Attention property investors suffering from information overload

Get Exclusive Access to my 'Property Investing Toolbox' That Transformed me From Wannabe into a Full-Time Property Investor in Just One Year
by Removing The Endless Searching, Studying And Stress.

WITHOUT forking over thousands of dollars on courses,
conferences and coaching

Are you sick and tired of being lied to by property investment "gurus”

Annoyed with being flogged the latest magic pill to instantly make you a million dollar property portfolio?

How about that sickly feeling after you buy yet another “bright shiny object” that you know is not going to solve the REAL issue

It’s not just annoying… it’s down right unethical!

Every email you receive becomes a distraction that leads you down yet another rabbit hole that ends up killing your ability to make any real and lasting progress.

You’re not alone. Analysis paralysis has become an epidemic in the property investing game… even I get stuck there from time to time!

There Is A Way Out Though...

Look, if you’re a savvy investor, you know that to make your property investing dreams become a reality, you're going to have to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. There is no magic solution.


After helping thousands of struggling property investors, I’ve put together a “property investing toolbox” that contains the 6 key ingredients that that anybody can pickup and start implementing for property investment profits in as little as three months!

(As long as you're willing to put in the work of course).

Clients have paid me $3497 to access this content and in some cases, have gone on to make six figure incomes.

Now I want to make these highly valued, profit making resources more accessible to everyone… not just those that have a spare three thousand dollars to spend on education

Introducing....The Ultimate Property Hub

Delivering Knowledge, Strategy and Community to
Property Investors of ALL Skill Levels

This is my own exclusive proprietary system that has been evolving for 12 years, culminating into the Ultimate Property Hub….  A community for property investors that want real, tangible success.

Using the System, you’ll be just 3 clicks away from...

  • Access to a strategy that specifically caters to your own risk tolerance and capital resources.
  • Entry into a knowledge base that provides streetwise information, provided by qualified industry experts so you know you can implement immediately.
  • Exposure to a multitude of real life case studies from everyday property investors that are making a year’s wage in a single deal.
  • The support of a community of investors that are already doing it that are living and breathing the life you want to experience

Imagine what it would be like to have a clearly defined path forward without the fluff, cost or massive risk.

Simply, open your device, click and go. No more sifting through endless workbooks, CD’s, and sales pitches to buy another magic pill.

Imagine the extra time you’ll have available to actually implement your learnings instead of being left with that sinking feeling of “what do I do next?”

Imagine, actually going out and confidently implementing your strategy….replacing your income and buying your time back….. Instead of that recurring dreaded feeling you get in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday night… knowing you have to go back to the daily grind tomorrow.

Matt Jones
Matt Jones, founder of Property Resource Shop and The Ultimate Property Hub

Hi my name's Matt Jones and I'm just like you

I’ve been in that analysis paralysis phase many times. In fact it took me 3.5 years to work out what I was doing wrong.

You see I used to be in that 9 to 5 grind when I was swapping my time for money as a postie, delivering mail in the streets of Brisbane.

I’d wake up at 5am, head to work on my pushbike, sort the mail for 4 hours then jump on a motorbike for another 4 hrs delivering the letters, parcels and flyers to residents.

I’d be home by 3pm and spend the next 4 hours trying to educate myself to get off the work treadmill.

This repetitive process went on for nearly 3 years… and it sucked!

But it taught me a valuable lesson…. You can choose how long life gets dictated to you and you can change it if you don’t like it.

Once I got clear on what I wanted and how I wanted things to operate, everything changed.

I removed all the BS out of my life… the time wasters, the seminar junkies, the spruikers in my world and just got down to business.

Ten years on, I’ve transacted over $5,000,000 in property… formed lucrative alliances with multi millionaires and joint ventured in projects that amount to tens of millions of dollars combined.

These days we live the life we dreamed of… we buy experiences rather than ‘stuff’ because we’re acutely aware that time is finite and we don’t get a second of it back.

Just recently we embodied this belief by taking our young family to the most beautiful parts of Europe… not just for a holiday but to live for two years!

Now we’re home again, I want to start helping people that have struggled like I did.

Here’s just a couple of inspiring emails I’ve received from property investors already in my community:

"Using Matt’s tools, resources and knowledge have given me the confidence to move away from a traditional buy & hold strategy to full on property developing. I'm on track to make 250K on my very first deal which is some really serious money!"

