Would You Buy This Property?

One of my favourite things about the Ultimate Property Hub is the live Q&A calls where I help members assess their deals and make sure they don’t fall for a dud.

This week we had a particularly interesting deal.

As you’ll see in the video below – Owen (one of our Ultimate Property Hub Members) asked my feedback on a deal that, at first, seemed like a total no-go.

However… once we dug deeper, I was able to find several ways Owen could turn this project from something that would put him in the red…

… into a 23%-25% ROI home run!!!

Having an experienced investor look over your numbers… to make sure you haven’t fudged any numbers… and isolate the key factors you need to negotiate – –

Makes the difference between NEVER finding a deal… And finding cracker deals ALL THE TIME!

(That’s why I recommend you check out the Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip – – a full day “field trip” with property millionaire Nhan Nguyen.

Nhan will take you to half a dozen sites, and walk you though a complete feaso analysis right there on the spot!)

This video above proves: this is critical to your success!

In Owen’s case, going through this process with me helped him identify the actual problems he needed to fix in this deal to make it work.

This gave him the exact demands he needed to give the listing agent – and the confidence to walk away if the vendor says no!

Now Owen will either proceed with a better deal that can make him $103K… or he’ll reveal this deal is a dud, and walk away WITHOUT RISKING A CENT!

Either way, it’s a win. Watch the video now and you’ll immediately see how you can start applying the same process to assessing YOUR deals.

Remember, watching how pros analyse deals trains your brain to ask the RIGHT questions and look at things differently.

In many ways, it’s like going to the gym to strengthen a muscle.

And once you start working your deal-finding “muscle”… you’ll unlock access to deal… after deal… after deal… EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK!

It’s the easiest way I know to make money. (And the most predictable one, too!)

Watch the video now, and don’t forget to book your ticket on the Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip ASAP (early bird discount ends this week!)


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