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Here’s Why This Exclusive Community Is So Special

  • Who do you hang around with? Success in property comes from the people you hang around with. Platinum members get to rub shoulders with some of the best in the business
  • Premium Research Tools: Platinum Members get access to PriceFinder to maximise your deal hunting success
  • Your own magazine subscription to stay across everything property related in Australia
  • Access to LIVE monthly webinars to help you find great property deals
  • A boat cruise for you and your partner to attend plus multiple events for you to attend and network with property investors of all skill levels

I joined the Property Resource Shop about 4 months ago. There is just so much useful and interesting information on there. My personal favorite is listening to previous presentations, because it’s so relevant plus it’s local so I get a lot of value out of it. Also great is the contacts section where you can find tried & tested professionals and tradies. There’s a lot more than that to explore on the site too, and it’s kept current which is good. Keep it coming guys … you’re doing a awesome job!

Flic Gibbs

Dear fellow Platinum Member

2016 is shaping up to be a very prosperous year for property investors and working with people like yourself within the Platinum Membership is going to be both a privilege and an inspiring process.

My whole investing career has been based around networking with the right people and surrounding myself with successful property investors that walk their talk.

The Platinum Membership has become an extended version of this where I open up my exclusive, close knit circle of colleagues and advisors to fellow Platinum members to assist with their own journey in property investing.

Here’s what’s including when you
join or renew your Platinum Membership


This First Pillar of Success is at the top of the list for a reason. Networking and building your team with quality people is paramount to fast tracking your wealth creation plan. Which is why, first and foremost you receive in the post your Platinum Annual Pass.

That’s a personalized custom laminate posted out to you that is your golden ticket to each and every property group meeting for the next 12 months…. PLUS

We know how important it is to have your spouse and family on board with you for this journey so if you have a partner or family member that lives in the same house, they will be posted a custom Platinum Annual Pass as well for FREE!

We hold monthly meetings in Brisbane, and quarterly meetings in Sunshine and Gold Coast, and each event is absolutely chock full with value…. it really is your opportunity to rub shoulders with property investors of all skill levels.

Each meeting has two or three speakers presenting relevant content about the current property market.

From accountants to vendor finance experts; mortgage brokers to solicitors; town planners to real estate agents; property mentors to building inspectors. It’s just an abundance of quality subject matter from experts that know and love property investing.

Heck we even get Mum and Dad investors from the audience up to share with everyone their latest project – complete with photos, profit & loss and more importantly, lessons learned!

This is a biggie and I’m not going to outline every detail of this incredible resource. Needless to say it’s a proven winner with property investors all over: Access to the Property Resource Shop Membership Site


This aint your everyday investing tool…. it’s literally bursting at the seams with content for you to download, access and interact with.

For starters all of the past and future property meetings have been (and will continue to be) uploaded to the site so you can download the video and audio to watch and listen to at your leisure.

You get access to a Live Real Estate News Feed to keep you abreast of what is going on in the market – including state by state information on interest rates, government announcements, infrastructure publications, and the works!

For those that like to let their fingers to do the talking, hook into our dedicated members forum and connect with other likeminded people.  Login with your Facebook account and post your deals. Share your excitement and gain positive feedback.  This is just another place to find your JV partner or have all your questions answered.

Now let’s not forget the jewel in the crown of the Property Resource Shop membership site: A comprehensive list of professionals and tradies – all tried and tested and ready to be referred to you. Yes this is what I was missing when starting off and having to work my way though the ‘hit and misses’ around building a solid contact base that worked with me.

There is also a stack of bonus budget spreadsheets for the current year, article publications, due diligence checklists, audio downloads and a 150+ Q&A document that will answer every conceivable question you have about profiting with property!

We invested in Matt’s Platinum Membership package and it transformed our whole take on property investing. Our first subdivision project is currently weeks from completion and we stand to make over $150k profit.  We have just received development approval for another subdivision project that will make even more profit. Having Matt’s guidance has enabled us to do this while simultaneously completing several other renovation flip projects this year. Thanks Matt your membership package is outstanding!

Leon & Catherine Weber
Sunshine Coast
Remember if you have a partner or family member,
we will give them access to the
Property Resource Shop for FREE

I’ve decided to up the ante this year and give Platinum members access to this ‘state of the art’ research tool.

This resource is simply a “must have tool” for anyone expecting to become a successful property investor. In this day and age, internet is king and having an online research tool like this will ensure you are ahead of the pack in both your due diligence and feasibilities.

Platinum membership gives you 12 months access to:

pricefinder_logo_largeAs you probably already know  PriceFinder is an essential tool for all property investors to be able to make preliminary assessments of potential property deals they are investigating.

This fantastic resource has become the industry standard of accessing property data. There is no better way to sift through the critical information without having to call an agent to find out about:

  • Recent & historical sales data
  • Interactive mapping
  • Growth Charts

This resources gives you full national access (Excl Tas)

Webinars are where its at for education these days. Which is why we have included 12 of them to make sure you find your next property deal pronto!

You’ll receive a special link that gives you online access to our monthly webinar and if you don’t have computer access you can also phone in as well!

