Are You Looking To Create Fast Profits And Equity On Your Next Deal?

Dear fellow property investor.

  • Are you having trouble making a decent profit out of your current property investing strategy?
  • Are you frustrated that you cant find a profitable property deal in the current market?
  • Are you nervous about trying new strategies for fear they will send you backwards financially?

Then what I am about to share with you is the most important information you will read all year!

Hi, my name is Matt Jones and I’ve been investing in property for over 7 years now using active strategies that create wealth in any market. The best strategy I have used to date is the subdivision strategy. The only problem was there has never been any documented information on how to do it!

In the early days I had to scour the Internet looking for information like:

  • Finding basic costs so I could budget properly for a project
  • Finding out what council will allow and what codes I need to adhere to
  • How do I go about connecting sewer and water to the new property?
  • How much will council charge me to do a subdivision?
  • Finding a profitable subdivision project in the first place!
  • How long would it take?
  • What council zoning do I need to work in?

It was like putting together one of those
5000 piece jigsaw puzzles!


I was beginning to think there was a ‘town planning mafia’ out there that was withholding all the important pieces to the puzzle to make a subdivision work!

It was impossible to find a single document that had all the information i needed in one simple package…. until now.


Introducing… The DIY Subdivision Kit!

My Revolutionary 12 Step System On
Subdividing Property For Profit…..

  • 12 fundamental steps revealing each phase of the subdivision process and how you can achieve massive results with confidence!
  • I’ll give you the complete list of definitions, special clauses and costings to ensure your numbers stack up from the start!
  • Revealed! My own personal case study showing you how I made $45,000 in just 9 months while I worked a 9 to 5 job!
  • I’ll solve your worst case scenario by giving you my ‘what happens if council denies my application’ exit strategies.
  • Discover my comprehensive subdivision checklist that will ensure you have complete confidence when assessing your next project.
Brendan Browne

“This is a must have resource for anyone looking to take the step up from regular property investment to subdivisions. I only wish I had this when completing my first subdivision as it would of saved a lot of time and money! The lessons learned section alone will save you thousands. I am about to complete my next project and this will be extremely handy to make sure every aspect is covered and the project runs smoothly. It is easily the most comprehensive subdivision guide I have seen available!”

Brendan Browne
DIY Subdivision KitSoft Copy - Only $450!
DIY Subdivision KitHard Copy - Only $550!

So lets take a look at what’s inside
the 100 page work book and 3 Disc Kit…

  • First things first! I show you the exact method I use to FIND a profitable subdivision project!

    This can be done as fast or as slow as you want and in fact I found another subdivision deal while putting this package together! I show you how to analyse a new area and literally drill down in each suburb to find the perfect subdivision deal to get you started!

  • Building a competent team around you is critical

    Inside the DIY Subdivision Kit is a complete list of people you will need to use and what their expertise entails. I also give you names and phone numbers of some of those key people so that you can use mine!

  • Would you like to know all the subdivision costs?

    I’ve got this covered as well. In fact in section 8 pages 57 – 63 I detail every possible associated cost with a simple subdivision so that you are clear about your numbers before you sign a purchase contract.

  • How to get a good subdivision deal under contract

    It’s one thing to find the right deal BUT getting it under contract with the right clauses is another. Inside the DIY Subdivision Kit, I give you 6 ‘must have’ special clauses that will ensure you get a massive head start on the project, plus save you substantial holding and GST costs

  • Strategies, strategies and more strategies!

    The great thing about subdividing property is the many ways you can make it work to create a profit. I take you through 5 of my favourite ways to ensure you maximise the profit in your deal

  • My revolutionary 12 Step System, complete with Flow Chart

    Having a flow chart is a great way to get a birds eye view of what has to happen. To go with it, The DIY Subdivision Kit steps through each phase and gives you the real nuts and bolts in Section 6 pages 35 – 47. I literally walk you through each step including what to do, who to speak to, how long it will take and what it will cost – Brilliant!

  • The pitfalls of subdivision and what to look out for!

    You need a Plan B, C, D and E in this business and that’s why I dedicate a whole chapter solely discussing what things might trip you up and how to deal with them. Like what to do if council rejects your application or what strategies can i use if neighbors object to your development

Cameron Krook

“I’ve found Matt Jones’ DIY Subdivision Kit to be a tremendous boon to my independent property development business. The content is very easy to read, candid, comprehensive and full of great tips for both novice and experienced developers. I’ve particularly benefited from Matt’s insight into things that people often overlook, such as multiple, written exit strategies, especially when Council’s decision might not go my way. I wholeheartedly recommend DIY Subdivision Kit to any seasoned or aspiring developer who wants to rocket their efforts into the property stratosphere!”

Cameron Krook
DIY Subdivision KitSoft Copy - Only $450!
DIY Subdivision KitHard Copy - Only $550!

