Discover  3 Key Strategies To Make A Pile Of Cash On Your Next Renovation... Even When The Market Is Plummeting!

Introducing The DIY Renovation Kit:
A Proven Formula For Renovating For Profit

To: All property investors wanting to make money on a renovation – not just for experience!
From: Matt Jones, Property Investor and Renovation Expert

Dear fellow investor

My name’s Matt Jones, I’ve been in the property game for over 7 years now and in that time have had plenty of success but not without making a lot of mistakes!

I’ve bought and sold over $5,000,000 worth of residential property and I can tell you right now that making money in property is not as easy as everyone thinks – prices don’t always go up and I don’t like to wait around for capital growth, I prefer to make my money now.

Which is why I chose renovating as my strategy in the first place – it gives me the power to make a profit no matter what the market is doing.

Follow My Proven 3 Step Method To Profit On Your Next Renovation

Like you, I’ve attended a heap of property seminars and workshops and bought countless books and Cd’s trying to educate myself on the best ways to make money in property… but essentially it all came down to one thing:

Education and knowledge is no substitute for having a go yourself!

But I don’t want you to have to go through the same pain that I experienced getting to this point. I want you to learn from my mistakes which is why I have packaged everything up in this phenomenal product and am handing it to you on a silver platter

Introducing…The DIY Renovation Kit

A guide to renovating your property for profit
even when the market is plummeting!

DIY Renovation KitSoft Copy - Only $197!
DIY Renovation KitHard Copy - Only $297!

As an interior decorator and designer, I could literally see the dollars leap off each page as I studied Matt Jones’s DIY Renovation Kit. There are so many ways to add value to your renovation project on every page. By using the process outlined in the Kit, you are sure to minimise your effort and maximise your return on investment every time. I will definitely be recommending it to my reno clients. A masterpiece, Matt!

Tracey McLeod
CEO Showhomes Gold Coast, Queensland

Here’s why this DIY Renovation Kit is regarded as the#1 product for making money and eliminating risk on a renovation project …

  • Don’t Even Start A Renovation Project Until You Have Read This Personal Account Of Risk Free Investing… Losing Money Is The LAST thing You want happening.
  • Where to start? – What to do? How to Prepare? Who to Contact? What NOT to do? All your questions AND MORE are covered in this DIY Kit.
  • “HELP!! My Completed Renovation Wont Sell… NOW WHAT?” What to do when the market is declining and no-one wants your finished product.
  • AT LAST! A step by step guide to buy a property deal 20% under market value, and manage it through to completion… including a fail safe exit strategy so you don’t get left holding the can!
  • Tried & Tested Templates, Spreadsheets, Videos and Interactive Downloads to ensure you have all the tools you need to get cash in your pocket on your next renovation project.
DIY Renovation KitSoft Copy - Only $197!
DIY Renovation KitHard Copy - Only $297!

Take a look at some of the topics I cover in this package:

  • How to buy your next property 20% under market value using my proven “helicopter view” approach (pg 8)
  • Crunching the numbers – no fancy spreadsheets and formulas, just a rock solid two minute ‘back of the envelope’ method.
  • Formulating a killer offer designed to get your deal over the line that comes with your own template to implement.
  • Learn how to employ builders and trades that show up on time and get the job done – true leverage of your time!
  • Discover how I add thousands to my ‘bottom line profit’ with one simple technique.. that you can outsource!
  • For a lucky few, a chance to run your renovation deal past me!
DIY Renovation KitSoft Copy - Only $197!
DIY Renovation KitHard Copy - Only $297!
But I want to take this whole thing to another level…

One of the keys to my success is understanding the need for multiple exit strategies. You see, if you get into a property deal, you need a plan to get out and with a ‘buy-renovate-sell’ project; you don’t get paid until you get out!

So what happens if you can’t sell?

It’s one thing to do a professional renovation but if no one buys it, you don’t get paid! So in this product I will be giving you the tools and resources to literally turn your project on its head to guarantee that you make money whether it sells or not!