Each month we’ll get together online for 60 minutes in the comfort of your own home and spend quality time going through the following:

  • A complete overview of PriceFinder – learn how you as an investor can maximise from PriceFinder’s exceptional resources.
  • Look behind the veil of PriceFinder: You’ll get to see special tips and tricks that professional investors use to find quality sites at the click of a button.
  • Real Deal analysis: Send in your current deal so we can brainstorm ideas to unlock more profit or send in a potential deal you haven’t bought yet so we can crunch the numbers together!
  • I’ll share my own mentors and colleagues as special guests: These guys are absolute pro’s at finding great property deals so I’ll be picking their brains live so you get all the tips tricks and secrets as well!
  • Plus we’ll send you a recording of each webinar: So if you miss the monthly webinar event you can still get access to the content or better still listen to it again to reinforce the teachings.
  • With your own secure login, you'll get the keys to the webinar vault where you'll find over two years of webinar recordings.
These webinars are going to be so much more than just an educational tool and here’s why:
  • Consistency: Every success I have ever achieved has come from doing something consistently. Meeting online with me every month is going to give you that reliable source of inspiration to follow through with all your actions
  • Accountability: Have you ever found that it’s easier to keep a promise when someone else is counting on you? I’m going to be on your back each month to ‘show up’ at these webinars. This will make you accountable to find deals and take action.

In the Platinum Membership, we want to make sure you have everything at your fingertips and Success Pillar 5 ensures your market research is at the cutting edge.

This is a true magazine subscription that comes straight to your door weeks before it even hits the news stands. You will have all the latest market updates, case studies, state by state information, nationwide auction clearance rates, median prices & vacancy rates.

If you’re like me, you’ll be waiting by the letterbox chomping at the bit eager to flip through every bit of detail this fantastic magazine has to offer.

Those that join or renew their Platinum membership get a kickstart to put you ahead of the pack.

I know how important it is to start your journey off on the right foot so those that take action now will get a full hour with me on the phone to make sure you have a fully systemized plan of attack for the twelve months ahead!

I’ll share with you my prized goal sheets that i have been living by for over 10 years now. We’ll go through what you want to achieve and set some realistic, time sensitive, strategic goals and outcomes to ensure your success in 2016!

How cool is that?! If you don’t need any more convincing then just click on the order now button below.

The journey to success MUST include reward along the way and this is where most of us fail because we are so hard on ourselves.

Your membership includes 2 tickets on the Platinum Member Christmas Sunset Cruise to ensure that you have already built in the reward component form the start!

Next Platinum Member Boat Cruise is Sunday, 21st January 2018!


This truly is the pinnacle of the Platinum membership because you not only get to celebrate the last 12 months and rejuvenate for the year ahead, you also get the opportunity to rub shoulders with all our closely guarded colleagues, advisors and sponsors who just happen to be very successful property investors!

Platinum Membership is worth the investment just to get a seat on the boat!

Hi!  I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for organising the boat cruise.  It was such a fantastic night and I heard so many great property ideas and deals, and met so many wonderful people, it was awesome!

Jo Hein

OK, Lets recap what the 7 Pillars gives you

There is already a stack of content in the Platinum membership and still more to come but I don’t want to get ahead of myself so here’s a quick summary on what renewing your Platinum membership means for you:

The 7 Pillars Inside The Platinum Membership

  • Pillar One – Networking: A special Platinum laminate posted to you giving you access to the next 12 months of Property Group meetings to network, build your team and experience the vibrant atmosphere of these live events.
  • PillarTwo – Knowledge & Contacts: Exclusive access codes to the NEW section of the Property Resource Shop membership site that provides a pallet load of downloads, interactive resources, due diligence tools and strategies to give you the cutting edge.
  • Pillar Three – Finding Deals: PriceFinder! The industry standard ‘Must Have’ tools for becoming an area expert and locating your next property deal before it hits the market!
  • Pillar Four – Consistent Education: Live and interactive monthly webinars where you get your questions answered!.
  • Pillar Five – Market Research: Your Investment Property magazine delivered to your door for 12 months before it hits the news stands.
  • Pillar Six – Accountability: 60mins with Matt on the phone to ensure you're heading in the right direction and maximising your resources for the 12 months ahead
  • Pillar Seven – Reward: Get on board our annual Christmas cruise and celebrate the goals you have achieved so far!

I have been a member of the Property Resource Shop for some time now and have just renewed my membership because of the value for money. Having the ability to download presentations that I miss from unattended Property Networking meetups is great. I recall last year watching David Wright’s presentation that I missed and as a result got an amazing budget software package to keep me on track. There are a myriad of resources on the Shop for anyone interested in the property game (in the context of education, inspiration, contacts etc) and I would have no hesitation in fully recommending it.

Simon Johnson

Just $1497 $1297

Here Are 4 Massive Bonuses That Add Even More Value... 

