PriceFinder FAQ Page

All You Need To Know About Our Value Packages That Include PriceFinder

1. Why do I need access to PriceFinder?

PriceFinder is an industry standard online resource tool for accessing critical information on property sites around the country. It assists property investors by providing relevant data on specific sites to quickly discover the feasibility of a property deal.  By using historical data, integrated mapping and comprehensive filtering techniques, PriceFinder provides an upper hand when negotiating and acquiring your next property deal.

1. How can I get access to PriceFinder?

To access PriceFinder from 1st July 2013, you must purchase through one of our investor value packs:

2. Why do I have to buy one of the above value packs to get access to PriceFinder?

As of 1st July 2013, PriceFinder are not distributing shared logins. This is in line with government regulations and privacy policy.

3. How much is PriceFinder if I purchase direct through them?

PriceFinder charge a private investor $2310 for 12 months of access

4. How can you afford to supply PriceFinder access at the discounted rate?

We run a large property networking group that allows us to leverage access to PriceFinder through a wholesale investor package.

5. I know other groups that provide shared PriceFinder logins at a cheaper rate, why are your packages different?

Anyone selling shared PriceFinder logins may be breaching the terms and conditions of their agreement with PriceFinder. You should be wary of who is distributing the logins as their licence and access could be revoked if they do not comply with current regulations.

6. Does my PriceFinder subscription give me access to all Australian States?

Your PriceFinder Access is a special investor package that gives you access to all Australian states and territories excluding Tasmania. In addition to this, SA and Vic have strict privacy laws meaning PriceFinder cannot provide ownership details for these states. All other information is available.

7.What data is included in my PriceFinder subscription?

As mentioned above, your PriceFinder subscription covers all States and Territories excluding Tasmania and includes information and data on:

  • Sales History
  • Latest properties for sale or rent
  • Real time research charts and median growth
  • Streetview and photos
  • Comparable prices of surrounding properties
  • Interactive mapping tool: Find out site specifics like lot number, size, dimensions and important overlays like easements
  • Detailed reports that reveal: Time on the market, latest listings and specific property types like splitter blocks and subdividable property in a specific area
  • iPhone and iPad access
8. What data is not included in the national access of my PriceFinder subscription?

The data that is not included in your national access is as follows:

  • Ownership names for VIC and SA
  • Ownership phone numbers for VIC and SA
  • Comparative Market Analysis reports (generally used by real estate agents)
  • Information and data from Tasmania
9. How do I purchase a package that includes PriceFinder?

Click on the link below and choose one of the three options listed. Your order will be processed via PayPal with PayPal funds or using a credit card:

10. Can I purchase one of the value packs without using a credit card?

Yes, please email us requesting which value pack you would like access to and we will send you an invoice with direct bank payment details. Once funds have been received you will automatically receive access.

11. When do I receive my PriceFinder logins?

All PriceFinder logins will be allocated within 24hrs (usually a lot quicker) and will be valid for 12 months


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