You Want More I Hear You Say?


When managing my own property projects, I always like to make sure people have all the tools they need to get the job done right. And the DIY Subdivision Kit is no exception.

On top of the 100 page workbook with all the information mentioned above, I include:

  • A complete 9 page checklist to make sure you tick all your boxes when finding the right project
  • A feasibility spreadsheet accompanied with an onscreen video of me showing you how to use it
  • Four 1 hour recorded conversations I’ve had with property gurus specifically discussing subdivision
  • My insider PowerPoint presentation video revealing one of my subdivision projects with me narrating the entire process!
  • Two killer ‘Real Deal” Video Presentations from two subdivision experts showing you their latest deal
  • Plus my special report revealing how you can become an area expert in just 7 days!

Now that truly is a phenomenal amount of information that I guarantee will take your property investing to whole new level!

You see, I’ve spent many years doing multiple subdivisions and had to do them the hard way. There was nothing available that would show me the exact process so it was all done by trial and error and a lot of help from colleagues in the industry. This meant I made a lot of mistakes and left a lot of money on the table that could have been used on future projects.

Its for this reason that I decided to put together the DIY Subdivision Kit. This incredible package of information is built from my own experience over many years of blood, sweat and tears and I am proud to say that the DIY Subdivision Kit will transform the way you make money in property.

Henry Camacho

“This DIY Subdivision KIT is packed with all the information and tools needed to successfully conduct a subdivision. Having just finished my first subdivision, I can say that it was a massive learning curve. I can see how valuable this KIT is as it provides all the details that you need – from identifying the right lots to subdivide all the way across the subdivision process and the exit strategies. It also covers everything that you need to know to have a profitable project. I wish I had access to this product before. I am sure I will be using the kit for my upcoming subdivision projects”

Henry Camacho
Property Investor Brisbane
DIY Subdivision KitSoft Copy - Only $450!
DIY Subdivision KitHard Copy - Only $550!

Remember! The worst thing that could happen is if you bought the DIY Subdivision Kit and it sat on the shelf like all the other CD packs and workbooks gathering dust.

I don’t want this to happen to you! Like I keep saying, the learning is in the doing, and I’m giving you every opportunity to attain real success with your property investing.

OK, Enough! How Much Is This Going To Cost?

I’ve been told that the DIY Subdivision Kit alone could be equated to a 6 month subdivision mentorship and people would literally pay thousands of dollars for that.

But I’m not going down that track…

I want everyone to have access to this phenomenal amount of information. I want you to achieve what I’ve been able to achieve and I know that if you implement what I show you that you too will build wealth and success beyond your dreams.

Check out your two versions of the DIY Subdivision Kit to choose from:

DIY Subdivision KitSoft Copy - Only $450!
DIY Subdivision KitHard Copy - Only $550!
Greg Dalla

“This is by far the most comprehensive information I have ever come across on subdividing property. The fact that Matt has included real life resources to go with the Kit really makes it the most stand out education tool Ive seen in years… I’m already locked in for the big pack!”

Greg Dalla
Sunshine Coast

One More Thing…

If you know me, you are already very aware that I always over deliver and provide massive value with everything I do. For those that haven’t met me, this 30 Day guarantee is for you.

If the DIY Subdivision Kit is not absolutely everything I claim it to be… send me an immediate email and I will not only give you a prompt, no hassle, no questions asked 100% refund, but I will even let you keep all the downloads and the product itself as my way of saying “thank you for giving it a go”.

Procrastinating could be a costly mistake! So to avoid disappointment, act now!

Again this is a time sensitive opportunity and as you can see, you get the works. There isn’t anything like this anywhere in Australia so take this opportunity while its staring you in the face!

The biggest risk in life is not to take a risk. Take action now and click the Order Now button below while it’s fresh in your mind.

DIY Subdivision KitSoft Copy - Only $450!
DIY Subdivision KitHard Copy - Only $550!

So There You have It…


I’ve given you everything you need to turn you into a subdividing expert. All you need to do is take action!

I truly hope you embrace this opportunity because I am really looking forward to sharing everything I know with you about subdividing property for profit.

This really is your ticket to achieving massive results in property investing. Subdividing property has made me a ton of cash and the DIY Subdivision Kit has everything you need to know to replicate my success.

I look forward to working with you inside the DIY Subdivision Kit!





PS. Let me remind you that the DIY Subdivision Kit is backed by our rock-solid 100% no risk money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Act now before this offer ends.

“Hi Matt
I purchased your Subdivision Kit on Tuesday night and just wanted to let you know that all your hard work was worth it. So far I am very impressed with everything I am reading and think the checklist and feasibility sheets are excellent.”

- Kerin Bushell, Newfarm, QLD
DIY Subdivision KitSoft Copy - Only $450!
DIY Subdivision KitHard Copy - Only $550!