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The Property Resource Shop v3.0 Video Library with over 70 Case Studies

As you know becoming a successful property investor isn't easy… and strategies, markets, council regulations and government regulations change all the time.

You probably don't have to look too far to see signs of other investors struggling… I mean REALLY struggling.

If you want to invest in property today in Australia, and succeed, you must have the latest strategies and skills. Here’s just a few of the key strategies covered in the Property Resource Shop library:

  • Renovation (cosmetic, structural, cheap & nasty, high end & glamorous)
  • Subdivision deals (small inner city, large lots on the outskirts and rural sites)
  • Development projects (single dwellings, duplexes, 6 packs, units and townhouses)
  • Vendor Finance creative (no money down, rent to own, lease options)
  • Strata Titling (Duplexes, multi unit dwellings)

Just to name a few.

And now you can access all of them in one place… all 70 are just waiting for you right now in your Property Resource Shop members library.

It's the ultimate library of property investing information in Australia.

Over 70 Case Studies From
Everyday Property Investors Including:

  • One couple that made a 6 figure profit in less than 6 months from renovating a property they found on Gumtree!
  • A guy in his 20’s that made $143k in equity by working on average, just 5 hours a week renovating and subdividing the home that he lived in.
  • A savvy investor that took over a drug den overlooking the water and built two luxurious homes, lived in one of them and created over half a million dollars in equity while doing it.
  • One guy turned his negatively geared problem property into a positively geared cashcow by getting the tenants to renovate it for him!
  • An IT consultant build student accommodation and has now created enough positive cashflow to retire!
  • A retiree that earned over $100k in 7 months doing a 1 into 2 subdivision that required none of his own money.
  • Plus plenty more courageous everyday property investors sharing all the income and expenses, profit and losses of their real property deals

And remember, each one of these case studies features property investors revealing every step on how they found, assessed, financed, managed, and profited on their latest property projects – and most of them got their first few projects while holding down a full-time job!

PLUS... You'll Discover a Virtual Property Investing University Online!

What if you’re ready to start building your finance application, put together an investing legal structure, submit your development application to council, gather a list of real estate agents to bring you off-market deals, put your Superannuation to use or just need some timely financial advice??

If any of these are on your to do list, then you'll love the following training modules given by our property consultants, including:

  • Finance updates so you can acquire a good understanding on how the lending industry works and be savvy to the best deals available. You'll be amazed at the creative options available for property investors to finance their projects
  • Pros and cons of every conceivable investing entity so that you choose the best option for you and don’t end up paying unnecessary tax. Structure your purchasing entity correctly from day one or risk wasting thousands of dollars later trying to fix the most common mistake
  • A complete Subdivision Masterclass from an award-winning town planner that knows every facet of a development application and how to get council to say yes to your proposal every time!
  • A proven 5 step renovation and design assessment process from award winning guru that reveals how to uncover those renovator delights.
  • Real estate agents who reveal exactly how to get on an agent’s hotlist and have the deals brought to you before they hit the market. Don't waste time buying retail using go to the source before it goes to the masses!
  • How to develop a property investor’s mindset and the confidence to pull the trigger when a great property deal presents itself. Property investing is 70% mindset so don't discount this critically important facet of your journey.
  • How to spot the next property boom in your area and discover profitable exit strategies you can use to protect yourself and your investment if the market tanks
  • Rolodex of local trades and professionals: No more Googling for a tiler, painter, builder, mortgage broker, accountant. I have created a list of every trade and professional you need to build your property investing team. If they’re are not on my list, you don’t need them!

PLUS every month our Property Resource Shop members receive new trainings from high-end expert investors, accountants, financial advisors, lawyers, town planners and full time investors, with the most cutting-edge, must-know information on what's working in the market today.

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PLUS hundreds of hours of training modules from property gurus and experts giving you the knowledge that’s so crucial to your long-term success.

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PLUS... I'll Also Throw In My
All NEW Property Investors Rolodex!

A tried and tested referral list of vetted trades people, service people, and professionals from every state in Australia!

No more wasted time on over priced professionals or tradespeople that don't show up!

Have you ever heard the expression: "You’re only as successful as the team surrounding you?" There was never a truer word spoken!

The most successful property investors know that it's all about solving problems and to solve problems you need to know who to call.

That’s why I’m so proud to provide you with a team of experts that are genuinely looking to build long term business relationships with win-win outcomes.

It’s MY team, MY rolodex and MY name that’s associated with the quality of their work! So unlike what other people are selling – this is not some static, old, used contact list that's been collecting dust in the bottom drawer.

When you become a member of the Property Resource Shop, you are getting access to a BONUS resource that will always be kept up to date with your changing needs, trends, and strategies.

Considering how costly it can be to hire the wrong people, I know for a fact that the Property Investor's Rolodex is a priceless resource to have in your toolbox!

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