"I’m ready to reveal the “insider” technique I used to fire my boss!"

Looking For “The Next Big Thing”
In Property Investing?

Matt Jones
Matt Jones, founder of the Ultimate Property Hub

If you're looking for a surefire way to increase and diversify your income quickly in the midst of the current recession…

Then here's how a simple property strategy allowed me to replace my minimum wage job with a 6-figure property income… and…

Why I think anyone can do it too in the current economy:

From Minimum Wage Postie To 6-Figure Income

Hi, my name is Matt Jones. I'm the founder of the Ultimate Property Hub, Australia's #1 property investors community.

And today I want to share with you a simple (yet powerful) property investing technique that could change your life. Just as it changed mine:

Allowing me to replace my minimum wage Postie salary with absolute freedom… even while the rest of the world was going bankrupt left and right.

And get this…

I did it all not by inventing a "new" strategy…

But by figuring out how the everyday investor could use the exact same strategies rich people have been using since forever, I have discovered –

How ANYONE Can Make More Money… Faster…
Even If Starting With None!

A simple way anyone can build up a respectable portfolio faster… With less capital and less effort than anything you’ve ever seen before.

Many real estate moguls like Robert Kiyosaki and business figures like Tony Robbins have made their first few millions using this strategy. Most of them still use it today!

They talk about it in their books and conferences.

But ask anyone who attends those events… and 999 out of 1000 have no clue how to put this technique into practice.

THAT part – figuring out how to easily put and predictably put this strategy into practice – is what I figured out.

THAT is what I want to show you now.

I Have Decided This Is Far Too Important
To “Keep In The Dark”

As I said, I was just like you before I figured out how to use this strategy and escape the rat-race.

And when I look at the challenges everyday investors have to face today…

  • The Increasing job cuts
  • Limited borrowing capacity, and
  • Diminished savings

I feel like it's my responsibility to SCREAM from the rooftops:

There is another way for the average investor wanting to succeed!!!

And The Best Part Is… ANYONE Can Do It

So far I’ve only taught this strategy to a select few people.

Yet those who’ve put the information to work have realised significant profits in less than one year:

  • Adam Hubbard made $140k
  • Hoa Nguyen and Peter teamed up and made $136K profit in 5 months. (They're now working together on a 1 into 7 subdivision to make an even bigger profit.)
  • David Macgregor has multiple property deals on the go now – something he didn't think possible until I showed him this strategy!
  • Simon Johnson is now earning 18% on his money instead of letting inflation eat it all up at the bank
  • Jim Valery made $300k profit

And the list goes on!!!

Doesn't Matter If You're Time-Poor…
Cash-Poor… Even Experience-Poor!

Because this strategy multiplies your strengths and eliminates your weaknesses. Take mine for example:

Back in 2007, I set a goal for myself: to achieve financial freedom through property in the next 12 months. Which seems crazy now…

… because I had literally ZERO dollars I could afford to put towards my next deal.

But I figured it was worth at least looking at properties and planning what I could do with them… to work that mental "property muscle."

Then one day as I was driving home, I get a call on my mobile.

It's one of the agents I’d been badgering relentlessly for the last 6 months.

She had a deal she thought was right for me. A deceased estate in Stafford, 6km outside Brisbane.

And she gave me the "first shot" at it before putting it online. (Probably hoping this will make me leave her alone.)

Here's what it looked like, by the way:

Deceased estate in Stafford that started it all!

Now to be honest, it wasn't worth much. Which is probably why the agent called me first. But still, I was a Postie, and that deal could DOUBLE my income with very little work and in a very short time.

And trust me, doubling my income in just a few months was worth a lot… TO ME!

The only problem was…

I Couldn't Afford It 🙁

There was no way I could get the deal financed fast enough.

Which meant the agent was going to have to put it online… and someone else would snatch it off the market and take away my profits.

Leaving me stuck in my day job for another day. Another week. Another year…

If I EVER wanted to escape my Postie life… I HAD TO find a way to fund this deal. And I had to do it FAST.


It was right then and there that a brand new idea crossed my mind like a lightning bolt. BAM!

"I'll call you back," I told the agent, then hung up, and called James. Punching in his number in such haste I almost dropped the phone from excitement.

40-minutes later, I called the agent back. 

The deal was ON.

All thanks to the simplest win-win collaboration in the book of business:

James was going to fund it, and I was going to do all the hard work. 

And together, we would make a deal happen that neither of us could have done on our own.

That Deal Alone Doubled My Income…
But I Was Just Getting Started!

From that day on, I never again looked for the "perfect" deal I could do on my own.

Instead, I honed in the very same skill behind so many property moguls ascension to riches: the ability to form a perfect team around any given deal.

And boy, did the deals start flowing then!

