they've been looking for all along."

Matt's students are building up substantial property incomes – defeating the market and the speculators and earning a safer, faster income than anything they've ever tried before.

Property Launchpad

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

Friday 4th to Sunday 6th June 2021
Sunshine Coast

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