James Moffit

“I have found your resources give the extra little detail I've been looking for. You are an inspiration and I'm glad I found you and your community.”


“I’ve been to a few property events and this definitely ranked amongst the best….It was great to meet you in person and it was abundantly clear to me that you are a man of integrity and an inspiration.”

Bill Peppos

Here's Why You Need To Be Inside
The Ultimate Property Hub

  • The satisfaction of knowing you can look at any property deal and confidently choose from your toolbox of strategies provided inside the membership.
  • Equip you with the knowledge and skill to look at any property deal and know if it stacks up within 2mins
  • Flourish within a community of like minded property investors of all skill levels that are looking to support you
  • Learn what resources you are missing in your property deals, where to find them and how to include them in your property acquisitions.
  • Arm yourself with the exact templates to find, purchase, manage and profit on your next property deal.
  • The confidence to take action when you find a profitable property deal. I share the exact templates I use to crunch the numbers and make a winning offer

The Ultimate Property Hub isn't just an overnight brain child trying to feed you the latest trick to create wealth in property.

It’s been refined and tinkered with for the last 5 years!

Those 5 years have taught me a lot about what a beginner and intermediate property investor really needs to create success.

The old Ultimate Membership has been replaced with the more refined, purpose built Ultimate Property Hub.

That refinement allowed me to pull out the most important parts…  The pieces that are specifically designed to take you from wishing you were a successful property investor to BEING one in under 3 months!

Not only that… I'm constantly updating this to reflect market fluctuations, interest rate movements and making sure you can sort fact from opinion amongst all the noise and confusion.

Here's Everything You're Going To Get Inside The Ultimate Property Hub

Access to ALL My DIY Kits
as online training modules.

The DIY Renovation Training Kit

  • Find great renovation deals and acquire them 20% under market value so you’re ahead of the pack in a hot market
  • Do bullet-proof due diligence and make the right offer with our fill-in-the-blanks templates
  • Crunch the numbers with confidence and not miss any crucial costs using the Renovation Feasibility Template.
  • Avoid going broke doing renovation using this one key strategy.
  • What to do if you over capitalise or can’t sell your property after the renovation and how to turn any renovation project around and into success.

The DIY Subdivision Training Kit

  • Discover how to find a profitable subdivision project in 7 days so that you can start creating chunks of cash
  • Get the 5 distinctive clauses to use on your purchase contract to ensure your project is accepted by council and what to do if it’s not.
  • Get my exclusive 9 page checklist to ensure every site you choose has a substantial profit so that you don’t end up buying a lemon
  • Find out how to build your team of consultants so you have the right people to leverage off throughout the entire process to ensure you move fast, by mitigating risk (with less time in the deal) and increasing profit margin (with less holding costs)

The DIY Property Development Training Kit

  • Reduce risk and avoid dud development sites using my battle tested 90 page due diligence checklist and my comprehensive feasibility template.
  • Steer clear of costly mistakes that could send you backwards financially for 5 years
  • Find, assess, engage and manage a quality builder who will create a product that fits your budget and market so you can laugh all the way to the bank
  • Create a complete a project plan for copying and pasting my property development flowcharts, timelines and project templates.
  • Create a successful and profitable development in the shortest time possible by utilising our exclusive case studies of real life developments

The DIY Joint Venture Training Kit

  • Ensure your joint venture agreement is rock solid using my comprehensive JV template written by MY OWN solicitor (valued at $2200)
  • Find the perfect associate to make a ton of cash together by using my joint venture partner interview formula
  • Fill in the blanks in my tried and tested pitch template to structure and pitch your deal with confidence (even if this is your first project!)
  • Answer 5 simple questions to determine rate of return and profit share so that you never give away too much of your share to your partners.
  • Be able to afford any property deal and enter the market at a higher price point than you ever thought possible.

That's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg....

  • Ultimate Property Knowledge Base

    Video presentations from my personal team of experts (including the slideshow) with new presentations uploaded every month! Here’s what you can expect in some of the step-by-step tactical training modules …

    • How to minimise your taxes and protect your assets – financial planning from a top property investing accountant
    • A complete Subdivision Masterclass from an award-winning town planner – learn how to get council to say “YES!!!” every time
    • A proven 5-step renovation and design assessment process from award winning expert – (start uncovering “renovator delights” with ease!)
    • How to spot the next property boom in your area
    • How to protect your assets when the market tanks!
    • And more… and more… and MORE!
  • Ultimate Deal Finder Training Dojo

    Dozens of real deals analysed for feasibility and profits – See how to crunch the numbers using PriceFinder and other tools to separate the wheat from the chaff and the lemons from the diamonds! Nobody else will show you how to do this!