I quickly moved on to the next deal – my first subdivision – and made more money, faster:

Subdivision Deal - 21 Landsboro Ave Boondall

It worked so well, I went one street over and replicated the strategy again with the same partner!

134 Lyndhurst Rd Boondall Subdivision

And then I teamed up again…

69 Basnett St Chermside West


144 Normanhurst Rd Boondall


21 Dawson St Miles

Most investors look for the perfect deal.... By doing the exact opposite – focusing on a 'good enough" deal and forming perfect TEAMS – I shattered my glass ceiling.

I Went From Having $0 To My Name…
To Transacting Over $5 Million Dollars
In Less Than 5 Years!

In just 5 years, I created a brand new life for myself and my family.

We were in control of our time. Our future. Our destiny.

No more stress. No more fears. No more pressure.

My days as a poor Postie taking sh*t from all sorts of nasty people seemed so far from me – they may as well have happened to someone else in a different life.

And yet…

It had only been 5 years since we embarked on our journey to freedom!

I took my family for a 2.5 year long "semi-retirement" in France, and while I was gone… money kept pouring in!

All thanks to a new partnership I had set up before we left.

This time – in a perfect reversal of roles… I was the one providing the capital, and someone else donated their time and expertise to make deals happen.

It was a strange feeling, you know?

Sitting by the fireplace, looking out the window at the dazzling colours of European autumn, and sipping the smoothest merlot you've ever tasted…

… while on the other side of the world, my partner was working his butt off… finding deals… getting approvals… and making projects happen.

Finally, Money Was Working FOR ME!

By now, I'm sure you understand the power of teaming up with other investors:

  • It solves all your funding problems 
  • It lets you access better deals with bigger profits
  • It speeds up your wealth creation process by opening the doors to doing more deals (so instead of taking 10 years to build a portfolio you can do it in 2-3 years!)

And if time is what you lack… or knowledge… teaming up gives you the ultimate way to leverage someone else's time and expertise for an extremely profitable outcome.

(Seriously, how does a 12%-18% annual yield sound compared to what the bank is currently giving you? And that's just for the AVERAGE deal you'd be looking at!)

But as I said, 999 of 1000 investors will never do it.

They Don't Know How!

Most people have no clue where to start and how to form this kind of property collaborations and joint ventures.

They don't know…

  • Where to find a partner
  • How to vet a potential partner
  • What contracts, legal, and accounting implications you need to consider
  • How to protect your assets in a partnership
  • What to do if things go pear-shaped
  • What are the steps to setting a partnership up?
  • How to minimise tax costs and other costs?

And it's no wonder!

You can't open a book or take an online course to truly learn how to do these things properly. Up until recently, the ONLY way was with a lot of trial and (often painful) error.

You'd need to invest a lot of money in solicitors, accountants, tax advisors, and many other professionals in order to do this right – and make sure you're 100% protected if anything goes wrong.

Which is why while most investors know about joint ventures… only the rich and the risk-taking trailblazers could actually DO IT…

Until Now!

But I already figured this all out.

I already went through the school of hard knocks. I already made the mistakes and learned how to correct them.

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars, creating rock solid contract templates and business plans with some of the highest ranked financial and legal experts money can buy.

I have done all the hard work for you. Creating the No.1, most robust and comprehensive Joint Venture system in the country. And now you can have it ALL…

My entire Joint Venture System…

On a silver platter!


Property Launchpad

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

Formerly known as the "JV Bootcamp", this unique event has become one of the most highly anticipated conferences of the year!

A unique property retreat that is nothing like any event you've ever attended before. And this coming October… I'm doing it again!!!

With my team of experts, I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know in order to enter this highly profitable and exciting world of collaborative deal making:

  • Everything you need to KNOW about Collaborative Property Deals – from finding the right people to partner with, to setting everything up properly, to splitting the profits
  • THE SECRET TO MAKING SURE EVERYONE GETS THEIR MONEY BACK – no matter what! (Yes, even if the project goes pear shaped!)
  • Steal the very same WATERTIGHT legal contract I've used in my own deals (it took me a loooong time to find a solicitor experienced enough to create something that gives such an IRONCLAD protection!!!)
  • Copy the EXACT screening process for choosing collaboration partners you can rely on – DO NOT get into a deal without this!!!
  • Everything you need to know – from "I found a deal" to "I found a partner" to "Yippie! The money's in the bank!"
  • Real figures, real projects, real case studies – broken down on a whiteboard right in front of your eyes (the most effective way to cement your knowledge!)
  • Access to current deals you can join and get 3X-4X higher returns than your bank would give you
  • Killer guest speakers – including a multimillion dollar property developer who doesn't borrow a cent from the bank anymore (take the banks out of the equation!)
  • The best networking opportunity you can get – make friends with the people who can get any deal funded without calling the bank
  • And more!