Curious? Well read on….

If you watched the video at the top of this page you would have seen that we did a brilliant job at transforming this dog box into a well presented family home.

Well guess what? We couldn’t sell it!

At the time of selling, the property market had slowed and our price needed to drop to meet the oversupply of buyers looking for a home.  I was in no position to keep discounting the property into a loss… nor did I want to rent it out negatively geared

You see I’m all about getting cash in your pocket so we got really creative and applied a brand new strategy that has turned the property from a potential loss into a positively geared investment!

You’ll see what, where, why and how we did it. I even give you a 30 minute video recording of me interviewing the man behind this strategy where we whiteboard all the numbers for you right then and there!

Here is a little teaser……

On top of that, once you learn this technique, you will not only be able to use it as an exit strategy but you can also profit from it proactively!
I give you all the names, numbers and websites to go out there and do it yourself!

Matt words can’t even express how grateful I am that you have put all of this incredibly valuable information into one very practical and easy to follow package. You have saved me endless amounts of time and energy on researching my current project with your free reno spreadsheets and number crunching templates! This is seriously the best $97 I’ve ever spent!… Thanks again.

Clayton Farmer
DIY Renovation KitSoft Copy - Only $197!
DIY Renovation KitHard Copy - Only $297!
I Hear You Saying …

“This is all well and great, Matt but you have all the experience, contacts and confidence… where does that leave me?”

This is a critical question and its something that a lot of people bump up against day in, day out:

  • I don’t have the confidence
  • I don’t have the finance
  • I don’t have the contacts
  • I don’t have the time!

And I hear you, I was once in that boat as well which is why I added a crucial piece to the puzzle to get you over these hurdles and its all included in this product.

You see, in my journey as a property investor, I have become inherently aware of how important having a successful mindset is.

Back in the early days, I was just like a bull at a gate… “just give me the strategies, show me the deals, I want to make the money now!” I would say.

But over time it became very clear that learning profit making strategies was just half of the knowledge required to become a successful property investor – I had to have the mindset to apply the strategies as well!

So it would be remiss of me to include all these fantastic tools and resources without giving you the process to be able to implement them.

To help give you the confidence, the stamina and the determination to make this work I have included the never seen before…

And I want to make this totally risk free for you

If this product is not absolutely everything I claim it to be… send me an immediate email and I will not only give you a prompt, no hassle, no questions asked 100% refund, but I will even let you keep all the downloads plus all the bonuses as my way of saying “thank you for giving it a go”

DIY Renovation KitSoft Copy - Only $197!
DIY Renovation KitHard Copy - Only $297!

This is without a doubt, the one thing that will ensure you get your next property deal off the ground and putting cash in your pocket.

Imagine being able to sit down with this workbook  and literally tick and flick  the things that hold you back in your investing? You begin to see the blockages for what they are which empowers you to take control of them and release any resistance that may be challenging your deserved success.

Now I cant claim credit for creating this workbook because the person that crafted it is an expert in her field. Someone that is trained and practices as a life and business coach specialising in property investing – brilliant!.

And guess what? …….

You get 30 mins on the phone with her to make sure this package is doing everything I said it would! You are literally rest assured that you get out there and apply all these new skill sets.

You wont find another product out there at this price where you get a mobile phone number to literally call up the person that created it and ask whatever question you like – that’s real value in the truest sense!

What they don’t tell you about property investing…

You see, what you don’t get told is that property investing is such a roller coaster ride of emotions and very few succeed simply because they haven’t addressed their own habits and belief systems – even the high flying property investors have mindset hurdles to get over.

A massive key to success in this business is to have tools and strategies to ride that roller coaster and deal with the procrastination, the lack of confidence and the fear moving forward.

