The Simple Way To Create A 6-Figure Property Income!


The Ultimate Property Hub gives you all those things… AND SO MUCH MORE… and now you can have it all for a whole year… 25% OFF!!!

Here's what you get:

Strategies To Turn "No-Go" Deals Into Goldmines – Every Day Of The Year!

To make money subdividing, developing, or renovating property in this day and age, you need more than just knowledge…

You need insider information. 

Let me give you one example and you'll immediately understand what I mean.

If you've been spending any amount of time thinking about Subdivisions… you probably know the minimum size of each new lot you create is about 400m2 almost everywhere you look.

Why do I say "almost"? Because here's what insiders know:

In certain suburbs you can now subdivide into lots as small as 180sqm (!!) – opening a HUGE HUGE HUGE opportunity for investors who are in the know!

One investor recently subdivided a 1000m2 lot into FIVE 180m2 lots using this handy little loophole – – and pocketed over $200,000… in an overpriced area… where everyone else said "you can't find a deal that stacks!"

And I share that kind of cutting-edge insider info ALL THE TIME inside the Ultimate Property Hub. 

(In fact, I just gave it to you FOR FREE right here on this web page!)

You'll find this "minimum size" case study (and over 143 others) inside the Ultimate Property Hub as soon as you log in to your account. As well as:

  • Insider Info: UNWRITTEN RULES!

    By knowing what the local councils have already agreed to in other deals… you can get certain kinds of non-standard subdivisions and developments approved. (Even though they don’t follow the “official” zoning code for the area!)


    Knowing which properties are about to triple their value due to things like pending zoning changes is a great way to make a living! Get them under option and onsell, or buy cheap and develop yourself!


    Stop guessing what the market wants! I show you what subdivisions and developments are selling like hotcakes right now (and for exactly how much) – – so there's no need to take a gamble anymore. Build with confidence that you will sell… and sell well!


    It's often a 10% tweak off the "generic" plan that makes 90% of the profits… allowing you to squeeze EVERY OUNCE OF PROFIT from a property… turning "no-go" deals into "OMG! Let's sign the papers TODAY!!"

How do I make sure you get 100% CUTTING-EDGE info you can't find ANYWHERE else on the internet?

It's simple. By focusing every aspect of this membership exclusively on What's Making Money Right Now.

This is why each month you will receive:

  • 3-5 NEW Strategies Every Month – including DETAILED CASE STUDIES showing every step of the deal – and ALL THE NUMBERS!
  • Invite To "Masters Of Property" Assembly (hosted in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast) meet, learn, and network with the everyday investors making TRUCK LOADS OF MONEY right now in Queensland!
  • Masters Of Property – Session Replays – – Missed this month's assembly? Want to hear the secret strategies shared in the room? Now you can! Replays of all sessions from the last meetup PLUS our vault of over 7 years worth of previous meetups – at your fingertips!
  • Monthly "Secrets Of The Inner Circle" Updates – revealing the absolute latest tactics for minimising your taxes, better protecting your asset, chopping your holding costs by half, and so much more!
  • Weekly "Ask Me Anything" Q&A Calls – never ever get stuck again looking for answers. Whether it's help assessing a potential deal or you need a recommendation for a five-star tree lopper or a solicitor – I've got your back!
  • All Available To You 24/7/365 Inside Your Ultimate Property Hub Membership!
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Find The Bargains Most Investors Can Only Dream Of!

The #1 Question people ask me is, "Matt, can you help me find my next deal?"

My answer?

Not only can I help you find your next deal…

I will go as far as putting all my reputation behind the following promise:

Follow the steps I give you, and I guarantee you will have the ability to find at least one 6-figure deal a year for the rest of your life.

Here's what I've put inside the Deal Finding section of your Ultimate Property Hub membership to make sure this happens:

"The Most Comprehensive Deal-Finding Training Ever Created In Australia!"

52 videos, each about one hour long, covering EVERYTHING you need to start finding cracker deals. Including:

  • Secret ways to find EPIC deals everyone else is MISSING OUT ON!
  • How to find Joint Venture deals that can make you rich
  • Simple way to beat the crowd to the next boom… every single time!
  • CA$H COWS! – How to create multiple streams of income from cheap blocks of land nobody else wants (they don't know its true worth!)
  • Hundreds of other money-making (and money-saving) tips from all-star town planners, accountants, solicitors, developers, and more!
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Proprietary "Dud Evasion System" Makes Sure You Never Buy A Lemon!

  • My proprietary feasibility calculators – – tailored for Subdivision, Renovation, Development, or any combination of the three!