Property Launchpad

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November 2020
Sunshine Coast

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What Attendees Say About 'Property Launchpad'

David Glover and Melissa Lamb signing off on their first Joint Venture 3 months after attending Property Launchpad!

Why THIS Event, and Why on the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast is the perfect location to hold an event like this:

The beaches are amazing, the facilities are awesome, and the company we’ll be keeping for the time we’re together is going to be nothing short of world class.

You'll be spending three days away from all distractions and negative-thinkers, surrounded by like-minded, forward-thinking everyday investors, ready to finally play the property game effectively.

In three days, you'll be transported into a world where
every deal is absolutely possible!

Found a good deal? You'll know exactly who to call to get it funded. (No need to call the bank anymore.)

Too busy to look at properties but want to see your money do more than just sitting idly in some god-forsaken savings account? You'll know exactly where to find "active partners" who will gladly do the footwork and heavy-lifting for you.

(Just like the partner I found when I took a 2.5 years vacation in France, while he was over here working hard and making deals happen!) 

So you won't just have fun…

And you won't just learn a lot of life-altering, groundbreaking information 999 of 1000 investors have never heard before…

You’ll actually be building the future. YOUR future.

The future of your family. Your kids. Your legacy.

And your very existence as a property investor.

Interested in Attending? Of course you are…!!!

There's just one problem, really:


There's just no way to create this kind of experience with a large group of people.

This event is about networking and forming powerful connections just as much, if not much more, than about the content itself.

After all, the whole point of collaborative deal making is… collaborating.

That's why I've decided to cap this event at 30 participants only.

Which means… you better hurry!

Property Launchpad

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November 2020
Sunshine Coast

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My mind is buzzing from all the new learning! The Property Launchpad was truly inspirational and transformative for me. My mind has been stretched and it can never again go back to its previous form.

Sharon Gardner
Sharon Gardner

This event was the genesis of my property developing career.

I'm extremely grateful for the knowledge you and the team have passed on, as well as the  motivation and contacts I have gained by attending. It's been fantastic. Kudos to you and your team!

Henry Ledingham
Henry Ledingham

I really appreciated being able to present the deal I've been working on.

I got a lot from from the speakers you had, as well as the informal networking throughout the couple of days - what a great group!

Chris Boyle
Chris Boyle

Property Launchpad

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November 2020
Sunshine Coast

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Additional Event Details

Remember… This is an All-Inclusive Event.

Just Get Here to the Sunshine Coast (on 30th October – 1st November 2020) – and We Will Take Care of Everything Else!

What this event includes:

  • Welcome Friday Night Drinks by the pool
  • 4 x Keynote Speaker Sessions each day
  • 3 x "Shark Tank" Deal Presentations (pitch any deal you have on the table – maybe go home 100% funded!)
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided
  • Every Day All Day tea, coffee and hot chocolate
  • Mini golf, poolside bar and restaurant
  • Access the waterpark if you’re bringing the family for a holiday during the dates of the event (30th October – 1st November, 2020)
  • A few other little surprises and goodies throughout the weekend!!!

What this event does NOT include:

* Your accommodation – Me and the team will be staying at the beautiful Oaks Oasis Resort, which is where the event will take place. Price is $154 per night when you use the special attendee link I'll provide you with.


* If you don't want the bells and whistles of the resort – there's a decent Motel right across the road from the venue which only costs $70 a night. So it's entirely up to you!

* Breakfast (I will be accessing the full buffet each day for $21 per person – you're more than welcome to join my table if you decide to do the same!)

Yep! That’s about it..!

And mind you…

60% Of The Available Seats Already Taken!

This event sold out every time I hosted it (four times already), and it will sell out again.


If interested, book NOW!

Property Launchpad

Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November 2020
Sunshine Coast

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

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I’ve been to a few bootcamps and this definitely ranked amongst the best.

The presenters, organisation, content, venue, attendees, staff, food, venue, cost and value were all perfect.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your generosity over the weekend. It was great to meet you in person and it was abundantly clear to me that you are a man of integrity and an inspiration.

Thank you!

Bill Peppos
Bill Peppos

The Property Launchpad was an experience I’ll never forget and I’ve come home with a very different outlook already. The event really changed my thinking and since attending I have re-shaped the direction of my business because of it.

James Anthony
James Anthony

The calibre of the attendees and the speakers was unbelievable... One of the best workshops and seminars in property that I’ve attended in a long, long time.

Winston White
Winston White


As a Launchpad graduate, your journey doesn't end when you go home… it's just getting started!

By the time you finish unpacking your suitcase, you will have a personal non-transferable invitation waiting for you in your inbox…

An invitation to enter the Launchpad Elite forum – a secret group where all our alumni support each other, work together, and help make everyone's dreams come true.

