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Are You Finding It Difficult To Find
Property Deals That Stack Up?

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Do you want to know what the number one question is that property investor’s ask?

How do I find a property deals that stacks up?

It’s not an easy to question to answer because I know as well as anyone that finding a profitable property deal is the hardest part of the process.

Most people underestimate the skill required to find a great property deal. They think a few hours scouring realestate.com.au after work is going to get them that illusive deal and I’m here to tell you that it takes more than that.

You see websites like realestate.com.au is for speculators and home owners looking for a place to live…. property investors need to be a least one step ahead of the others.

Which is why we at the Property Resource Shop have put together an innovative new resource to help those that need a little hand holding when it comes to finding a profitable property deal.


Introducing the Property Deal Finder Toolkit!

12 Months Access - Now Only $997!

The Property Deal Finder Toolkit is made up of 3 powerful resources (plus 2 mega bonuses for those that act quickly!) that is guaranteed to put profitable property deals right in the palm of your hand. Lets go through each one:


As you probably already know PriceFinder is an essential tool for all property investors to be able to make preliminary assessments of potential property deals they are investigating.

PriceFinder has become the industry standard of accessing property data. There is no better way to sift through the critical information without having to call an agent to find out about a site.

Here’s what’s included when we send you access details:

  • Your own username and password (Not a shared login) so you can customise your account and the reports you generate
  • Access to property information Australia wide (excl Tas) so youre not limited by georgraphy when looking for potential deals
  • Access to over 20 years of past sales and rental history: You’ll be able to find out who bought the property in the past and what they paid for it giving you the upper hand when negotiating on price
  • Comparable prices of surrounding properties: Search for all the properties within a specified radius of your address to give you an accurate assessment of how much to pay for your next property deal
  • Interactive mapping tool: Find out site specifics like lot number, size, dimensions and important overlays like easements
  • Detailed reports that reveal: Time on the market, latest listings and specific property types like splitter blocks and subdividable property in a specific area

PriceFinder is simply a must have tool for any serious investor. It provides the information to give you the edge over other investors and even outsmart the real estate agents!

A word of warning: PriceFinder allow us to distribute username and passwords to access their online resource because we comply with their terms and conditions. PriceFinder do not endorse shared logins and those that are selling these risk having their licence revoked. Be careful how you access this resource and who you are buying access from!

12 Months Access - Now Only $997!


Webinars are where its at for education these days. Which is why we have included 12 of them to make sure you find your next property deal pronto!

You’ll receive a special link that gives you online access to our monthly webinar and if you don’t have computer access you can also phone in as well!

Each month we’ll get together online for 90 minutes in the comfort of your own home and spend quality time going through the following:

  • A complete overview of PriceFinder – learn how you as an investor can maximise from PriceFinder’s exceptional resources.
  • Look behind the veil of PriceFinder: You’ll get to see special tips and tricks that professional investors use to find quality sites at the click of a button.
  • Real Deal analysis: Send in your current deal so we can brainstorm ideas to unlock more profit or send in a potential deal you haven’t bought yet so we can crunch the numbers together!
  • I’ll share my own mentors and colleagues as special guests: These guys are absolute pro’s at finding great property deals so I’ll be picking their brains live so you get all the tips tricks and secrets as well!
  • Plus we’ll send you a recording of each webinar: So if you miss the monthly webinar event you can still get access to the content or better still listen to it again to reinforce the teachings.

These webinars are going to be so much more than just an educational tool and here’s why:

  • Consistency: Every success I have ever achieved has come from doing something consistently. Meeting online with me every month is going to give you that reliable source of inspiration to follow through with all your actions
  • Accountability: Have you ever found that it’s easier to keep a promise when someone else is counting on you? I’m going to be on your back each month to ‘show up’ at these webinars. This will make you accountable to find deals and take action.

12 Months Access - Now Only $997!

No that’s not someone trying to start a fire
with a magnifying glass…
that’s my own personal deal finder
discovering yet another property deal!


I really wanted to make this resource an absolute no brainer for people that are struggling to find profitable property deals.

So at each monthly webinar, I will be bringing along a different colleague of mine to interview that will bring even more clarity around how to find exceptional property deals.