    • How to find ‘Joint Venture worthy’ deals
    • Money-trends spotting –  how to beat the crowd to the next boom
    • Ca$h cows – New ways to create multiple streams of income from cheap blocks of land that no one else wants!
    • How to mitigate risk and find better deals from the comfort of your couch!
    • And hundreds of other money-making and money-saving tricks of the trade from experts including town planners, accountants, solicitors, investors, property developers, and more!
  • Case Studies Galore

    Access over 100 detailed case studies – including renovation, subdivision, splitter blocks, development, buy & hold…PLUS… KILLER NEW STRATEGIES EVERY MONTH! For example…

    • Six-figure profit in less than 6 months from renovating a single property (and you won’t believe where this couple found it…)
    • How this guy made $143k in equity working just 5 hours a week!
    • Drug den renovations! (One savvy investor created over half a million dollars in equity doing this)
    • How to turn negatively geared property into positively geared cashcows (this guy got the tenants to renovate the place for him!
    • Student housing – the money-tree that never stops bearing fruit!
  • 9 to 5 Action Plan

    Discover how to get your property investing started while still working a 9-to-5 job

    • Learn how I made $45,498 in 9 months while holding down a full time postie  job…. and told the boss to “shove it!”
    • How to replace your income doing one deal a year using this one simple strategy
    • The four key components in the A+C+S+S=DEAL formula that you MUST have to complete a profitable property deal
    • My complete 12 step flowchart for finding, acquiring and managing a property deal to a profitable outcome
    • The 3 most common mistakes investors make and how to completely avoid them so you don’t leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table
    • Avoid embarrassing and costly “rookie” mistakes (including one big one that set me back $12,000)
  • The Property Investor’s Rolodex

    The Definitive Resource For Property Investors Who Want Only Tried-and-Tested Consultants, Contractors and Experts

    • Stop Wasting Your Time On Overpriced Tradespeople & Professionals That Don’t Show Up
    • Use the same core team that’s been servicing my investing projects for years!
    • Only tried-and-tested consultants, contractors, and experts – so you can finally focus on your deals instead of hiring & firing!
    • Avoiding potentially embarrassing and confronting altercations with service providers that do not operate with the same level of integrity that you expect.
    • Keep your project timeline on track by only working with reliable and responsible tradespersons who understand the bigger picture
  • Access All Areas Live Event Pass

    • Receive your custom VIP laminate and lanyard in the mail giving you exclusive access to ALL our property networking group meetings. If you’re not based in SE Qld, we’ve got you covered with the live broadcast streaming – scroll down to Bonus #2
    • Discover what real everyday property investors are doing to make a ton of cash (and access our vault of over 7 years worth of real deal case studies!)
    • Meet, connect, and network with successful property investors in your area – because ‘Birds of a feather flock together!’
    • Access our massive presentations vault filled with interviews and sessions from property gurus and experts giving you the knowledge that’s so crucial to long-term success.

"Thanks Matt for creating this outstanding resource for all property investors. Being able to attend or watch the sessions from home is so convenient and I get so much value! Brilliant!"

Daryl Rae

This Ultimate Property Hub is clearly incredibly powerful. This membership provides immediate and long-term access to the best, most profitable, most exciting strategies and property deals.

It's the secret weapon you've been looking for.

No matter what your current level of experience is, the detailed training will cut your learning curve by 90% and get you to your next level faster than you could ever do it on your own.

What About Some Bonuses?

I’m known for over delivering so let’s sweeten the deal a little further for you… so here are some of the extra bonuses you'll get when you join the Ultimate Property Hub

  • Bonus #1 Live and Interactive Facebook Broadcasts with Matt Jones Valued at $500 (per month!)

    Clients pay me $1000 an hour for my private consulting and I figure you’ll attend at least one of my live broadcasts every month (The smart members will make sure they are there for all of them!)

    Look, there is a phenomenal amount of content inside the Ultimate Property Hub and I want to make sure you’re getting what you need out of it and implementing the strategies to make some real cash.