  • Battle-tested project plans and checklists for running any kind of Renovation, Subdivision or Development you fancy on time and ON BUDGET


  • I will PERSONALLY review your deals for you!!!

    Yes, you read that right!

    I will triple-check your feasibility assessment and provide insights on how I would proceed with the deal you're considering – – so you never have to figure things out on your own, and you can pull the trigger with confidence!

    (Limited reviewing one property a month. Fair's fair!)

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Can't Afford To Buy Property?
Now You Can!!!

The Ultimate Property Hub opens the door to financing options that have been unavailable to you up until now…

…which means you can stop worrying about saving cash or begging the bank to service your next loan.

Instead, you'll be finding cracker deals that can make you a boatload of money… no matter what your current financial situation is! 

In fact, many of our current members joined because they've been hit by the latest credit crunch… and needed a new way to get into property. The solution?

Your membership includes a copy of my latest, most updated, renowned DIY Joint Venturing Course!

  • How To Use Joint Ventures To Enter The Market At ANY Price Point You Want (Every Deal Is Suddenly Possible Once You Know This!)
  • 12 Types Of Joint Venture Deals You Absolutely Need To Know About
  • Who To Joint Venture With & Where To Find Them
  • Tried And Tested Template For Pitching Any Deal With Confidence And Getting It Funded (Even If You've NEVER Joint-Ventured Before. Even If It's Your First Deal Ever!)
  • Setting Up The Joint Venture – Who Does What And How To Protect Yourself (Including A Full Copy Of A JV Agreement I Paid MY OWN Solicitor $2200 To Write!)
  • How To Determine The Profit Share (Who Says You Need To Give 50% Away?)
  • Top 10 Do's And Don'ts… Plus 60 Full Pages Of Answers To The Most Frequent Questions My Mentoring Clients Ask Me About Joint Ventures!
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From Sideline Viewer To Well-Off Investor

Many Ultimate Property Hub members are already generating 6-figure property profits a year. And new members join them in the ranks every single day.

The fact of the matter is, there is a lot of money to be made in today's market and certainly in tomorrow's market. And anyone can do it – as long as they have the right info and act on it while it's still relevant.

That's why I created the Ultimate Property Hub – the "one stop shop" for property investors who want to make money subdividing, renovating, and developing in the new Australian property market. 

However, if you've never done any property deals before, you'll need some help before you can get the full money-making advantage of these powerful strategies. Which is why…

I'm including a MASSIVE BONUS in your membership when you join today:


For the last seven years, my DIY Subdivision, Renovation, and Property Development courses have been the state-of-the-art training for all aspiring property investors.

Now I went ahead and added hundreds of updates, new case studies, and new strategies to each of my DIY kits…

…making them THE BEST Subdivision, Renovation, and Development training ON THE INTERNET!

  • The most comprehensive online resource on how to PROFITABLY subdivide, develop, and renovate property – – UPDATED & EXPANDED 2019 VERSION!
  • Added over 100 new and detailed case studies, including: How to create $500,000 in equity with a simple renovation… $143k profit from subdividing property working just 5 hours a week… splitter blocks as good as owning a money-tree… developing cash-cows that yield… and yield… and yield! And more!!
  • Updated cost guides, project templates, flowcharts, and due diligence checklists! (Never book a tradesperson before consulting with these…)
  • Now EVERYTHING is available online and optimised for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices! (You can literally get the equivalent of three months worth of private mentoring by listening to these recordings while on the go!)

First Bonus:

Australia's #1 Best-Selling Subdivision Training Course – – 2019 Edition!

  • Covering ALL the fundamentals you need to know about if you want to make a lot of money subdividing property

    Splitter blocks… battleaxe… hammerhead… corner blocks… 1 into 2… 2 into 3… 2 into 4… even 1 into 16!

  • How to pick the right exit strategy and handle dynamic market conditions

    Buy, subdivide, sell one, keep one… Buy, subdivide, keep one, build one, sell one…Buy, subdivide, demolish, build two, sell two… and dozens of other creative options to make sure you always exit with more cash than you started with!!!


  • The fool-proof way to find a profitable subdivision that can create you a fat chunk of cash in 90 DAYS OR LESS
  • 5 distinctive "de-risking" clauses you must know before you sign a purchase contract – – make sure your investment is 100% protected from council push-backs!
  • 9 page long checklist to practically guarantee that EVERY DEAL you make yields substantial profit!
  • How to legally drop your holding costs to the absolute bare minimum – – reducing your expenses and adding to your profits!
  • How to build a team that will run the deal for you while you're enjoying your life… without overpaying them or breaking the bank! (Yes, ANYONE can do this from day 1!)



