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Do You Want to Be Free and Get Rid of Your Money Problems Once and For All?

Brendan Nichols
Brendan Nichols, self-made multi-millionaire, and bestselling author

How would you like to never have to work again?

Think that's impossible? It isn't. I've been doing just that for a long time.

What's more important to you is, I've shown tens of thousands of people who came to my seminars exactly how to get what they wanted: MORE FREEDOM.

If you don’t know me, my name is Brendan Nichols.

I am terrible at fixing cars. I'm hopeless at gardening. However, I do have a gift when it comes to showing people how to get out of the rat race.

I am a best selling author, published by the giant publisher, Harper Collins and I have appeared in the media dozens of times. And have trained tens of thousands of people on three continents.

I Started From Nothing –– Dead, Flat Broke

I built myself up from scratch, and (this is important) – I had several successful businesses BEFORE I became an educator.

While other teachers talk about it, I have actually walked the walk before I talked the talk!

At this point in time I am fortunate to never have to work again.

For over 30 years, I've taken an average of 3 months holidays a year – all in some of the most exotic locations in the world.

Are you sick of the grind – do you finally want a life?

You're at the right place. And at the right time.

Listen, I rarely talk in public. These days I only train people on an elite mastermind group.

I haven’t done a public seminar in 2 years…

Until now:

My ONLY Public Seminar of the Year!

1 day Seminar - Limited Numbers

AND NO – IT'S NOT a Multi Speaker Event where you get sold every hour.

It’s just me.

So let me ask you. Do you really want to MAKE A LOT MORE MONEY?


If you are finally ready to kick your life into gear and HAVE the kind of lifestyle options that you really want…

Naturally I can’t guarantee you the same results –– but here’s what people have said about my consulting and training:

"Brendan Nichols is the real deal. His information is powerful, practical and best of all...extremely profitable. I unreservedly recommend him to you."

Steve McKnight, #1 Best-selling author and Leading Property Expert

"I have attended numerous wealth and investment seminars. How I wish Brendan's seminar was the first. He is the best! Remarkable seminar that I will recommend to anyone who wants to discover the truth of success."

Steven Teo, Retired Businessman

What You Will Learn

  • “The Freedom Principles” that I believe you must use to make more money, escape the grind and never have to work again.

    All my clients who have worked with the best speakers on the planet say that the incredible “Freedom Principles” are not only cutting edge - but not taught anywhere else.

  • The greatest vehicle (used by over 90% of the rich) to make money and potentially set yourself up for life
  • Why I paid $2.1 million dollars in cash (of my own money – NO finance) for a block of apartments…
    … and REJECTED the two offers I got for $3 million dollars before settlement

    This will change your view of investing and true wealth.

    If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping at night and not worrying about debt, knowing about this principle IS A MUST.

  • The single greatest return you will ever get on your money (completely legal, and if done correctly it costs you very little.)

    In some cases I have spent a few thousand dollars and made over a hundred thousand in return – NO exaggeration!

    And it is NOT dodgy and does not involve huge risk.

  • The strategies that I believe you must use to set yourself up FOR LIFE

    And lastly…

  • HOW TO ERADICATE THE PROFIT-MURDERING PATTERNS AND MENTAL VIRUSES that plague soooo many people, holding them back!

    “We all live in cages with the doors wide open,” said George Lucas (who is very rich). Never have truer words been spoken!

    If you want freedom, it is CRITICAL that you get this part right – – and that's why I believe you will get massive value that you will not get elsewhere.

This is not like the huge events I used to do, with thousands and thousands of people.


Once it’s sold out – it’s gone.

And I won't be holding any other event this year. So this is your one and only chance.

Please don’t think this is a get rich quick seminar, or that I’ll be pulling rabbits out of hats.

You have to apply the material.

This is information that I have refined for over 30 years, with tens of thousands of people at my events. So why am I sharing it?

There Is A Reason I Am Doing This Now

Years ago I decided to ‘retire.’

I didn’t need to work for money anymore.

I stopped doing seminars, and did a lot of skiing and a lot of surfing instead (and I mean a lot.)

I loved it… for a while. Then I began to feel unfulfilled.

I like helping people. I LOVE seeing people have the life they really want!

If that sounds corny to you, keep this in mind: Many years ago, I walked away from an incredibly successful real estate project marketing company – – just because I really wanted to make a difference.

That's how much this means to me. 

Which is why this event will NOT be a multi speaker event of speakers constantly selling you stuff.

Frankly, I think this 1 day training is ‘the bedrock foundation’ in making more money.

And I believe all your future efforts will be severely handicapped if you don't know this information.

Seating is limited and once the seats are sold out then that’s it.

So it’s time to make a decision.

Don't let the same old excuses hold you back from the breakthrough of a lifetime.

The following results are not typical and we do not guarantee everyone will get the same results.

“I made an extra $2,200,000 in profit in one year from Brendan Nichols remarkable advice and strategies.

He showed me how to restructure one business enterprise that was about to yield $300,000 into a $2,500,000 profit.

Brendan's genius to get phenomenal results is amazing."

Dr. Raewyn Tierney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

"Brendan Nichols powerful strategies have put so much money in my bank account that money has become a non-issue – – I am now financially free!

My lifestyle is now truly amazing and I am living the life of my dreams. Brendan's information is awesome!"

Ross Mclean, Director; Neptune Products, Auckland, New Zealand

"Just one idea from Brendan Nichols led to an additional $1.1 million dollars profit within that calendar year."

Tony McChesney, Director; Compaction Australia, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Act Quickly - Grab A HUGE Discount

Seating is absolutely limited – so it's first in. And as I said, I currently have no plans to hold any other public seminars – this is it:

“Escape The Rat Race”

Saturday September 21st
Hilton Hotel, Brisbane CBD

Personally I believe this course is worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars – But You ONLY pay $97.

ON TOP OF THAT, if you tell us before lunch that you don’t like it, I will give you your money back and an additional $100.

YES – pay $97, turn up and if you don’t like it – for any reason - I give you your money back and an additional $100!


I don’t need the money – but I do like helping people. If you aren’t one of those people,  let’s just part friends and move on. Life is too short to spend time with people who aren’t on the same wavelength.

Sound good? So click the button below right now to book your seat:

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WARNING: 80% of tickets already gone. Ticket sales end
midnight Sunday 28th July 2019 or when tickets are sold out


There is NO RISK – you only pay $97 AND I PAY YOU your money back plus an additional $100 if you don’t like it – just tell us before lunch.

Warm regards,

Brendan Nichols

PS. Is This Your Moment? THE MOMENT you look back and say, “That was the time when my life took off?…”

Success requires motion. Take action now:

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reserve your spot

WARNING: 80% of tickets already gone. Ticket sales end
midnight Sunday 28th July 2019 or when tickets are sold out