Latest Ways To Find More Deals And Make More Money (Secrets Of The Inner Circle, August 2019)

I decided to do something unorthodox this month… and invite you to eavesdrop on my latest “Secrets Of The Inner Circle” call.

In these calls (usually accessible to Ultimate Property Hub members ONLY,) I reveal the absolute latest tactics for finding better deals, protecting your assets, chopping your holding costs by half, generating more profits… and so much more!

I received so many thank-you letters after this month’s call, I decided I HAD to share it with you.

Here’s what you’ll hear in today’s recording:

  • How to identify the right builder – anywhere in the country.(Warning: your project will fail if you don’t follow these crucial steps!)
  • The one reason you can’t find deals (got nothing to do with your strategy or your location!)
  • How to save a lot of time, effort, and avoid failure with a simple tweak to your routine
  • 3 keys for assessing subdivision deals correctly (important!!!)
  • Critical mistake subdividers make that will ALMOST ALWAYS cost you a lot of time and money! (Plus: best ways to handle objections from neighbours.)
  • Which services should you skip on connecting when subdividing property? (Skipping the wrong ones can have a nasty effect on your bottom line)
  • How to sell blocks of land FAST without paying agents fees
  • My exact script for knocking on people’s doors, getting in the living room, and convincing them to sell me their house for cheap!
  • Jaw-dropping strategy that gets owners RUNNING to your door begging you to buy their property
  • And a few other surprises… so hit the ‘PLAY’ button now!

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