  • Need help finding a deal? The Elite forum is your go-to place
  • Need help finding a partner? Search no further than the Elite forum!
  • Need help crunching the numbers?…
  • Want to chat with someone who did a deal similar to the one you're considering?…
  • Need a referral?…

You guessed it! Your FREE Access To Launchpad Elite Means
All Those Things Are Already Covered!!!

So by attending Property Launchpad, you're not only enjoying a live experience like no other…

… you're also securing your spot in a growing community of Elite investors, committed to helping each other grow.

I want to say it's priceless. But I can actually tell you just how much it's worth.

Because many of our alumni end up doing deals together.

And one of them… Jim Valery… just told me he and his partner are about to cash in a $300,000 profit (!) on their latest deal.

A deal that wouldn't be possible without them both attending Property Launchpad.

Now when was the last time you got $300,000 worth of added value when you attended a live event, hey???

I'm guessing, never.

But there's always a first time. Save your seat now, and discover just how easy property investing can be:

Property Launchpad

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November 2020
Sunshine Coast

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Register now while the offer is still available and I look forward to meeting you at the next Property Launchpad event!

Check out what our graduates are saying!


Fantastic weekend, incredible people, exceeded expectations! Very excited moving forward!

Victoria Bradshaw
Victoria Bradshaw

What a fabulous weekend with absolute quality people. I feel a lot of us will look back at the event and say that was a pivotal moment in our lives. Thanks Matt!

Jason Everest
Jason Everest

Property Launchpad

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November 2020
Sunshine Coast

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What do I need to bring for the weekend?”
A: I want to have your full focus for both days to maximise the networking and access to the expert speakers, which is why I'm providing everything you need, including: pens, paper, morning and afternoon tea and a scrumptious lunch (with GF options) on all three days (PLUS some sneaky social drinks and canapes at the venue restaurant at the end of day one - my treat!). All you need to do is arrange your accomodation (and we'll help you secure the best priced option)

Q: “Does the ticket price include accomodation?”
A: No. I wanted to keep the ticket price way down so it fits into anyone's budget. We will provide you with a special discounted accomodation link to use if you stay at the venue.

Q: "Where will the event be held?"
A: Oaks Oasis Resort in Caloundra on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Q: "What if there is another COVID-19 Outbreak"
A: Should Coronavirus prevent us from running the event or border restrictions not allow you to attend, we will give you the option of either a full refund or transfer your ticket to a future Property Launchpad event.

Q: “Is the content relevant to all states in Australia?”
A: Definitely. The information provided by myself and all the guest expert presenters will apply in any part of the country. That's why this content is so special, it can be applied anywhere at anytime.

Q: “Do I need prior experience with joint ventures to attend?”
A: Not at all. I'll be teaching exactly everything you need to know. It doesn't matter what skill level you are at as a property investor, this information guarantees to make or save you a stack of money now and into the future.

Q: “Is there a money back guarantee?”
A: If you are not 100% convinced by the end of the first day of the bootcamp that this is everything you expected (and more), then I’ve instructed my team to issue you a refund cheque on the spot for every cent you paid of the attendance fee.

You can leave in honor, and we’ll still be friends. In fact, I’ll even let you keep a few of the expensive goodies we’ll be handing out!

But to tell you the truth, I don’t think there’s even the slightest chance you’ll even consider a refund. No one walks away from this kind of networking and learning opportunity! 

Q: “I don't have any experience in property investing, can I still use a joint venturing strategy?”
A: Absolutely! In fact I highly recommend property investors of all skill levels access this training. My first deal (and every deal after that) has involved some sort of joint venture scenario which has been one of the secret's to my success.

Q: “Who are the guest experts?”

A: I’ve managed to pull together a handful of experts with over 100 years of combined joint venturing experience. You’ll have everyone you need in the room to answer all your burning questions…. specifically around finding and funding your property deals using money partners and joint venture strategies.

The key players include an accountant, solicitor, mortgage broker and my own personal private finance funding specialist. I’ve also called in some massive favours to have my own personal mindset coach in the room flown up from Melbourne. To top it off, two of my key joint venture partners will be there to share some phenomenal insider tips to getting your deal funded. All speakers have explicit instructions to focus their presentations on property investing using joint ventures and money partnering. I want to ensure everyone in the room has the tools to get started on their next property deal. This will particularly suit you if you are lacking the skill to find a deal, don’t have the savings to fund deposits, have difficulty borrowing money from the bank or short on time to manage a property deal.

Property Launchpad

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November 2020
Sunshine Coast

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Check out what our graduates are saying!


Property Launchpad

The No. 1 Way To Create Explosive Property Income… FAST

Friday 30th October to Sunday 1st November 2020
Sunshine Coast

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