Second Bonus:

Second Bonus: "Property Development Genius" – – Robust & Updated 2019 Edition

Co-Authored With Property Millionaire, Nhan Nguyen!

  • Covering ALL the fundamentals of how modern developers earn from $100k to $1 million dollars a year (and often more) developing property

    Spec homes… townhouse development…building your team… the purchase process…the development process… exiting with a profit… and 10 "Plan B's" in case of emergency!

  • Full Breakdown Of EVERY STEP in developing townhouses and spec homes

    From preparing and lodging the application to giving your buyer their keys!


    Where to find them, how to turn them into free money!

  • Money-Tree Developments!

    Student housing, NDIS, and other cash-cow developments that always bear fruit!

  • Property Millionaire's 9-Page Due Diligence Checklist

    Assess every deal like a pro – – protect yourself from nasty duds that could set you back financially for 5 years!

  • The Truth About Land Subdivision

    Knowing this can be the difference between financial freedom, and wasting your life "working for the man" for another 20 years!

  • Assessing Potential Deals With Confidence

    The correct way to asses potential townhouse or spec home deal – – fast and accurate!


    You're either a fool or a daredevil if you don't include these clauses in your contracts!!!

  • Financing The Construction (Critical)

    Managing and implementing the bank's mandatory "triangle of accountability" to release the funds and pay your builders

  • The Build Contract

    What you should say (and in what exact words) to make sure you get what you pay for!

  • Steal My Own Phonebook!

    Builders, surveyors, town planners, valuation services, accountants, draftsperson, and everyone else you need to PROFITABLY raise a house off the ground!

  • And so much more…



Third Bonus:


Expanded & Updated Edition!

  • How to ALWAYS be ahead of the pack in a hot market

  • How to NEVER PAY the full price of a property (huge savings!)

  • The secret strategy to providing bullet-proof protection to your investment when you renovate!

  • Easy way to turn any renovation project into a success

    Yes, even if you over-capitalised and think you can't sell!

  • Turning negatively geared properties into positively geared money-makers…

    …with these SIMPLE renovation ideas!!!

  • Drug den renovations… AND MORE!



Fourth Bonus:

My Step-By-Step Course For Replacing Your Day Job… A.S.A.P!!!

"How I Doubled My Annual Income In Just 9 Months… Left My Job… And Took The Family On A 2-Year Tour Around France!"

  • Get the exact strategy I used to double my income through property profits… while holding a full-time job as a Postie!

    Yes, you can make big profits in property even if you only do it in your limited spare time!

  • Potentially replace you entire income doing one of these deals a year

    Use my proprietary "A+C+S+S=BP" formula to find and complete a profitable deal in warp speed!

  • Avoid the 3 most common (and costly) mistakes investors make – including the one that cost me over $12,000!

    Don't be a rookie who leaves tens of thousands of dollars on the table and watches the ATO take what's left of their profits! Simple contract clauses and a little bit of pre-planning go a loooong way!


As Well As…

Fifth Bonus:

Stop Wasting Time On Overpriced Tradespeople And Shady Professionals!

The Definitive Resource For Property Investors Who Want Only Tried-and-Tested Consultants, Contractors and Experts!

  • The ONLY proper "phonebook" of tried, tested, and VETTED tradespeople, professionals and property-related consultants – – for every state in the country!
  • Use the same core team that’s been servicing my investing projects and my colleagues for years!
  • Keep your project on track and on budget by only working with reliable, vetted, and responsible service providers!
  • Avoiding confronting altercations with service providers that do not operate with the level of integrity that you expect
  • Updated on a monthly basis!


And So Much More!!!

  • Sixth Bonus: Mindset Canvas (VALUED AT $297)

    Property investing is a roller coaster ride of emotions. If you want to survive and flourish, you need to learn how to handle your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.

    This unique process, given to me by my own life coach, helped me build my confidence and banish procrastination faster than anything I’ve ever tried before!

    It’s the key to unlocking the wealth and freedom of your dreams.

    And it’s yours to keep even if you cancel your membership!

  • Seventh Bonus: Save $1122 per year On PriceFinder!

    All Ultimate Property Hub members enjoy a heavily discounted rate for PriceFinder… saving you $1122 every year!!!

James Moffit

"I'm on track to make $250,000 on my very first deal!

I don't know about you, Matt, but to me that's some serious money!"

James Moffit

"You covered every step with such great detail, it was incredibly easy to follow!

