[Interview] Buy & Hold: How To Manufacture Immediate Growth

Immediate Growth in Buy & Hold deals

What if there was a low-risk buy & hold strategy that predictably built equity while you slept… without you needing to wait forever? 

In today’s expert interview, Jane Slack-Smith, renovation guru shares how she manufactures immediate growth in low-risk, buy & hold properties.

Jane’s strategies have bean featured on Money Magazine, Your Investment Property Magazine, Australian Property Investor Magazine, among hundreds other media outlets.

Jane Slack-Smith Immediate growth with Buy & Hold strategies

Her promise to you:

With just two investment properties and one renovation, the average Australian can put a million dollars in the bank within 15 years!
– Jane Slack-Smith

Buy & hold (& hope…), or immediate growth?

What’s interesting about Jane’s strategy is that you don’t have to choose between low-risk and solid profits. By applying her renovation techniques you can quickly gain equity and increase rental yield for years to come.

In fact, this is how she amassed a multi-million dollars portfolio (even with a pretty humble beginning!)

Ready for the interview? Here it is:

Interview highlights

  • [00:06:50] The low-risk strategy you can “set and forget” that builds equity while you sleep (and how Jane used it to manufacture growth without the wait!)
  • [00:10:15] Why it’s dangerous to use capital growth alone to measure your success
  • [00:15:50] “The Trident Strategy”: a three-fold strategy for assessing and minimising property investment risk

Want more of Jane?

Check out her latest renovation project and discover the complete before, during and after footage of a real live project. The transformation is incredible!

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