    That’s why I’ve setup a private Facebook platform where we can interact on a regular basis.

    At least once a month, I’ll notify you of the live broadcast and all you need to do is have your phone on you to hang out with me.

    I’ll even record the session in case you can’t make it so that you can access it later at your leisure.

    I’ll answer your questions in real time about anything from

    • Strategies presented in the Ultimate Property Hub
    • Referrals you need to help build your team
    • Your current project and the challenges you’re having
    • What I had for breakfast…. Anything you like!

  • Bonus #2 Ring Side Seats At All Our Live Events From The Comfort Of Your Open Home Valued at $397

    We understand that not everyone lives in Brisbane and can access our famous live monthly property networking group meetups.

    So, not only will I send you the video and audio recordings (and the slide shows) of each presenter at each event but I’ll do a live feed for you so you can virtually be in the room with us!

    Again, all you need is your smartphone, tablet or laptop and you’ll be able to access our private platform and watch the whole night unfold from the privacy of your own home… it beats watching The Block!

  • Bonus #3 Interactive Mindset Package Valued at $297

    You may have all the knowledge and strategies in the world but if your mindset is working against you with lack of confidence, doubt or negative thinking then you won’t get past ‘GO’ let alone watching any implementations occur!

    Introducing Jill McIntyre’s (my life coach!) interactive mindset package to help build confidence and banish procrastination!

    You see, what you don’t get told is that property investing is such a roller coaster ride of emotions and very few succeed simply because they haven’t addressed their own habits and belief systems – even the high flying property investors have mindset hurdles to get over.

    A massive key to success in this business is to have the internal structure to ride that roller coaster and deal with the procrastination, the lack of confidence and the fear of moving forward.

    This is truly an interactive question and answer sheet that you can work through and come out the end with some positive results to work with and assist in your growth as a property investor.

  • Bonus #4 Discounted Access To PriceFinder Saving You $1122 per year

    PriceFinder is an essential tool for all property investors to be able to make preliminary assessments of potential property deals they are investigating.

    PriceFinder has become the industry standard of accessing property data. There is no better way to sift through the critical information without having to call an agent to find out about a site.

    As an Ultimate Property Hub member, you will receive a unique link to purchase PriceFinder direct from the company itself at a heavily discounted rate…. saving you $1122 per annum

So What's The Cost?

Like I said, people have paid up to $3497 up front to access the above resources but now you can get ALL of it for less than a cup of coffee a day!

For just $97 a month you can access the whole kit and kaboodle…. Literally the master key to my complete library of property investing tools and resources.

The best part is there are no contracts and no up front commitments, just the monthly fee and you can pull out whenever you like!

There's only one problem. This offer won't last forever.

Once the membership reaches a certain level of subscribers, the price will increase to cope with demand.

And if you don't take advantage of it right now, you can rest assured that someone else will… and they'll be cashing in on deals that should've been yours!

So be warned!

By the way… once you lock in the current price, we guarantee that your monthly price will NEVER increase as long as your account is kept active.

In other words, you get more value via the new content added every month but wont have to pay a cent more to access it!

Let me lay it out for you in an easy to read table so you can understand the real value on offer here


Now I want to make this a total no brainer for you and ensure you have zero risk in taking me up on this opportunity.

If for some strange reason you get inside the Ultimate Property Hub and it’s not what you expected, here’s what I’ll do:

I’ll give you 3 whole days to take a look around and if you seriously think the information shared is not for you, I’ll refund the $97 that you invested, no questions asked.

You have absolutely zero risk in giving this a red hot go…No ifs, no buts, no coconuts.

You can start accessing all the training material inside the Ultimate Property Hub within minutes if you subscribe now using the button below:


One More Thing.... Read This If You
Want The Edge Over Other Property Investors

  • [Special Bonus] Goal Setting Masterclass Recording

    As part of my commitment to the Ultimate Property Hub community, I want to make sure you have ALL the tools to deal with emotional blockages and make your dreams a reality…

    So as of today, I’ve just added this Interactive MasterClass recording as a bonus for YOU.

    It’s an interactive recorded session and only for Ultimate Property Hub Members. I’ll be leading you through the exact method I use for smashing my goals, so the next 12 months can be your best yet.

The Ultimate Property Hub is all you need to start finding highly profitable deals no matter what the market is doing.