I'm already on my second project, standing to make $70,000 from this one!"

Graeme Jarry
Peter Baumann

"Found myself a sweet little deal in Albany Creek. Made $96,500 in a few short weeks!"

Peter Baumann

"Just finished our very first deal following this method.

Netted us $59,000 in just 10 weeks!!

Now we're already on to our next project, with an estimated $169,000 net profit in about 6-7 months."

Alan & Michelle Castorina
Sunny Velumani

"Matt, I have already made $133,000 in equity from my very first project!”

Sunny Velumani

"Not always plain sailing but a whopping $125,501 dollars profit all the same!"

Sue Hanney
Mick Martyn

Took me 3 days to find my first subdivision deal following this method.

At first I was nervous to pull the trigger.

Then I used the special clauses you recommend to 100% de-risk the deal, which alleviated my fears and allowed me to proceed with certainty and confidence. I'm glad I did…

Because in just 6 months, this project provided a 220% annual return!!

Mick Martyn


No matter what your investing style is like… if you'd like to do big multi-million dollar  developments or small $50k-$100k renovations…  or anything in between…

I'm sure you understand by now the Ultimate Property Hub gives you everything you  need to make a living investing in property.

  • It gives you access to the latest money-making strategies.
  • It gives you access to bargains nobody else knows how to find.
  • It gives you access to my proprietary "Dud-Evasion System" and helps you de-risk every deal you make.
  • It gives you access to financing options most "everyday" investors can't reach.
  • And so much more…

Frankly, I doubt that you've ever faced such an obvious no-brainer decision in your entire life. It's literally the simplest decision you can make.

Access EVERYTHING inside the membership for 12 months… ATTEND the "Masters Of Property" Assemblies… Send me your deal for personal assessment and get my support…

All for $1164 JUST $870 today!!

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The Ultimate Property Hub is the most innovative, powerful, cutting-edge resource for finding killer deals in today's market… locking them in before anyone else gets their mitts on them… and turning them into big wads of cash.

It includes everything you've seen on this screen. The meetups. The strategies. The updated Renovation, Subdivision, and Development courses. The Joint Venture DIY Kit. The Most Comprehensive Deal-Finding Training Ever Created In Australia… My Rolodex… and so much more.

Register now while the offer is still available.


Matt Jones's Family

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  • q-iconWhy have you made the Ultimate Property Hub so cheap when members were paying thousands of dollars for the same content?

    Our main goal here is to build a community that interacts with the various platforms that are being provided (live events, facebook live broadcasts, interactive community) After all, we built the biggest live property networking group in the country so that’s what we’re good at. We want everyone to be able to afford this.

  • q-iconHow up to date is the information?

    This is an interactive live community and fresh content will be uploaded monthly plus a stack of live sessions will be broadcasted during the month to keep you on your toes!

  • q-iconCan I pause my access and come back to the Ultimate Property Hub later?

    You can opt out and opt back in whenever you like. This is not a gym membership, there are no lock in contracts. Please note: If you decide to pause, cancel or opt out, and there is a price rise, you won’t be allowed back in at the original price point. You restart your membership at the full rack rate.

  • q-iconCan I access this content on my phone?

    Yes all the content is available via the web and configured for all devices (smart phones, tablets, laptop and desktops) You will need to be connected to the internet however you will be able to download any audio and video to listen and watch at your convenience.

  • q-iconAm I locked in to a contracted period to access the Ultimate Property Hub?

    Nope. This is an all inclusive membership at the one low monthly price that you can opt out of at any time.

  • q-iconI can’t get to the monthly property group meetings, should I still join the Ultimate Property Hub? Will I be sent a custom laminate and lanyard?

    Absolutely! The live networking events are just one component of the membership and we have created an online presence for you to experience whether you are in the room or not. You’ll particularly love the live broadcasts on the night that you can stream on your phone or laptop (or watch the recording later) so it’s just like being in the room. Wherever you are in Australia, we’ll still post you a customised laminate and lanyard so you can wear it while you watch!

  • q-iconI'm a current UPH member, and I pay for my membership via monthly payments at the moment. I'd like to take advantage of the EOFY sale (25% off - yay!) and pay for 12 months in advance. What will happen to my monthly payments though?

    Easy – we’ll suspend your monthly payments for 12 months! The End of Financial Sale provides the option for existing and new members to access a 25% discount if paying for the full 12 months in advance. If you’re an existing member paying monthly, we’ll simply ‘pause’ those payments for 12 months.  Then, once your 12 months is up,  your monthly payments will continue on as normal, just as they are now.

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