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Matt Jones
Matt Jones, founder of Property Resource Shop and The Ultimate Property Hub

Hi, I'm Matt Jones.

As the founder of the largest property networking group in Queensland, I talk to a lot of people.

Many of them tell me they wanted to become successful property investors, but now they feel like they're too late to the party.

The ship has sailed. They missed out.

If you've been feeling the same way, know this:

The window of opportunity is still wide open… but the rules have changed.

You see, those who play by the old rules will indeed find there are very few good deals left. 

Lucky for you, there’s new information available for you today that will change everything – – I’d like to introduce you to it now:

Your Second Chance To Make Money In Today's Property Market

Skeptical? I don’t blame you.

The last few months have been pretty rough for most investors.

But not for those who have the “key” I was telling you about. That is, insider information that most people in property don’t even know exists.

Instead of me telling you just how much this info is worth… why don't you take a look yourself at how much people who have this key are already earning:

"Not always plain sailing but a whopping $125,501 dollars profit all the same!"

Sue Hannay
Peter Baumann

"Found myself a sweet little deal in Albany Creek. Made $96,500 in a few short weeks!"

Peter Baumann
Mick Martyn

Took me 3 days to find my first subdivision deal following this method.

At first I was nervous to pull the trigger.

Then I used the special clauses you recommend to 100% de-risk the deal, which alleviated my fears and allowed me to proceed with certainty and confidence. I'm glad I did…

Because in just 6 months, this project provided a 220% annual return!!

Mick Martyn

"Just finished our very first deal following this method.

Netted us $59,000 in just 10 weeks!!

Now we're already on to our next project, with an estimated $169,000 net profit in about 6-7 months."

Alan & Michelle Castorina

"You covered every step with such great detail, it was incredibly easy to follow!

I'm already on my second project, standing to make $70,000 from this one!"

Graeme Jarry
James Moffit

"I'm on track to make $250,000 on my very first deal!

I don't know about you, Matt, but to me that's some serious money!"

James Moffit
Sunny Velumani

"Matt, I have already made $133,000 in equity from my very first project!”

Sunny Velumani

These First-Time Investors Are Making $96K… $125K… $133K…Even $250K And More In Today's Market!

Here's one example of how they're doing it - and the power of insider info:

Say you took a property subdivision course (other than this one) that's fairly "up to date" (released in the last 12 months).

It would teach you that to subdivide property, the size of each new lot you create must be at least 400m2.

And that's generally true…

Unless You Join The Insiders
Who Know Better

What your average course won't teach you (and most "property gurus" don't even know because they're no longer active in the market) is this:

There's a loophole that allows investors who are in the know to get council approval for subdivisions that are far smaller than anything you've ever imagined. 

One investor recently used this loophole to earn over $200,000 subdividing property in an "overpriced" area where everyone else says "there are no good deals left!"

All by getting approval to subdivide one 1000 square metre lot into FIVE lots only 180-200 sq. metre each – which nobody else thought possible.

How To Find This Kind Of Money-Making Information

First, here’s how you can’t and never will get it: 

  • You'll never get this information from books or magazine articles
  • You'll never get this information from gurus who aren’t actively buying, selling, and developing
  • You'll never get this information from all the TV shows about property (all of them give you YESTERDAY'S NEWS)

Really, the only way you can get this money-making information is from insiders.

They are seemingly ordinary people. But they have done the work. They have tried all solutions. And each one of them has found a unique pathway to Property Wealth…

And they’re willing to share it with you on my exclusive membership site: 


Money-Making Strategies – And Nothing Else!

You've already seen one example of the red hot info you'll find inside this membership - the "Miniature Subdivisions" strategy I just told you about.

One is the "$106,000 In 5 Months" case study. The other is the "1 Into 5 Miniature Lots" subdivision strategy I just told you about.

And I share that kind of insider info ALL THE TIME inside the Ultimate Property Hub.

And right now there are 142 other "Insider Strategies" waiting just for you inside the membership… with at least one new insider case-study added every month!

  • Over 142 Insider Money-Making Secrets, With New Case Studies Added EVERY Month!
  • Access to bargains NOBODY else knows about
  • My proprietary "Dud-Evasion System" to de-risk every deal you make
  • Discover financing options the "average person" can never reach
  • And so much more…

So let me ask you a question:

How would you like to get the secret to making 6-figure profits from miniature subdivisions… and 142 other money-making property insider secrets… 

For Just $1!

Yes, that's not a typo. ONE. DOLLAR.

Why one dollar? Am I nuts?

Hear me out.

I realise that giving this kind of information away for just one dollar seems crazy. But there's a very good reason why I'm doing it:

To take all risk off your shoulders. 

Let's face it – there are A LOT of property courses out there… and most of them are so wildly outdated it should be illegal for their creators to keep selling them!!

I got burnt by some of them myself when I was getting started twelve years ago. And to this day I resent those experiences.

That's why I want you to test-run EVERYTHING I've got here without making any commitment and without risking any real money - and I hope you'll see for yourself why hundreds of members choose to continue their membership at the full price of $97 a month. That's all.

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Frankly, I doubt that you've ever faced such an obvious no-brainer decision your entire life.

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Join now while this offer is still available, I'll see you on the inside.


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