[Video] The New Rules For Property Investing In 2018

2017 is definitely over… And by the look of it, a lot of people are going to desperately miss it!

There’s no denying that 2018 started differently than any other year. The market is going through some fundamental changes that will impact all of us.

And as always – those who are prepared will flourish, and those who aren’t… will perish (business-wise!)

That’s why my friend and esteemed colleague, Jane Slack Smith, is holding a free training for everyone titled, ‘The New Rules For Property Investing In 2018′ (click here to secure your seat)

I finally had a chance to catch up with Jane last week, and we decided to shoot this quick video for you and chat a bit about what’s been going on.

In particular, you’ll want to know…

  • 1:50: Why many investors will struggle to buy more properties in 2018 and beyond
  • 2:30: How to find out what APRA changes mean for you
  • 2:50: Why you may not be able to get a loan anymore (even if just 6 months ago you easily qualified for the same amount!)
  • 4:40: Important information for investors who currently have (or plan to take out) interest-only loans – – and are they going the way of the dodo bird?
  • 5:40: How Jane’s clients managed to cut the ‘minimum household income’ requirement from their bank by 50%-60%!
  • 7:30: How to plan your investments wisely for the next 10-15 years – and profit from the changes that have already started
  • 10:10: How to manufacture better profits in the depression that is developing in the east coast

And don’t forget to secure your seat for this free training, taking place on Thursday, March 22 at 8pm Sydney time!

The New Rules For Property Investing In 2018

See you there (I’ll be in the audience listening in just like you!)


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  1. Hi Matt,

    Great video! I do have a suggestion though – please look at upgrading your audio and video equipment as it would make your content look more professional to people 🙂


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