It will rapidly transform you into a well-rounded expert investor that doesn't fall for the lemons. (Not to mention the bonuses themselves are worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.)

So, if you're tired of not finding deals that stack up… then this membership is all you need.

It's time to break free from the pack and join the top, unstoppable 1% of investors. Do it now while you still can at this grand opening price

The Ultimate Property Hub is the most innovative, powerful, cutting-edge resource for finding killer deals in today's market… locking them in before anyone else gets their mitts on them… and turning them into money in the bank.

It includes access to the DIY Renovation, Subdivision, Development and Joint Venture Kits. You’ll also get our Deal Finder Training Dojo (now including over 52 modules covering every kind of deal possible), and our renowned Property University, updated every month with the latest money making strategies.

Register now while the offer is still available and I'll see you on the inside!


Matt Jones's Family

P.P.S. And remember, with our "No Questions Asked" guarantee – there is zero risk on your part. If you don’t like the look of it, just let me know within 3 days of purchase and I’ll give you your money back!


  • q-iconI already own one or more of your DIY Kits Matt, why do I need to pay for them again?

    Firstly, if you have invested in any of the DIY Renovation, Subdivision, Development or JV Kits in the past, your access to them is unchanged. However if you want to build on the strategies you already have with more knowledge, community support and access to Matt via live broadcasts, you need to be party of the Ultimate Property Hub membership.


  • q-iconI already have an existing annual membership with you, what happens to it.

    If you already have an existing annual membership with us (Ultimate, Platinum or Virtual Plus) you will be automatically upgraded to the new Ultimate Property Hub membership with the same expiry date to your existing membership.

  • q-iconIs PriceFinder included in the Ultimate Property Hub Membership?

    The only way to access PriceFinder is by purchasing directly through them. However as an Ultimate Property Hub Member, we will provide you with a special PriceFinder approved link that gives you a heavily discounted price to access PriceFinder, saving you up to $1122 per year.

  • q-iconWhy have you made the Ultimate Property Hub so cheap when members were paying thousands of dollars for the same content?

    Our main goal here is to build a community that interacts with the various platforms that are being provided (live events, facebook live broadcasts, interactive community) After all, we built the biggest live property networking group in the country so that’s what we’re good at. We want everyone to be able to afford this.

  • q-iconHow quickly can I start access the Ultimate Property Hub?

    A few minutes after your payment is processed, you’ll receive a welcome email that has your personalised login to access the entire portal. You’ll be on the inside with just a few clicks and I’ll be waiting there to greet you with your first video

  • q-iconHow up to date is the information?

    This is an interactive live community and fresh content will be uploaded monthly plus a stack of live sessions will be broadcasted during the month to keep you on your toes!

  • q-iconCan I pause my access and come back to the Ultimate Property Hub later?

    You can opt out and opt back in whenever you like. This is not a gym membership, there are no lock in contracts. Please note: If you decide to pause, cancel or opt out, and there is a price rise, you won’t be allowed back in at the original price point. You restart your membership at the full rack rate.

  • q-iconCan I access this content on my phone?

    Yes all the content is available via the web and configured for all devices (smart phones, tablets, laptop and desktops) You will need to be connected to the internet however you will be able to download any audio and video to listen and watch at your convenience.

  • q-iconAm I locked in to a contracted period to access the Ultimate Property Hub?

    Nope. This is an all inclusive membership at the one low monthly price that you can opt out of at any time.

  • q-iconIs there a hard copy version of the Ultimate Property Hub

    No. All content is accessed via the Ultimate Property Hub online membership portal.

  • q-iconI can’t get to the monthly property group meetings, should I still join the Ultimate Property Hub? Will I be sent a custom laminate and lanyard?

    Absolutely! The live networking events are just one component of the membership and we have created an online presence for you to experience whether you are in the room or not. You’ll particularly love the live broadcasts on the night that you can stream on your phone or laptop (or watch the recording later) so it’s just like being in the room. Wherever you are in Australia, we’ll still post you a customised laminate and lanyard so you can wear it while you watch!

  • q-iconDoes being an Ultimate Property Hub member give me any other discounts?

    Yes. All UPH members are provided with a heavily discounted price to access PriceFinder. For those investors that use PriceFinder you can expect to save $1122 per year on your PriceFinder subscription by purchasing through us.