So in this special “What’s Holding You Back” mindset pack you will be able to work on questions like:

  • Are you having problems attracting a Joint Venture partner?
  • Is lack of cash a stopping you from finding a deal?
  • Have previous failures stopped you dead in your tracks?
  • Are you fearful that you don’t know enough about property to take the first step?
  • Is procrastination keeping you stuck in a rut?

This special “What’s Holding You Back” Mindset Package is not just your off the shelf eBook to download and have sit in the top drawer of your desk.

This is truly an interactive question and answer sheet that you can work through and come out the end with some positive results to work with and assist in your growth as a property investor – and like I said you get 30 minutes on the phone with a professional life and business coach to work through your program with a fine tooth comb…. that’s extraordinary value!

Cut To The Chase, Matt… How Much Does It Cost?

OK I really struggled with a price for this DIY Renovation Kit. I mean there is 7 years of my own blood, sweat and tears in this package and literally millions of dollars in transactions over that time that have contributed to my own personal knowledge and experience that have lead to my success in property investing.

In the end, what it came down to is the satisfaction I get from just providing awesome value that will really change people’s lives.

Before I give you the price i want to share one more thing with you. A lot of my friends told me I’m insane for doing this…..

Truly A Special Bonus Gift For You

I’m all about giving massive value to people, especially the ones that take action with the information they are given…. so for the first lucky 10 people that invest in the DIY Renovation Kit will also get me with it!

When I say me, I mean you get 30 minutes with me on the phone to assess your deal with you! You find the deal, send me the details and we will go through the numbers, exit strategies, finance options to make sure you have a corker renovation deal on your hands.

I know this is insane but I love seeing people succeed and I want to make sure that happens. My only regret is I can only afford the phone time for 10 people.

Are You Sitting down?


This truly is ridiculous value I’m providing here and to tell you the truth I am a little scared at the response i will be receiving… so here goes:

I've created two versions because I know there will be folks out there that will want one or the other. Both versions have EXACTLY the same content, simply choose which you would like:

DIY Renovation KitSoft Copy - Only $197!
DIY Renovation KitHard Copy - Only $297!

I just want to really eliminate any excuses at all for not buying this package. So for a measly $197, I’m sure no one can complain about it being expensive!

When you think that a building and pest inspection will cost you $400,
your  investment of $197 pays for itself 100 times over!

One More Thing…

If you know me, you are already very aware that I always over deliver and provide massive value with everything I do. For those that haven’t met me, this 30 Day guarantee is for you.

If the DIY Renovation Kit is not absolutely everything I claim it to be… send me an immediate email and I will not only give you a prompt, no hassle, no questions asked 100% refund, but I will even let you keep all the downloads and the product itself as my way of saying “thank you for giving it a go”.

There is an absolutely massive amount of content for you to indulge in and I guarantee this resource will change the way you look at renovating property from this day forward.

As I said a lot of my own blood sweat and tears has gone into creating this product and I’m handing it over to you for just $197 which is insane value.

Wow – I cant believe how much value is packed into this DIY Renovation tool kit, I mean its got everything from setting your goals, to crunching the numbers, templates and even sections on the all important key to being a successful investor, which is mindset. Great tool kit for anyone keen to get a head start in renovating, its worth way more then the price.

Shane Hiscock
Director of House Machine, Brisbane
DIY Renovation KitSoft Copy - Only $197!
DIY Renovation KitHard Copy - Only $297!

So there you have it…

I’ve squeezed every ounce of my renovation experience and put it into one neat little package for you for an insane price. Its the culmination of every mistake I’ve ever made in renovating property and I am graciously handing it over to you.

I am absolutely positive that you will be blown away with the insights I share with you in this product and can’t wait to see you implementing them so you too can live the life of your dreams!


PS. Remember the first 10 people that purchase get 30 minutes with me to look at the numbers, exit strategies, finance options and feasibility of your next project

PPS. Remember that you are totally covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee! So there is no risk on your part at all. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy!


DIY Renovation KitSoft Copy - Only $197!
DIY Renovation KitHard Copy - Only $297!