We love to reward the fast action takers of the world (you know who you are) by giving you an extra “well deserved” incentive for knowing what you want and taking action to claim it…

Those that join or renew their Platinum membership get a kickstart to put you ahead of the pack. Check out these 4 bonuses:

PLATINUM BONUS #1 - Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip

As a Platinum Member you are entitled to 20% off the ticket price for the Mothers Milk Bank Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip!

Brisbane Property Adventure Bus Trip

This event is run twice a year (usually around June and November) and is an all day Fun and Info-Packed adventure filled with Practical Learnings and networking with over 150 like-minded property investors.

You'll get to study live projects and lessons as well as investigate REAL DEALS ON THE MARKET by talking with the developers that are actually doing them!

We donate 20% of all ticket proceeds to the Mother’s Milk Bank as well as raising thousands of dollars throughout the year for this great cause we are so proud to be sponsoring!

Note: New bus trip attendees receive 20% off the $97 ultra early bird price. Returning bus trip attendees receive 20% off the $297 early bird price.

PLATINUM BONUS #2 - Interactive Mindset Package

You may have all the knowledge and strategies in the world but if your mindset is working against you with lack of confidence, doubt or negative thinking then you won’t get past ‘GO’ let along watching any implementations occur!

Introducing Jill McIntyre's (my life coach!) interactive mindset package to help build confidence and banish procrastination!


You see, what you don’t get told is that property investing is such a roller coaster ride of emotions and very few succeed simply because they haven’t addressed their own habits and belief systems – even the high flying property investors have mindset hurdles to get over.

A massive key to success in this business is to have tools and strategies to ride that roller coaster and deal with the procrastination, the lack of confidence and the fear moving forward.

This is truly an interactive question and answer sheet that you can work through and come out the end with some positive results to work with and assist in your growth as a property investor – and you get 30 minutes on the phone with my personal professional life and business coach to work through your program with a fine tooth comb…. that’s extraordinary value!

PLATINUM BONUS #3 - Advanced Property Workshop

Property Investing is a journey of constant learning and taking yourself to the next level of wealth creation. Its essential to be exposed to quality educators that can tweak, enrich and advance your property skills.

This is why your Platinum Membership includes not one but TWO tickets to Nhan Nguyen’s half day Advanced Property Workshop!

nhan-new-website-header_update copy

The double pass means you can go along with your friend, partner or colleague. And remember, if you have been to one of Nhan’s workshops before, I guarantee that with another attendance you will take home a bag full of new information and confidence that you will be ready to access and utilise.


PLATINUM BONUS #4 - 20% Off All Products

As a Platinum Member I want to make sure you receive maximum benefit for being a part of this exclusive community.


That's why I'm giving you 20% off any one-off purchases that you make throughout the course of your 12 month membership.

That includes any of the DIY Kits, Action Plans and anything else we create during the period of your Platinum Membership.

When you join or renew as a Platinum Member, you will receive a specific custom coupon code that you can use on any of your one off purchases through the membership.

Just $1497 $1297

Stay tuned for more info once you join up as a Platinum Member!

One More Thing….

If the Property Resource Shop Platinum Package is not absolutely everything I claim it to be… send me an immediate email and I will not only give you a prompt, no hassle, no questions asked 100% refund, but I will even let you keep all the downloads plus all the bonuses as my way of saying “thank you for giving it a go”

Just $1497 $1297

Okay, so let’s recap what you’re going to get…

Just $1497 $1297

Bring Your Partner For Free!

I think its really important to have your partner or family on board when you are striving to achieve your goals and dreams. I know I couldn’t be where I am today without the support of my wife and family.

Which is why I am continuing to allow your spouse or partner to be a part of this very special Platinum package for FREE! When you go through to the checkout page you will have the opportunity to put in your partner’s name. They will then have access to the Property Resource Shop site and receive a custom laminate to attend all our Property Group meetings. The rest of the goodies you can share!

So there you have it….

You’ve really got nothing to lose right?

Get started on the right foot and commit to exceeding your own expectations!

This truly is an opportunity to be embraced. As always, we will continue to make it our mission to over-deliver, providing quality content combined with the utmost integrity at all times.

Having the right tools and resources could be the difference between
making and losing tens of thousands of dollars…
Do you think $1297 is a worthy investment
before making your next property transaction?

As you know, we have already created a thriving property community of like minded investors with the Property Resource Shop and my intention for this Platinum package is to continue to create a life changing resource for people wanting to get ahead in life through the property vehicle. My purpose is to:

  • Provide massive value
  • Provide quality content
  • Build a community of pro active members
  • Provide a resource that is inspiring and motivating

I am really looking forward to having you continue as a Platinum member into 2016 as it promises to be a year full of awesome property opportunities, and what a pleasure it will be to capitalize on this outcome together.






PS. All Platinum Members receive a 20% discount all year round on any one-off purchase, including our DIY Kits and Action Plans!

PPS. If you have a partner or family member that would like to attend the property meetings, as a Platinum member you can add them in for FREE!

PPPS. Remember! Platinum membership secures your seat on the Platinum Member Boat Cruise

PPPPS. Remember that you are totally covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee! So there is no risk on your part at all. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy!

Just $1497 $1297