This won’t be just any Joe Blow off the street!

It will be a full time property investor or property investing specialist in their field…. someone that actually does this for a living!

Here’s the deal: My special guest will be attending the monthly webinar and you will not only hear some powerful content but you can also interact with me and the special guest to drill down on the exact information you are chasing.

If, by chance you dont get the information you wanted, you can email me directly and I will either answer the question myself or refer you onto someone that does!

In a nutshell, whatever your question is, you’ll get it answered!

On top of all that, you’ll also be on my Property Deal Finder hotlist. That means if you’re finding it tough to find great property deals, I’ll send you some of mine!

You see, I get send a stack of potential property deals every week and I just don’t have the time to action them all and frankly, some of them don’t quite align with my overall desired outcomes… that doesn’t mean they wont make money, it’s just that I have specific requirements of the types of projects that I will do.

So I figured I might as well share them with you!

We’ve already held a stack of webinars and the feedback has
been exceptional. Check out what one participant had to say:

Just a quick note to say thanks for an absolutely brilliant webinar on finding deals. The information in the webinar was so incredibly relevant to where I am at the moment.  I admit to having been feeling a bit beaten up lately with my inability to secure a property after 2 contracts fell through. This webinar gave me some great insight into other ways of getting into the market. It reaffirmed that I don’t need to pigeon hole myself into one avenue of investment. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that it has given me a big lift and some momentum to broaden my outlook…

- Karen Willis, Brisbane

12 Months Access - Now Only $997!

And This Is My Promise…

If you know me, you’ll be very aware that I dont do things by halves. I have a great team around me and take a lot of pride in the way I do business with people.

The Property Deal Finder Toolkit will be run personally by me so you’ll be sure that everything I’ve said so far will be delivered to you with the utmost integrity.

In the unlikely event that the Property Deal Finder Toolkit is not absolutely everything I claim it to be… send me an immediate email and I will not only give you a prompt, no hassle, no questions asked 100% refund, but I will even let you keep your access to all the previous Property Deal Finder Toolkit webinars as my way of saying “thank you for giving it a go”

12 Months Access - Now Only $997!

Here’s Something For The Fast Action Takers…

I always like to reward people that take action and strive to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. So for every person that takes advantage of this offer and purchases a Property Deal Finder Toolkit package, I'll throw in this massive bonus:

Become part of our EXCLUSIVE Property Resource Shop
private members only Facebook Group

As a member of the private Facebook group, you are connected with hundreds of other Property Resource Shop members to get answers for your questions in real time!

Every day you will find great questions from all the members about all type of property investing strategies, insights, challenges and tips to get your deal over the line.

There are expert contributors from varying niches across the industry including town planners, lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, builders, tradespeople. You'll also hear from property developers and mentors providing outstanding insights to all the members!

With access to the private Facebook group, you have the ultimate support network at the click of a button!

12 Months Access - Now Only $997!

Ok Let’s take a look at what you get….

12 Months Access - Now Only $997!

So there you have it!

A complete system to ensure you have all the tools and resources to find your next profitable property deal.

As I said in the beginning, finding a deal that makes a profit is not always easy… in fact the most common questions asked in property investing is, “How do i find a deal that stacks up?”

The Property Deal Finder Toolkit gives you the exact process to not only find a profitable property deal, but helps you crunch the numbers and do your due diligence to ensure you’re not buying a lemon!

You could treat the Property Deal Finder Toolkit as an insurance policy that you get to use every month! Simply bring your deal along to the webinar and we’ll pull it apart to ensure you’re about to embark on a project that actually makes money.

Having the right tools and resources could be the difference between
making and losing tens of thousands of dollars…
Do you think $127 is a worthy investment
before making your next property transaction?

I’m really looking forward to working with you over the coming twelve months and really making the most of this positive upturn in the property market.

Let’s work together and get a deal on the table that’s going to make you some money!





PS. Property Deal Finder Toolkit includes 12 months access to PriceFinder, Monthly Webinars PLUS access to the Members Only Facebook Community

PPS. Remember that you are totally covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee! So there is no risk on your part at all. So what are you waiting for?

12 Months Access - Now Only $997!